I can't get anything done.
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justme - September 26

The nausea has control over most of my day and I just want to sit here. I don't work outside the home, I take care of my 3 yr old, but I can't seem to get anything done around here. The first time I was working and I had no choice but to get stuff done reguardless of how I felt.

How did you deal with the morning sickness?

2 more days until my US


oneandonlymel - September 27

justme- I am with you! I have been nauseated since my 8th week and it just kept getting worse each week that passed, mine hits the hardest in the evening and I couldnt' even keep dinner down, I can't even look at meat anymore! Last week I was sick and couldn't even keep water down so they gave my Phenergan which helped, This is my 12th week and it comes and goes now, somedays it is all day, but still mainly at night. I work outside the home and its hard to feel so grappy and work all day!! Some days I don't get anything done and try to make up for it on the days I feel better. This is my first so I dont' have to take care of a little one which I am sure is hard because you just can't go lay down when you want. If it is really bad talked to your doctor. They say it will pass, but I have heard of it lasting the whole pregnancy, I hope not! This is my 4th pregnancy after 3 miscarriages and I think just deal with it and be thankful I am pregnant. Good luck on your US!!! Here are some things that may help , keep something in your stomache throughout the day like crackers, pretzels, dry toast , soup, stuff that is bland and easy on the stomache.


pj - September 27

i know some of these suggestions sound wierd, but i work with a lot of women who are in the hospital for hyperemisis (really bad morning sickness where they lose weight and can't keep food down for weeks at a time) and some of these things have helped them. maybe one might work for you.
first off, i know it's counterintuitive, but many people can suck on lemons and it helps settle their stomachs even when ice chips won't stay down.
others use motion sickness bands. they're like bracelets you get at the drug store that have magnets in them that supply a constant pressure to a significant acupressure site on your wrist. alot of people going on cruises use them instead of traditional medication.
and finally, if you're open to it and it's availble. there are some acupuncturists that claim to help with morning sickness too. i'm sure it's the same basic prinicple as the motion sickness bands, but acupuncture works with the appropriate points in a slightly different way.
i hope something here helps. good luck.


justme - September 27

Thanks girls. With my first I was sick for 4 months and I am hoping it doesn't last as long this time. I did take Zoforan the first time and it helped quite a bit. If it continues, I will be asking for some relief!


SMS1129 - September 27


I am right behind you ( a day, I think) and I just started feeling ill over the last few days. I make sure I always have crackers or pretzels on hand and my stomach is always semi-full. I found that helps, but I know some people get it worse than others. I know someone else who took TUMS as a calcium supplement and that helped her with the nausea.

Good luck on your u/s tomorrow! Let us know how it goes.



HeatherMac - September 28

ZOFORAN!! Zoforan Zoforan Zoforan!! Oh my GOODNESS - I cannot tell you how sick I was...for MONTHS...it was awful!! Zoforan was the only thing that helped.

I didn't get sick until I was about 8 or 9 weeks, and I was sick until I was nearly 21 weeks!! Ugh!! For the first few weeks I had NO idea about the Zoforan and I was trying everything and NOTHING worked. Ugh. So, OB called in some Zoforan for me and I was stunned to find that I was able to feel human again in just about 15 minutes!! I'm just sorry it tastes so bad - just what you want when you're feeling quite so badly!!

Don't try to be a hero - get some help and be glad such help is available!! No one said you had to suffer so...it doesn't make the post-interfility pregnancy experience any better, and you don't have to be miserable.

I wish EVERY wonderful woman on these boards a very happy and healthy pregnancy and an ENJOYABLE pregnancy on top of it all!!

LOVE to each of you,


Karen123 - September 28

All I can say is, hang in there. I was very sick the past few weeks - lost weight and was absolutely miserable at work. I got worse as the weeks went on instead of better. To make things worse I got a pretty bad cold and of course couldn't take anything for it. My house was a mess but it was all I could do to work all day. I had to come home and just rest. Well on Friday last week I woke up and felt great. It was a huge difference. I am able to eat most anything again and am much less tired than I was before. Still dragging by the end of the work day but now I can go home and make dinner and get stuff done. All day on Sat I cleaned my house and decorated for fall. Just a few days earlier I had to sit on the couch with a bucket. So hang in there. I sure hope it stops for you ladies as it did for me. Once you feel better, you realize how great it is to feel good. And of course knowing it's all for a great cause helps too. Good luck! Oh, ginger ale was my biggest help. Karen



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