Delivery worries
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baby4us - April 4

Hey Heathermac.. thanks for the info.. that is pretty well what I have heard/read about induction.. will def. put no induction (unless medical emergency) in my birthing plan! And I hear ya about the pain during an HSG.. I thought I was going to hit the roof.. they said it would be like bad menstrual cramps.... cramps my ass.. that was unbearable!!!! But I have heard from some women that their HSG was not bad at all... so you never know!!

Glad to hear Duncan is doing so well! It is so true how quickly they grow ... and to enjoy every day and every milestone!

I can't believe how quickly things are going now... now that I have hit the third trimester.. wow.. I've got to get my butt in gear.. things are happening so quickly! But I"ve go tmy prenatal class this weekend... have a tour of the maternity ward next week.. we are almost done the baby's room... and my mom and sister have a shower organized for me for beginning of May... so hopedully after the shower I will pretty well have everything I need!

Speaking of delivery.. I don't know how much genetics has to do with your delivery.. my mom keeps saying that both my sister and I were very easy... about 8 hour labour... that was it... so I am hoping it will be the same for me!


sussie88 - April 4

Well, the moment is here - today at the Doc, I have finally begun to dialate (only 1cm, but it is a start). The Doc said that I really need to give thought and decide what I want to do - try naturally or planned c -sec. I go for my level II u/s on friday and will once again confirm the positions and weights, but as of now, one is really far down, head first and ready to go while the other has his head at my belly button. Needless to say, today was a reality check and I am scared to death now!!! Oh, I just don't know what to do!

For those of you who had c-sec before, just how painful and long was the recovery period?


baby4us - April 4

Sussie.. how exciting.. although I am sure as you said... it is a scary time for you... you will be fine!

I had a friend who had twins (she was an ICSI!) and they did a planned C_section.. and she said you are "tender" for about the first week and then it gradually fades... but of course it is different for every woman.
You will most likely be so involved with feeding and caring for the babies that the pain won't be too bad.. just take things slowly and be good to yoruself (those were her words.. because I have no clue!!)

Good luck.. keep us posted... I'll be thinking of you!!!


justme - April 4

I have to add that I loved being induced. I am a planner, so I liked knowing when it was going to happen. The contractions were strong, but I have nothing else to compare it too. We are all different in how we react to procedures and how much we can handle though. I personally do not want a c section. My vaginal delivery was an easy recovery with mild to moderate pain for a couple of weeks.


Meg - April 4


I had our twins 2 years ago, and a son in January, both deliveries were c/s. I chose to have the twins c/s, b/c I was not about to deliver both ways as you have stated. Our daughter was head down and our son was transverse. I also went into labor, but still asked to have a c/s, despite our daughter being ready to be born vaginally. That c/s was not my most pleasant experience, so I will not get into that :), but my second wasn't bad since I had a spinal and the whole thing was planned.


It is great to hear from you :) I am glad that everything is going so wonderfully for you. I will keep you in my prayers that you get your wish of having another baby. Who knows maybe next time you will have twins !!!! I understand your need to have another baby. After the twins I was ready to have another right away. I am still having trouble closing the door on pregnancy. My husband said no more, but I am leaving it in God's hands. I feel that he knows what I can and cannot handle. I think dealing w/ infertility and m/c can make it difficult to close that door on life.

Although some days I feel like I can't handle anything, with 2 year old twins. They are very challenging right now. The twins fulfill the saying of "terrible twos" :) Luckily the baby is a piece of cake :) Of course I would never reccommend being p/g and having a house for sale, and moving w/ 2 year old twins and an infant !!!! Thankfully life is settling down, and I feel very blessed w/ our three little miracles and our very good life :) I will continue to pray that you will again be blessed with another baby or babies as the case may be :) I am so happy for you :)

Best of Luck to all who have upcoming deliveries - there is nothing better in the entire world than holding and looking into your newborn's face after delivery, just be sure to have lots of tissues handy :) I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.



baby4us - April 5

Wow Meg.. such sweet words from you.. I will take it to heart.. I have been getting so worked up about the unknown.. and pain and eveyrthing negative associated with birth.. that I forgot all about the beauty of it!!

Justme.. good to know that you were pleased with your induction... I am a planner tool... I think that is why I am having such a tough time with getting my head around delivery.. because there are so many unknowns.. and I NEED to know exaclty what is going on and how I can be prepared to handle it.. so I have this challenge ahead of me to just let nature take over.. so that will be a challenge for me!!!


fiso - April 5

Baby4us, I didn't realize that you are due in 2 months!
Wow, time flies!
I'm the opposite of you, I'd rather let nature take over and if possible have a vag. delivery anf not be induced. I'm not too crazy about the c-section. It will be a last resort thing for me if necessary. But who knows!
I'm still a few months away to start thinlking about that seriously. My brain moves slowly, one step at a time!


baby4us - April 6

I know .. 2 months.. what the heck.. where did the time go???? and of course these next two months are going to fly by.. so I am trying to enjoy the next while as much as possible. I was over at a freinds place yesterday for lunch.. she has two wonderful little girls.. the youngest being at about 6 mos.. and huge.. so of course has grown out of everything.. so I ended up coming home with her two car seats and infant carrier, an infant bouncy chair, a bag full of new born diapers, about 10 onesies.. and a bunch of other stuff. I was floored!!

But at least I am getting closer to being ready for the big day. I feel like I have been in such denial. As I said to DH last night.. rememeber where we were last year at this time... we hadn't even started at our fertility clinic yet (I think we had gotten on the waiitng list.. so was down to a waiitng game).. but were both undergoing tests and the like to see where our problems where... and wondering if it would ever happen. It is amazing what can happen in a year!!!


sussie88 - April 6

It's funny you would mention what a difference a year makes! This time last year, we had just had our IVF consult. It was going to be our last ditch effort at conceiving - next step, adoption.

Then, we were all ready to start the process in May, but an issue at the lab (believe it or not, one of the embryologist was out on maternity leave and there was too much work for the other one without her - how ironic when you are TRYING to get pregnant). post poned our start until June. Then, remember back, you have to do the lupron bleed thing which takes more time, yadda yadda yadda - we thought we'd never get here!

Now, I am ready to go at anytime .... seems unreal in many ways!


HeatherMac - April 7

What a difference a year makes.

It's very surreal.

It gets worse...I think...once they're born.

I find myself still looking at DS thinking, "Is this really REAL?" It's so strange. I thought delivery was the most surreal part, though...having a scheduled c/s, it was just like another doctor's appointment in a way. Then there was this beautiful baby they let us leave with. So strange.

I find it more surreal when I'm walking with him either in the carrier on my chest or stroller...and I catch a glimpse of us in a window. I nearly can't believe it still.

I did talk to a friend who just had her baby this past weekend and she was induced...and had a GREAT experience!! She did say, however, that it depends on how far along you are...and if you're at all advancing...even slightly. Her sister was not progressing at all and it was horrible, she was 1cm dilated and she said it was a long as you ask for the epidural and be sure you get it when you need it - too early and it slows labor, too late and you can't get it. I did some investigating for you girls so I'm just reporting what I was told.

Also, MEG, THANK YOU!! Your kind words brought me to tears. You are too kind. Thank you. I pray God will continue to bless you with guidance, strength and courage - and you're right...He will show you what you are to do with regard to more children.

Well, girls, I better go. I'll hopefully see you again soon, until then, know you're in my thoughts and prayers as new parents, and our sisters upstairs are in my thoughts and prayers to become new parents.



baby4us - April 7

Thanks for the investigating Heathermac! It is good to know.. because you just never know!

I am glad to hear you are still amazed that you have a little boy.. I still feel in denial. I don't feel pregnant.. other than being huge... but it just seems so completely SURREAL!!!

The baby is moving a lot.. which is amazing.. but I still haven't thoguht about what happens when this little joy is actually here in person with us.. it is so hard for me to get my head around.. I don't know whether it is my age.. or because of all the trials and tribulations it took to get here? I don't know if anyone else feels/felt this way?

I know I am going to be in for a shock this weekend at our prenatal class.. no denial now!


SMS1129 - April 10

Thanks for all of the great experience shared here on this thread.

I too was hoping for a scheduled c/s. I had one years ago and even though the recovery was tough, I know what to expect with that procedure. I hate the unknown... However, at my week 34 u/s last Thursday, both babies are now head down. My dr says I can go into labor anytime now and if not, he will induce me at 38 weeks (full term for twins). I have heard the induction can be painful, but I guess it depends on your situation. I have a friend who recently gave birth by induction at 38 weeks to twins (7lbs. 3 oz. and 8 lbs. 3 oz.) and she said it was worse than delivering her son 3 years earlier at 10 lbs. 11 oz. I also don't like the feeling of not knowing when the contractions will begin. I haven't had any BH contractions or any other labor signs, so I am quite nervous about it now. I am also very uncomfortable and torn between wanting to go the full 38 weeks and being ready to go now...I am 35 weeks now.

Well, good luck to everyone. I am sure the right thing will happen for all of us and we will be proud, grateful parents soon. What a great time of year to be having a baby or two!!



sussie88 - April 10

After having my level II u/s on friday - I learned that the 2nd baby has an abundance of amniotic fluid - so he is in there having a good old time - flipping and flopping around! Today, both were head down. Doc said he will most likely continue to turn until birth day. The weights were 5 pounds 4 oz and 5 pounds 13 oz. I am 36 weeks now.

Tomorrow, I go for my weekly non stress test and Doc appointment. Can't wait to see if I am any further dialated and what position the little one will be in at that time! Looks like I won't know how I am going to deliver until the time comes. My question to the Doc tomorrow will be - how long will they let me go before inducing? I am definately on the home stretch now.

Glad to hear everyone else is doing well. It is an exciting but scary time. I go back and forth from excitment / anticipation to anxiety. I just want them to be here now - we are all ready!!!! (bonus ladies - anyone who has a child in April, gets diamonds on their mother's ring!!!)


baby4us - April 11

Sussie.. how exciitng.. you are going to have babies any day now!!!! I guess it is more the unknown that is scary.. you don't know when you are going to go into labour.. how long it will last etc....

I had my prenatal classes on the weekend (was an intensive 2-day class).. and boy my head was going to explode with all the info. But I think it was good.. I feel so much betetr prepared.. an dI think DH feels much better now.... he now has a better understanding of the whole process and what to expect.

This Wed. we go for a tour of the hospital maternity ward... so we should be good to go after that!

Speaking of diamonds.. anyone demanding a "push present???"!!!!!


justme - April 11

Well......DD was born in April and I haven't seen that diamond yet!!!

Sussie-How often are they doing the non-stress test? My dr hasn't mentioned that yet?


sussie88 - April 11

I go for non stress tests once per week. It is kind of nice because it is on the maternity ward, so I get to meet the nurses and get familiar and comfortable with the unit.

I was still 1cm dialated today - no further progress. However, Dr. said that usually by week 38 they will break your water with twins to get things moving. Then she considered that maybe even next week (37) they would break my water to take advantage of both babies being head down. (the little one has potential to turn). So..... one or two weeks to go and we will be going from a family of two to a family of 4!!!! Crazy - reality just hasn't fully sunken in yet!



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