Delivery worries
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sussie88 - March 27

I have never had children before, thus never experiencing delivery. Since I am carrying twins, I am not sure how I will deliver.

Any advice from those of you who have done this before?

I am now 34 weeks with twins and starting to get a bit nervous about how things are going to go.

Anyone else feeling this way????

It seems silly - this is the moment we have all been trying for and praying for and paying lots of money for and putting our bodies through all kinds of procedures for .... but now that the time is nearing, I wonder what I have gotten myself into ...... yikes!


justme - March 27

I had just responded on this in a different post. I think you worries are warranted and we all feel that way. I have not had twins, but with my first I was induced at 41 weeks. I was in labor 9 hours. My original plan was no pain meds which changed! I do have a high pain tolerance and was saying no to the meds, but when the first tear came down my face during a contraction, my husband talked me into Stadol. It is like a twilight drug. Makes you not care so much and sleep in between contractions. Then later I got the epidural and didn't care about that either! I liked the Stadol a lot! lol

With the pain meds, vaginal delivery was easy for me. I pushed for 15 minutes and had a beautiful little girl. She even came out face up.

With all that said, I am anxious yet again about birth. People say that every birth is different, so I of course and nervous about what to expect this time. Will it be faster? Will I go into labor on my own? Will I recognize labor of I go into it on my own, since I don't have that previos experience?

I agree that it seems silly that we have gone through sooooooo much to get here and now we are saying "Uh OH!!!!".

The babies will come out one way or another, and we will inevitably forget about the pain and relish in our new bundles of joy!


sblanton2 - March 27

I have had four daughters naturally with no pain medication whatsoever(b/c my labors were too quick) and I am now carrying twins. I have the same concerns. You are not alone. I have a book called everything twins, triplets and more it goes into to detail about when they decide to c-sections with twins and the reasons why and the length of time between twin deliveries. That might help answer some questions. When you deliver keep me posted on how things go for you.

Take care,


baby4us - March 28

I think it is perfectly natural to have these worries.. as I have them BIG time. I too am having my first child.. so have NO idea what to expect! Which scares the heck out of me!!! HELP!

As the time draws near.. I am wonderign whether I should just schedule a c-section!! Am I too posh to push?Anyway.. I doubt that will happen.. unless there is a medical reason to.. I will deliver vaginally.. but will opt for drugs.. I do have a high pain tolerance.. but I am no hero!!!

I can't even imagine what i'd be thinking if I were to be delivering twins... so I can try to imagine your concerns.. other than you are being monitored by your doc.. and everything will be fine. My grandmother had twins.. and she was a teeny-tiny lady.. I still don't know how she did it "back then".. when birthing was a bit more primitive in the hospital.. so I can say.. if she did it... then you will be fine too!!

I also have to keep reminding myself.. last year during the horrible earthquake/landslide that happend in Pakistan... there was a woman who gave birth in a tree.. so I keep telling myself..if she could do that under such stress and a natural disaster.. then I should be fine in a cushy hospital bed with drugs and my DH and mother at my side!!! (At least that is what I keep telling myself).. and I still have 10 more weeks to go!! YIKES!!!!!


sblanton2 - March 29

I had no intention of being a hero when I delivered all of my daughters naturally. My FIRST labor which is supposed to be the longest was 2 hours from the first pain to delivery and my last daughter was born 5 minutes after I got to the hospital on an exam table. I only lived 10 mintues away from the hospital. They say the 1st delivery is the longest, all but my 4th were about the same. All I am saying is sometimes(although rare) they cannot give you drugs b/c the labor is progressing too quickly. I had no choice, I am hoping I will this time.
Although I felt every pain and had no drugs it was obviously something that was not so bad I wouldn't do it again. However the labor experience happens it will be special and worth it when we all hold our beautiful babies.
To be honest the thought of a c-section scares me to death, it is harder to recover from and I just don't like the idea of anyone cutting open my stomach.
Well, take care all....MUST get sleep!!!!!



sussie88 - March 29

As of my Doc appointment yesterday, one baby is breech and one is head down. I told the Doc that I do NOT want to deliver both vaginally and by c-section. One way or the other please.

It seems as if you have a real strong desire to go naturally, and the first baby is head down, they will let you try, but if the 2nd one does not turn upon the delivery of the 1st, it's c-section time! They told me that sometimes the other baby turns and sometimes it just turns sideways (enjoying all of the extra space all of a sudden) - which is then impossible for delivery. I just figure, although I too do not really look forward to having my stomach cut open, if it has to happen, spare me all the other stuff that goes with vaginal and take them both.

Well, only time will tell.

Yesterday's u/s you could see the babies ribs going up and down. The Doc said they are practicing their breathing! They seem all ready to go - I sure am :)


baby4us - March 29

Hey Sylvia... sorry I didn't mean to imply that you were being ahero.. I was just saying.. I know that I can be a wimp!!!! BIG TIME!!! so I am trying to prepare myself.. anyway...I can imagine a c-section is a scary prospect.. which is great to hear because so many women opt for them now because I guess they are "easier" (as youcan schedule when, etc).. but somehow seems wrong unless you need one for medical reasons (twins, breech, etc)

Susie.. that would be a tough decision.. not sure if I'd want to do natural AND c-section..


sblanton2 - March 29

Baby4 us,
I was not offended in the least...just reminding you of that old saying "The best laid plans of mice and men" LOL Trust me I was shocked when I ask for meds and they told me no b/c I was too far along. I guess my girls were anxious to get into the world.
Sussie, How far along are you now? Does the other baby have time to turn before delivery or is there just not enough room at this point? I talked to me Dr. yesterday at my ob appointment about all of this, he said about 60% of twin pregnancies are delivered c-section. Does your doc do a sonogram everytime you go in too? I am only 3 months and have had 3 sonograms so far. With my singletons I was lucky to get 2 the entire pregnancy.
Well, must get my day going as much as I don't want to, I guess you cannot delay the inevitable


sussie88 - March 29

I am 34 weeks along with the boys. I can't imagine that they have all that much room to continue to turn around. I get a u/s everytime I go to OB (now weekly) and a level II u/s once time per month. During the level II, they measure the babies and tell me exactly how big they are. 3 weeks ago, they were both over 4 pounds!!!

I figure, chances are I will need a section. Trying not to worry too much!


Trying in NH - March 29

It is funny , we go through all of this and one of the first thoughts I had when we found out we were pregnant was they have to come out! With my first one I was induced, my water broke and no contractions started. It was hard because the pitocin does not let up and you have the same contraction pain each one, where with no induction some can be ok and others can be horrid! I know this doesn't help but when the time comes you just .....I hate to say just do it. It just happens and I know with me, I went into "the zone" and even though you are in alot of pain you just end up rolling with it. Each person is different but in the end when you are holding your child it will all be worth it.


baby4us - March 30

That is something good to think about.. for what reasons will they induce you? I am just wondering.. as you said Trying in NH.. the Picotin can cause some pretty intense contractions.. so I just want to be prepared... might not make the best decisions under duress!!!!!

To all the ladies havign twins... you are all so amazing.. I am scared to death to have my one.. and feel huge right now.. I admire you all...

Well.. off to y doctor's appointment.. get my results back from my Glucose test.. yikes...


SMS1129 - March 31


I am also having twins. I am almost 34 weeks now too. One of my babies is also breech, so my dr is recommending c-section also, so I don't have to go through both types of deliveries. It is also less risky to the second baby in the event that they cannot be turned or go into distress during the first delivery.

I can tell you that many years ago (19 to be exact) I had a c-section to remove an ectopic pg. Back then they gave you general anesthesia and you were out for the entire procedure. Now they give you an epidural. I do remember the pain afterwards during the recovery phase. It takes time to heal, although the procedure itself was painless. The way I am looking at it is whatever is best for the babies to be delivered safely, I will do. Just make sure that you will have help for when you get home because after a c-section, you will need it.

Good luck to you. I think it is fantastic that we have made it to 34 weeks. I have had no contractions or preterm labor signs thus far and my dr is going to schedule c-section for 38 weeks at my next visit on 4/6. I will be having them during the first week of May. My babies are also big (4 lbs 11 oz and 4 lbs 7 oz at 32 weeks). My dr thinks they will be 7-8 lbs. at delivery....

Keep us posted!



HeatherMac - April 2

Hey girls!

It's nice to see everyone doing so well - I hope everyone continues to do well!! It's been great to read all the updates!!

Life with baby is great - he's nearly 5 months old now and continues to amaze and enthrall me. I never thought I could love anyone as much as I do him. I honestly pray every day I can do this again. Though, I feel a bit robbed - DH and I really wanted 4 kids, but thanks to infertility, that's not to be. Though, when all is said and done and my time on this earth is over, if I can have two children, I will be completely fulfilled.

I had to put my two cents in on this issue.

I had a c/s, and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone. Wow. What a tremendous experience. I have a clotting disorder that they wanted to control, so doc said I had to have a c/s. The only thing I was worried about was the spinal block, which was actually far easier than the IV they put in my arm. And, I could sit comfortably after delivery! ;)

C/s actually gives you and your doctor much more control over the entire situation - really. There are so many variables in childbirth, and c/s really gives you and your doc the edge to keep some of the potential troubles in check. Sure, you stay in the hospital a couple of days extra and have the pain from the incision, but I only took one of my pain pills a day, and that was only for about a really wasn't bad...and I'm a wuss!! An EMRGENCY c/s is usually pretty bad, but a scheduled c/s usually isn't.

I have a friend who had her son vaginally. They had to induce her, which she said was unpleasant. Then she got an epidural which slowed things down. Then, baby turned because he was stuck and her body slowed the doctor had a foot on the bed using forceps to pull this child from her body. Baby got a cracked skull and it was horrible. The whole experience was so bad that she has vowed to not have any more children. But, I also have a friend who said that after her emergency c/s. Frankly, I don't know any women who have made that vow after a scheduled c/s.

What it boils down to is this: what does your doctor think is best for your delivery? Can you handle the pain - remember why they call it labor...contractions HURT!! So, ask yourself: Can you handle the pain of labor? Can you handle surgery? Can you handle episiotomy? Can you handle taking it easy for a day or two after surgery? There are pros and cons to EACH delivery option!! So, weigh each option carefully and don't let all the propaganda against c/s affect you. It's a viable option to help you deliver your baby. Nothing more, nothing less. The one thing you want ABOVE anything is to know that your doctor will do WHATEVER is necessary to get you out of extreme pain, AND that your doctor will do whatever is necessary to protect your life and the life of your baby during delivery. That's really the bottom line. Pushing is great, but if something goes wrong, cut now and don't hesitate.

As a wise consumer, you look at all your options. Having a baby should be no different. What are your options? What will work best for YOU?? Don't let what someone else did affect your decision...every pregnancy is different, as is every do what is best for YOU and no one else!! While it is GREAT to have input from people on what worked and what didn't work for them, don't let someone make your decsion for you - not your mother, not your doctor, not your husband, not your one but you can decide how best to get your baby from your womb into your arms.

However that precious bundle (or those precious bundles) come into the world is irrelevant once they're here.

Enjoy every minute of it - pregnancy and delivery. It may not feel like it, but it's over far, far too quickly.

I hope everyone continues to do well and know that you, and our sisters upstaris, are always in my thoughts and prayers.



sussie88 - April 2


Thanks for the update and all the valuable input. I am leaning towards a c-section (have been all along) because I feel so strongly that I don't want to deliver both ways. I don't want to have the first baby vaginally and then they say, well the second is not turning so off to surgery!

Friday I have another level II u/s and depending on how big the babies are and what position they are in now, I am hoping they will say, there is no longer enough room for them to turn so lets just schedule it! I figure if I am going to need a c-section, lets skip all the preliminary mumbo jumbo (like labor pains). I'll make up for it with the surgery pains afterwards.... and like you said - I think the c-section pain will be minor once I have my long long awaited babies!!!

Thanks for your input and glad to hear that you and your bundle of joy are doing well :)

Thinking of everyone!


baby4us - April 4

Heathermac.. great to hear from you.. ho wis Duncan doing?

Great points about delivery.. esp. if carrying twins! What are your thoughts on induction drugs... I am afraid of those because have heard contractions are so intense. Am really thinking about it now as DH's secretary is going in today to be induced... and I am just thinking.. ouch.. not sure if I want that to happen to me!!


HeatherMac - April 4

Hey Baby4us!

Thanks, we're doing that Duncan is FINALLY over his colic and we're sleeping. He gets cuter every day, but I have to admit that I miss those first few precious weeks of him being so tiny and soft and sweet. That real newborn period lasts such a short time, so enjoy it - it's just the most amazing.

I've heard from two people that induction drugs are REALLY hard on your body. They force you into labor when you're really not gearing up for it. Your body gets ready at it's own pace, so when induction drugs are introduced, you force your body to do something it wasn't prepared to do.

When you go into labor, your body gradually gears up for it...starting slowly then getting progressively more active. When you get induction drugs, you skip all the slow progression and move right to labor.

Having never been induced, I've only heard tales of how unpleasant it is. I've heard the biggest problem is the dosage. They give you shots of pitocin, or something similar, to get you going...then when it's not working, they give you more. The problem I've heard is that sometimes your body doesn't have enough time to react before you're given when it all finally kicks in, it's really bad because you're reacting to continued shots. You go from not having any contractions to SUDDENLY HAVING REALLY ACTIVE CONTRACTIONS in a very short period of time.

I'm really not the one to ask because I've never had experience here. I can only tell you what I've heard from two other women. You might start a thread - I'm sure someone here has been induced.

I would say talk to a lot of people...your doc, other pregnant women, women you know who've had babies...get lots of stories from lots of people. It may really not be so bad. The one thing I've learned is that people in the medical profession may not front with you about the true level of pain. I remember one doc telling me that my HSG would make me feel some pressure. Pressure my butt - it was very painful beause I had a blocked tube and he was very aggressive. So, some doc's point of view on pain can be a bit skewed, as can some people's tolerance for pain. Some people tolerated the HSG well, some did all depends. So, get advice and true accounts from as many women as you can.

Try to get real-life accounts and don't rely too much on the web - when I was researching info on c/s, I found veru few positive comments and stories...making my fear a lillle worse.

How are you doing?? Not much longer now!!! I pray for an easy delivery for you, however you choose to deliver!!!!


baby4us - April 4

Hey Heathermac.. thanks for the info.. that is pretty well what I have heard/read about induction.. will def. put no induction (unless medical emergency) in my birthing plan! And I hear ya about the pain during an HSG.. I thought I was going to hit the roof.. they said it would be like bad menstrual cramps.... cramps my ass.. that was unbearable!!!! But I have heard from some women that their HSG was not bad at all... so you never know!!

Glad to hear Duncan is doing so well! It is so true how quickly they grow ... and to enjoy every day and every milestone!

I can't believe how quickly things are going now... now that I have hit the third trimester.. wow.. I've got to get my butt in gear.. things are happening so quickly! But I"ve go tmy prenatal class this weekend... have a tour of the maternity ward next week.. we are almost done the baby's room... and my mom and sister have a shower organized for me for beginning of May... so hopedully after the shower I will pretty well have everything I need!

Speaking of delivery.. I don't know how much genetics has to do with your delivery.. my mom keeps saying that both my sister and I were very easy... about 8 hour labour... that was it... so I am hoping it will be the same for me!



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