I can stop worring!
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karriearm - May 12

It's twins!!! The breast tenderness can come and go, but the babies are doing fine. I saw 2 tiny heartbeats today and I am just 6 weeks, so they are doing great!


shaz - May 12

Congratulations Karriearm. It certainly is reassuring to see the little heartbeat/s



BabyBound - May 12

Hi Karriearm...that's great. We only have one in there and we saw the heartbeat too. It was so amazing. Some of my worrying dismish a little, but not entirely.


shaz - May 12

Congratulations Babybound. I wonder if we will be able to take our laptops into hospital when we have the babies so we can still log in to talk to each other...LOL

Im so happy you got to see the heartbeat......its very exciting. I know what you mean by being worried. When I was pregnant with Billie I was ecstatic when they told me I was pregnant and then about 2 hours later worry set in. It did go away but only a little when she was born. It was a very long time to be worried. I am still worried about this pregnancy but am really trying to make an effort to not be too extreme. But that is my personality, a worrier and an extremnest (is there such a word)....
At least we have this board and each other to bounce things off, that gives me a little comfort.....
Im very excited for you.....



karriearm - May 12

What a blessing you all are. I am so greatful for the internet!
I have a small blood clot by one of the babies, but it is small enough that the doctor is not worried about it at all. That was the source of my spotting though. That was a huge relief. Then to see those little hearts beating really helped!
Take care


Jenny Lee - May 12

;D CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!! I'm very happy for you and your twins. Your due date must be in Jan sometime? My first was born then. It's a great time to be pg, because you get to eat well at Christmas and Thanksgiving. Much love and support to you! Jen


ElizabethS - May 13

Karriearm - Congratulations! Twins! I am so happy for you. I can't wait to share all of our pregnancies with each other.

Take care and sweet baby dreams


cassandra - May 13

Karriearm, Congratulations! A fellow comrad with twins! Wonderful news! ;D ;Dcassandra


karriearm - May 13

How far along is everyone?


shaz - May 13


I am 6w/4d and due on the 3rd Jan 06. I think alot of us are due around about the same time.



ElizabethS - May 14

Karriearm I am 6wks/5 days and due January 2nd if I went fullterm. I am having triplets, so I hope I can hold out until December.

Keep us up on all of your pregnancy symptoms.


BabyBound - May 14

Karrie, I'm 6wks/3days and I'm due on Jan. 4th.


shaz - May 14

BB and Elizabeth.....

I still cant believe how close our dd are.....

2nd, 3rd and 4th of January.....It's so amazing.

Elizabeth I know you wont have your babies on your DD, you probably will have December babies.....I am likely to have a December baby also. Billie was a caesarean (spell check) and 5 weeks premmie as I had pre-eclampsia. My OB is going to try and let me go naturally this time, as I want to desperately experience labour etc. He said if there are twins or any signs of pre-eclampsia it will definately be another C which would bring my DD to around the 19th December....

When do you guys see your OB for the first time? Mine is Monday. Im hoping he will be able to do another scan then to see if the other baby is there!!!!




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