Losing a Twin
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mjforney - December 7

I have not been on in a while, but I have an update.

I went in Wednesday morning for my regular OB appt with no worries, especially since my last week's appt went soooo well. My Dr. did an ultrasound and my twin A was swimming around like a wild little bambino....

Twin B was silent and curled up so peaceful with no heartbeat.

According to my Dr. my body will "absorb" my heavenly twin, although my risk increases for twin A I am really trying to stay positive.

When she asked me if I wanted to look at the baby I did, but now all I have in my mind is my image of my peaceful baby and I can't get her/him out of my mind. Please pray that my twin A makes it through. I have an ultrasound on Monday 12/10 and I am taking the rest of the week off of work...

Blessing to all...


lucky - December 7

Hie mijforney
I wish u best of luck and pray to god that every one can have the chance to see there babys as u did, believe me reading every ones positive thoughts gives me a positive thinking that it can happen and will happen,
i hope my follicles r bigg enough on thursday 13 , Do u have any idea how big they should be? ??? :)


mjforney - December 7

If I remember right while I did IUI my follicles had to be between size 17 -18 for insemination.


jamielee - December 8

Michelle I am so sorry! I hear of that happening so much. Are they in separate sacks?? I think baby A will be ok. I will pray for you!! Hang in there for your precious baby A!!


doglover - December 8

I am so sorry. I will pray that all works out for you. You have made it so far-I can imagine how unexpected the loss was. I hope that you are hanging in there, and I will be thinking of you and the baby.

Take care,


bdantonio - December 8

Michelle you are in my prayers i hope all is well


JulieC - December 8

Michelle, I am so sorry about your loss. Stay positive, although I know it must be hard. Your baby will make it and be fine. You will be in my thoughts.


wolffie - December 10

michelle -
I am so sorry and my thoughts are with you.

We lost one of our twins very early at 5 and a half weeks. It has helped me to think that our surviving baby will forever have an angel on its side.

We are all here for you. I know how hard it is but try to stay strong.



lisa13 - December 10

dear mich-

i have not been on in a long time. i am so sorry. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family

call if you want to talk 8474361216


JENNY22074 - December 10

Michelle - honey i am so sorry to hear of the loss...I will pray that all is well with baby A and that he/she will continue to grow and thrive...I am so sorry that I did not look further on the forum earlier...You can email me anytime you nee to talk...All will be okay...Sending you hugs and prayers....Talk to you later sweetie.


mjforney - December 11

Good morning ladies.... I went to my ultrasound yesterday to check on twin A and see how he/she was progressing and I am so THANKFUL to say that the baby is at correct gestational age! AMAZING! My body is still carrying my precious little twin B and I am hoping to not expel him/her at this time since my risks will inrcrease if I do...

I want to THANK all of you for your wonderul messages and especially your kind thoughts and your working prayers! You are all such precious special people!

Thanks again!


JulieC - December 11

That's great news! Little baby A is going to do great. Congratulations!


JENNY22074 - December 11

Michelle - I am so happy to hear that twin A is right on schedule...You are so welcome for the support that you have been given on here...I am glad that we are all here for each other to kind of in a way hold each other's hands to help them along the way...Talk to you soon.


wolffie - December 12


i am glad to hear baby A is doing well. i have been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

what does your doc say will happen from here? i hope you are finding ways to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally.



doglover - December 12

Yeah Michelle!! That is the best news ever!!!! I am very happy for you. Thank goodness all is well! Sleep well-Linzie


lisa13 - December 12

iam so happy your baby is doing well
xo lisa


Sirenexyz - December 19

Hi Michelle,
I am new to this forum. I read your story. How are you doing now. How is your Twin A is doing. How long you have been pregnant.

Would you mind sharing your story. I have also transferred two embryos on 4th Dec. The test came out to be positive.

But I am very scared to the problems related to twins. I am also petit size (5.2 and weigh 96 pound) so I think I might run into problem very easily. I don't have any child from before and I have been trying from 3 years so I am really concern. Sometimes I think I made wrong dicision of transferring two embryos.

Can anyone put any comment so that I will feel little energetic to deal with that situation.



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