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ElizabethS - August 15

44 - Thank God! I am so happy to hear that you are so sick and you saw a heartbeat. I told my dh about your situation, and we did not see heartbeats the first u/s we had....I totaly didn't remember, because I didn't know it was possible to see heartbeats at this stage. Anyways, I am rambling...but so thrilled for you!

Karen - Good luck today! The waiting never ends....keep us posted on the results.


cassandra - August 15

Karen, good luck today. I hope to hear of little blinkers when you come home. My thoughts are with you. cassandra


JennyLee - August 16

44- Wow, what a roller coaster you've been through. I'm sure that both babies are going to be fine and you're going to be a very busy mom again in 8 months!! I wish there were a pill to stop the worrying and the constant checking for blood every time you use the restroom (I'm 32 weeks and I still look!!!) My thoughts and prayers are with you!!!

Karen - can't wait to see how your u/s goes.

much love and prayers to everyone who has conceived and for those who are still trying. much love Jen


oneandonlymel - August 16

Well today is my ultrasound and I am so nervous! I have mentally prepared myself for bad news, isn't that terrible that I am afraid to be excited. I think then I won't be so hurt. I just want to be happy and enjoy being pregnant I feel the minute I am something will happen. My first pregancy I miscarried after we had a heartbeat so even if I get one today can I relax, yet that was before they did genetic testing and found out about the clotting problem, the other two I was on lovenox and still miscarried. This one they have doubled the dose and kept me on baby asiprin. I hope it makes a difference this time!!! I am so glad I have this site to express all these emotions! Well everyone keep your fingers crossed and I pray I come on later with good news!!!!!!!!!


cassandra - August 16

Oneandonly, good luck to you today. Good news comes in threes and it's your turn! Keep us posted! cassandra


Fortyfour - August 16

Oneandonlyme -- Good luck with the u/s. Let us know asap. I know that everything will be ok. I understand the nervousness.


oneandonlymel - August 17

Well I got a heartbeat, but I have to have a ultrasound every week until I am 10 weeks. He doesn't want me to be too excited yet ,so I won't be able to relax until then. I am so happy there was a little heartbeat knowing that I hadn't made it this far since the first pregnancy. I have a feeling it will be a long 4 weeks of wondering every week if everything is ok until that ultrsound!!


cassandra - August 17

Congratulations on your little blinker! I'm glad the doc is going to take good care of you oneandonly. May I ask why you can't get too excited?
I think seeing the tiny white light on the monitor has to be the most amazing feeling. They are so small! Truly a miracle. Again, congrats! Take good care of yourself! cassandra


Karen123 - August 17

oneandonly, GREAT news!!! Congratulations!!! I think you should be very excited! Believe me, I know the uneasiness and worry thinking every twinge is a problem but once you see the heartbeat, I feel that it's time to enjoy the pregnancy and just believe that all will be fine. I hold my belly every day and tell my babies to be strong and I know it probably sounds silly but I really feel like it helps. Of course I pray all the time too and take very good care of myself. oneandonly I think you deserve to be happy at this point. I know that problems can arise after a heartbeat is seen but the majority of babies are fine once they get to that point. I wish you the best and hope you can enjoy this special time. Karen


Fortyfour - August 17

Oneandonlymel- enjoy everyday of the pregnancy. I am so very happy for you.


Megan - August 17


Congratulations on seeing the h/b. It makes you feel better, but you always have reservations. I had previous m/c's so I still worry even though I am 18 wks. p/g. I wish I had my own doplar to listen to the h/b everyday!!!

You are such a strong and brave person to never give up hope:) I am saying prayers that you have an uneventful healthy p/g. Take Care and congratulations on hearing and seeing that beautiful h/b.



shaz - August 18


Im so happy for you.....let yourself enjoy this. It's an amazing time. I know it's also a very anxious time but try to relax for your sake and the babies.

Sending lots of prayers and thoughts your way



ElizabethS - August 18

mel - I am so happy to read your post. This is a special time for you. I know it is hard to relax, but this is just one more sign that a baby is on its way to your arms.

Many hugs



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