first appt. with my ob/gyn
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JulieC - November 30

Hey everybody.
I had my first OB appointment today. It went well, but like others it was kind of boring. I got my cool gift bag, but it didn't have all the good samples like the last one I had.
I am also considering having the 1st trimester screening. My doctor said it has fewer false positives than the 2nd trimester screening. Anyone else have it?


JENNY22074 - November 30

I had the first trimester screening and everything was perfectly fine...It was kind of neat and of course we got to see the baby in between a 4 1/2 week window so that was my major factor to have it done...I did not care what the results were I just wanted to see the baby since I had gotten so used to the u/s at the REs office...Talk to you later....By the way I had the 2nd trimester anamoly screening done a couple weeks ago and that one was fine also...


bdantonio - December 2

Julie i have mixed feelings about all the screenings . I had them done with both pregnancies with my first daughter they told me she more then likely had downs they only test left to do was an amnio. I refused. I had lost 3 children prior told them the results would not change my mind. I had her at 39 weeks and she is perfectly normal the tests were wrong which i knew all along. I had the tests done with this pregnancies and all came back normal. So i dont know if i trust them or not. I look at it this way i get them for what piece of mind they give you and the chance to see the baby however no matter the results i would not change if i kept the child. Th lst time i only got the resluts due to dh. He said that we wanted to know, not because he cared but just to prepare himself if he needed to. So like i said its a preferrence thing i do them but dont trust them. Hope i was some help.


wolffie - December 3

I am having the 1st trimester screening but pretty much only b/c I want to see the baby again! My OB only does u/s at 20 and 30 weeks. I really want to visit with the little one again...and my insurance covers it. The results won't effect our feeling towards this pregnancy.



JulieC - December 4

The outcome of the tests would not change the fact that we want this baby, but a positive result would be devastating. Everybody wants a healthy baby and wants the best for them in their life. After hearing about so many false positives I just wonder if it's worth it if you can't really trust the results. But, having said all that I probably will have the test.


bdantonio - December 4

julie they will tell you the test is only a reference or a chance. It will jsut say you are higher risk for whatever they tell you if its positive its not a definite yes or no.



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