first appt. with my ob/gyn
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lisa13 - November 14

Dear friends;
well i had my first appt. and it was sort of anti climatic. I am 8 weeks 2 days.
no ultrasound; urine, got weighed pelvic exam and pam smear. i don't go for ultra sound till december 12.
did any one get the bun test?


JulieC - November 14

Some offices are kind of anti climatic. I think those of us who are used to the infertility clinics also get used to much more feedback and tests than the regular ob office provides so it feels weird.
Did they keep your due date the same or did it change?
What is the bun test???


mjforney - November 14

No ultrasound? What is a bun test? I am glad through that you went, was this your "intake appt" with the Dr. or a nurse? I know that the way my Dr. does it is that you have your 1st INTAKE appt with the nurse without U/S and than you go back to see the Dr. at 10-12 weeks...

Are you done with your fertility Dr.? I "graduated" from mine last Friday, I was so sad to leave his office. :)


wolffie - November 15

no u/s? I think julie is probably right. we are so used to being given so much info. I really felt that i was an active participant with all the fertility treatment.



JENNY22074 - November 15

Ladies - since most first appointments with the OB happen within the 1st week of being released they don't do any u/s it is pretty routine...They get your info, you see the doctor they give you a pap smear and test your urine and then they talk a little to you and out the door you go...We are all so used to and get spoiled by the throughness at the fertlity center we get kind of lost in the "normal" shuffle once transferring to an OB...Like I said this wait in between appointments is worse then the 2 week wait....All will be fine...


lisa13 - November 16

yea we have been spoiled. my obgyn is 5 months pregnant and she is big as a minute. i asked why she is half the size of me and i am only 2months pregnant hehe. Anyways she is very nice. i go back on dec 12. for the bun test . the bun test is to check measuremnt for downs syndrome. I am so tired all the time and my boobs are huge.


JENNY22074 - November 16

My OB calls that test the first trimester screening...It measures for down syndrome, trisomy 13 and trisomy 18...It is pretty neat that they can lok for all that on such a tiny baby...The test is done between weeks 11 and 13...

I was tired most of the time during the 1st trimester...My boobs have not really changed much...Are you having any morning sickness?....Talk to you later.


lisa13 - November 16

horrible morning sickness. exhuasted all the time. I cant wait til i start feeling some energy. It is pretty frustrating.


mjforney - November 16

Hey Lisa:
I hear ya about being tired!! I have not had any morning sickness, but I feel to tired to even blow dry my hair.... Its crazy!
Are you showing at all yet? I am just a little. Other than being tired I am still not feeling prego.



lisa13 - November 17

Hey mich; same thing except boob sorness


JENNY22074 - November 17

Hey ladies - HOw are all my newly pregnant mommies doing?...I hope all is well...This little one's kicks are a little stronger now...Michelle when you get to this gestational age you will probably fell like they are in a soccer game!!!!...LOL!!!..I am glad to hear that all is going well....Just to let you all know a little wives tale is that if you don't have morning sickness or very little it is most likely a boy!!!!...Just to give you all a little to think about and maybe play a little guessing game so to speak....If you go on some of the baby websites and take the gender tests they seem to be quite fun...They have all sorts of old wives tale questions that I had never even heard of to try and answer...I have been playing around with them since the beginning...ALso the chinese gender predictor said that I was having a girl...It is supposed to be 99% acurate!!!!..Hope all is well and that you all are enjoying your weekend so far...Talk to you later.


mjforney - November 18

Hi Jenny:
The wives tales are are so fun. When I was prego with Hannah I had no symptoms, or problems and I did not look pg until my 7th month. I even went into labor on her exact due date.

Its so strange, some days I show and by belly is pooching out like crazy and the next day it is flat again! I could not button my jeans yesterday and I could today!!

I have to wait until next week for my next appt and it is such a long wait!

My dh went to italy without me. I decided not to go after looking at his crazy agenda! Plus Hannah is soooooo busy getting ready for her Nutcracker performance, we are to busy.

How are you feeling? How the little guy???


wolffie - November 18


I hope everyone is doing well! We had our first OB appointment yesterday. It was pretty uneventful. I really wasn't very happy with our doctor. Is it silly to switch doctors after our first appointment? I just felt like nothing was explained to me and that I was rushed through. I wonder though if i am just used to being spoiled at the fertility clinic. This doc only does u/s at 20 and 30 weeks. The first trimester screening is optional. If we don't choose to do the screening we won't have an u/s until 20 weeks. Is that normal? i feel like my friends who have had babies had more u/s than that. Again, maybe I am just used to being spoiled. There are other docs in the practice who we will be meeting with also but I just don't feel totally happy with this practice. UGH!

Does insurance cover the first trimester screening (downs syndrome screening)?

i hope everyone had a great weekend!



JENNY22074 - November 19

Daniella - YOu should most definitely check out other doctors this early in the game...You should feel happy and comfortable with the doctor that you choose...Most insurances do cover the first trimester screening...You may also want to call other doctor offices and discuss their protocol and may even want a high rsk OB just to get the extra attention and possible comfort...I went right away and looked for high risk OB's because of the infertility, my gastric bypass and my 2 m/c before or around the 6th week...I think the pay a little more attention as well as may do an extra sonogram or 2 as their protocol...Mine did the 1st trimester screening, then the 18 week u/s, and then I think we have at keast 3 more....I know of 2 more for sure!!!!...Hope this was of a little help...Talk to you later..


wolffie - November 19

Thanks Jenny! I think I will look into some more docs tomorrow. The fertility doc gave us some more names but i had a friend who went to the doc we saw as her gyne and she loved him. So I thought I would give him a shot. Thanks for your advice! How's your little man doing? When did you begin to feel him move?

Lisa - What hospital are you delivering at? I'll be at Northwest Community.



JENNY22074 - November 19

Daniella - Little one is great thanks for asking...The first time I felt him move was on the 17th of October...I actually had been feeling him earlier then that just did not know that it was the baby...It was confirmed when he was kicking on an ultrasound and the tech asked if I felt that and I said yes that is was similar to what I had been feeling and she said that I had been feeling him move...Now his kicks have been a little more noticeable so it should be anytime that daddy is able to feel him as well...Is this your first?...


JulieC - November 30

Hey everybody.
I had my first OB appointment today. It went well, but like others it was kind of boring. I got my cool gift bag, but it didn't have all the good samples like the last one I had.
I am also considering having the 1st trimester screening. My doctor said it has fewer false positives than the 2nd trimester screening. Anyone else have it?



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