Early Summer Mommies?
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baby4us - January 24

Just wanting to compare notes with those of you around the same due date as I.... I had my BFP near the end of Sept.. so am due early June 2006. I believe Just Me and Sue.. you guys had September BFPs correct?

How are you feeling... what signs and symptoms are you experiencing... how is your weight gain.. are you scared to death/extremly excited about this whole prospect!!!

I just thougth it would be nice to compare notes... I am at 21 weeks right now.. haven't felt any movement yet.. which bums me out.. but I did have my anatomy u/s 2 weeks ago and everything looked amazing... s/he is progressing nicely. I am still a little tired.. but that could just be a combination or work and the time of year!

I am also finally starting to show... I bought some maternity clothes a few weeks ago.. and we were at a party on the weekend where I proudly displayed my bump.. although there were ltos of young models there so I just felt fat and old.. which I know is ridiculous...


justme - January 24

Hey! I am 24 weeks. Due May 17th according to my OB an the 15th according to IVF! I am finally over my morning sickness this week. Can you believe I was sick for 6 months? It was only 4 months with my DD. Which is still too long.

I hadn't gained much weight the whole time until this last appt last week. I gained a whopping 9 pounds. ??? I about had a heart attack. I gained 34 poundswith my first and I don't want to pass that! I am tall so 34 is ok for me, but that is enough.

I have more of a belly this time around. In some of my clothes I just look fat though! For some reason it bugs me when people tell me they can't tell, because that means they think I have been eating too many cheeseburgers!

I am not really scared. Though I am not sure what to do with a boy. This will be new for me! The only thing that scares me is the epidural. I am a severe needle phobic ( I know I just stuck myself with needled for months, but the phobia is not gone) so I am nervous about that going in my back. On my last delivery, they had given me Stadol to ease the pain since I was induced and not progressing for a while enough to get the epidural. By the time the epid. came, I didn't care because the STadol made me a little loopy! Maybe I will ask for that again!!!!

Anyway, it is good to hear you are doing good baby4us. I look forward to hearing from the rest of you.


snindy - January 24

My due date is July 16th but w/ twins they said I could go at the end of June.
I had no morning sickness but a lot of headaches and colds due to my immune system being down. I felt no movement yet. I think because I'm overweight I won't feel anything until my 5th month. As for the maternity clothes, My belly is a little bit bigger but I can still fit into regular clothes. I'm guessing in the next couple of weeks.
I had no motivation and tired my 1st trimester but now my energy is coming back. I feel really good, I don't feel pregnant. But I will be eating those words pretty soon.

Oh yeah, I have pregnancy acne, it's not that bad but I feel like a teenager again. lol

Good luck to all,


baby4us - January 25

Great news Justme and Cindy..

I was back at the maternity store today.. bought a dress (on sale) and some work pants.. I think that is all for now.. I don't want to overdo it. Esp. now I should be looking at gettng the nursery started .. etc. etc!

Just wondering.. have you guys been working out .. exercising in any way? I exercised a lot before fertility treatments.. and once I got pregnant.. the doctor told me to just play it safe and walk.. do yoga and/or swim. I don't have close enough access to a pool.. so I do walk a lot anyway with my dogs.. so I have just kept that up..and I have always done yoga.. so am doing that a couple of nights as well.. but I feel that without my regular cardio that I would have gotten from the gym or cycling.. Am I piling on the pounds?

But then again.. I figure this is the onyl time in my life I dont have to let exercise and eating/not eating rule my life.. and I hav ebeen enjoying it.. I just keep envisioing teh weight melting away when I breastfeed!!!


snindy - January 26

I have been just taking the dog for a walk when it's not snowing. There are aerobics for pregnant ladies at the local high school, I think it might be too late to sign up. I have walking away the pounds, which is really good. Since my energy is coming back, I should at least try to work out everyday. I have gained about 10lbs so far.

I went crazy and bought a few onesies and blankets today. My dh wants to know why I can't wait until my baby shower to get all that stuff. He doesn't understand that when I buy that stuff, it gets me excited and it makes me want the babies now. It's killing me to wait so long.

But I promised that I would wait for the baby shower.

What about you, have you had impulse buying? Or do you think it's bad luck to buy for the babies so soon?



justme - January 26

I have just started working out again now that I feel better. I am trying to do my regular routine which includes cardio, aerobics, and weights. I am not really good about going to the gym. I have a hard time getting motivated to go, but I am trying. I walk with the neighbor ladies at night some too.

I have been buying a lot of stuff since this is my 2nd and the opposite sex. I figure I won't be having showers this time around, so all this clothing business is up to me!

Baby4us, as far as the weight melting away from breastfeeding, I don't know. I lost all but 10 pounds easily with my DD and I breastfed for a year. I know girls that did not BF and lost it all immediately though. I really think it is just genetics and your own body.


baby4us - January 26

There is so much to think about. I am heading to see the lawyer today to update my will.. DH had his updated last year.. so we should be good to go as far as that area is.

I have been a little leery about buying baby things. My parents have bought me some onesies.. and blankets.... DH brings home toys almost every night.. and my father in law bought us a running stroller when he was visiitng in October... But I haven't had any impulses to buy anything.. don't know whther it is superstitious or not.... but I figure by March we will go and buy some baby furntiture and supplies (I have been "window shopping" to get prices, etc).. other than that have just bought some maternity clothes.. which I do need now.

Just me.. seeing as this is your 2nd... do you feel apprehensive? scared.. nervous... excited? I have been feeling a little overwhelmed with the whole scenario.. I know everything will be fine.. but I can't help thinking... how will my labour go? will I be a good mom? will the baby sleep through the night!!!! I just have all these typical first time mom questions... Cindy do you feel the same way?

Plus.. I haven't felt any movement yet... my last u/s at 19 weeks .. the technician said where the baby is located.. I might take longer to feel any movement (esp. because this is my first).. but it still worries me!!!


justme - January 26

I felt movement a lot earlier with this pregnancy than last and there is a lot more of it!!! I wonder if I just know what I am feeling this time or if there is really more movement.

I am still a little apprehensive about all the same things you are. I am still very nervous about delivery and that huge needle going in my back!!!!!! I am not as nervous about the sleep thing. My DD slept so good and I am going to do the same type of feeding/play/nap schedule this time. All my friends have done the same thing and the babies sleep about 5-6 hours fairly quickly at night. AMEN!!!

I am really excited though. I am going to get the paint for Luke's room today and hopefully get started on that soon. I am nervous about having a boy. I know how to do a girl, but not a boy. We are happy about it, don't get me wrong, it will just be a different world for us.

You first time mom's need to really cherish every moment. Write everything down when those babies come. Everything from celebrating a long nights sleep without interuptions to your frusterations. It is fun to look back at and very hard to remember. The babies change so fast and they will amaze you!


snindy - January 26

I think everything will come natural. Your instincts will kick in eventually. The only thing I'm scared about is the fact that I'm having twins, I have no idea on how twins will effect our lives.
I just have to get them on the same schedule and everything should be ok. I'm planning on breast feeding both of them at the same time, that's my biggest fear.
My mother-in-law is staying with us to help me with the babies and she will stay as long as I need her.

I used to babysit babies all the time but to have twins, it will be a lot of work. But I'm sure, it will get easier as they get older.



SMS1129 - January 26

I am also having twins in the April timeframe. I feel good, just tired and congested alot. The 4th to 6th month were great, but now I am slowing down again. The babies are about 1 1/2 lbs. each now and moving around alot, mostly when I am driving or eating. I haven't been exercising at all, although I plan to get back on track after they are born. I was an active body pump/aerobics gym member before going down the IVF road. I have gone from 124 (pre-IVF meds) to 180 now.... I was about 145 when I got pg in August.

This is our first, so we are both nervous about the very same things...will they sleep at night, will we be good parents, will I be able to breastfeed both (not at the same time, that scares me)?? But, I know it will all work out. I just can't wait to see them and know they are ok. I have an u/s every two weeks, which is comforting, but I need to really see them and hold them.

I have bought stuff for them, mostly clothes and some bath stuff. I went to Carters one day and they were having a great sale, so I got them each a few of each type of clothing (onesies, sleepers, t-shirts, socks, etc.). DH and I had gone to a layette class at the hospital and they went over everything you need, so I felt good buying some stuff. I know I will get more at the shower, but I am sure I will need a lot for them.

I do get stressed with bumpers or no bumpers, sleep positioners or no sleep positioners, it seems everyone has an opinion...

It's fun and exciting, though, all of it!!



oneandonlymel - January 28

It's been a while since I have been on, and I am so happy for all who are pregnant, what a road each and every one of us have traveled to get here! My due date is April 11th, but they are going to take the baby early since I am on such a high dose of lovenox and c-section. I start going twice a week at 32 weeks (I am 29 weeks) and at 37 weeks they are doing an amnio and if the lungs are developed enough they will schedule my c-section! I can't wait to hold Bryan Thomas in my arms. I will miss all this kicking he does, what a feeling!!!!


baby4us - January 30

Oneandonlymel.. so great to hear from you.. and how exciting.. April is just around the corner! I am sure you must be excited... how are you feeling?

Sue.. it is amazing.. I had gained some unwanted weight while doing the fertility treatmnents too.. I guess it was a combination.. the meds made me tired and uncomfortable... and stress made me eat more than usual.. so indeed by the time I got pregnant.. I had probably gained at least 10 pounds from my normal weight... but I guess it doesn't matter now.. and you and Cindy.. twins.. wow.. how exciting.. any names picked out?

Just me.. I am glad to hear you are a bit apprehensive as well.. I guess it is just a part of being pregnant! and thank you for the great advice to cherish every minute.....I will do so!


oneandonlymel - February 1

baby4us I have been feeling pregnant!! the belly is really in the way and I love it, He is kicking so much I know already I am going to miss that. I only have 7 weeks and we are still getting things ready, I am glad you are doing well and don't worry about not feeling movement I didn't at that stage either!


Karen123 - February 1

To all of you, I just want to congratulate you again on your pregnancies. And I know that sometimes I had some really hard things to deal with (rash, vomiting, stuffiness, injections, etc.) but now that my babies are here and I look back, I have to say that it truly does fly by. when I was dealing with my rash for 3 weeks I felt like I wanted to die it was so bad. But now, it's a distant memory and when I hold my sweet babies, that awful feeling pales in comparison to the wonderful feeling of holding my children. I will miss those great things though - the kicking, the great care that others take in making sure you can get out of a car safely or up stairs - you know - the strangers that hold the door open just a bit longer and ask how you are and really mean it....it was all great. So, what I wish for all of you is that you find happiness in those great things, get through the hard stuff as easily as possible and know that it goes by so fast. And the love I feel now for my babies is just indescribable. Of course I loved them so much while pregnant but to see them....well, I'm so glad you will all experience that incredible joy soon. It's just amazing. Anyway, my best to all of you!!!! Karen


baby4us - February 1

Karen.. that is very sweet of you to say.. I loved reading your post... I am just starting to realize how quickly this stage goes by and I am trying to cherish every moment.. obviously not as great as holding a baby in your arms.. but I am enjoying the extra attention I am getting... excuse to have a nap and eat more food!! It is great!

I also finally felt some movement today.. I tell you.. I was getting very worried at 22 weeks (thanks for your words of encouragement oneandonlymel!!)

I was just in a meeting and about halfway through.. I felt thump.. thump.. a but more than a fluttering.. but for about 20 mins. straight.. I totally clued out from what was beign said in the meeting and concentrated on what was going on in my stomach! It was amazing.. I am very relieved.

Keep up your posts Karen.. how are Hailey and Jayden doing these days???


Karen123 - February 3

baby4us, That is SO AWESOME that you felt movement!!! You will enjoy that every day. Even when it wakes you at night...it's just incredible. Hailey and Jayden are doing well, thanks for asking! Hailey is still having trouble digesting her food but at such a small size, I'm told it's very normal. She's still on room air with some help in the way of pressure to open her lungs but again, all normal and improving all the time. Jayden is doing exceptionally well. He's been completely on room air with no help since day 2 and he's getting an increase in his feeds every 12 hours and tolerating it well. I changed a couple of the smallest diapers I've ever seen in my life!! I go to the nicu twice a day and just love being there. It's tough finding rides all the time since I'm not allowed to drive yet but my family has been wonderful about helping when they can. Yesterday was my birthday and the nurses let me hold both babies at once as a bday gift. Greatest gift I ever received! I"m still scared a lot but still believing that all will be well and it's helping. They are amazing and make me smile all the time. I'm feeling a bit better each day too and things are looking up! Karen


baby4us - February 3

Oh Karen.. Happy Birthday! That is so amazing.. what a great b-day present to hold your babies...

I am so happy they are doing well.. any idea when they may be able to come home.. I guess once Hailey is stabilized... but have they indicated when.. I can imagine it must be a bit exhausting to go to the NICU every day twice a day.. although I knowyou love it and wouldnt change it for the world...

Do you have any photos of the babies to post??? I'd love to see the little bundles!!! Good luck.. and so glad you can keep posting!



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