Discounted Medical,IUI'S,IVF and Prescritions
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Tiffany F - March 23

Hey ladies,

I have been apart of shared journey for many months now and I have shared and read many stories. I wanted to share with you all some information on Discounted Medical,Prescriptions,Dental,Vision and Chiropractic. You can save over 50% on these services, it is world wide and they have thousands of providers, my website is
you can go to my website and type in your city and state and it will show you all the health care providers in your area. You can go to Specialist and find an RE in your area that excepts this program. And if you are interested you can sign up. I do have insurance and it does cover up to the first $2000.00, of fertility treatment after that I am responsible to pay 50%, and my insurance does not cover IUI'S or IVF. When I found out about this program I typed in RE's in my area and there was a long list and my RE was on that, I could'nt believe! My insurance does not cover ANY Infertility medications, but with the discount medical I have discounts on my Clomid, Progesterone etc..etc..and I have ordered prescriptions online and still recieved the discount! It is a wonderful program. And for the price you can'nt beat it, it's $49.95 for and entire family, that can be 1-10 people or more, there is no contract and you can cancel at anytime! It is well worth it. I canceled my our insurance today, when I found out my RE excepted the program, we are paying almost $400.00 a month for Humana Insurance and they cover almost nothing. An entire family can also have Dental,Vision,Prescriptions and Chiropractic care for $19.95 a month and that can range from 1-10 people or more! I have been blessed so I just want to pass it on and share it with whoever wants or needs to save money! Once again my website is feel free to check it out or you can always leave me a note here...Take care...Tiffany~~~PS: you can use this on top of your insurance and still recieve the discounts...God Bless :)


amyjoy - March 28

What if my RE is not on the list?


Tiffany F - March 28

Hi amyjoy,

If your Re is not on the list, then I'm assuming they don't except the program, but it does'nt hurt to ask. It's called Medco Health through Ameriplan...good luck...Tiffany~~~



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