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HeatherMac - October 10

I just read Karen's post in "3rd Trimester" about actually posting updates, and while I was feeling a little reseved, after reading her post, I decided I would post an update. It is sometimes very hard for me to post because I know so many deserving women do hurt, and it's hard to post happy things. I don't want to feel like I'm rubbing it in their faces...because I'm not, and I would never want to hurt someone who hurts as only an infertile woman can understand. But, I also remember getting some inspiration from these posts, so here we go!

I fee like I'm the size of a house and move just as gracefully as an elephant. You know how they always look so troubled at just having to get up?? Well, that's how I feel. Though, I have to admit that I still giggle when I waddle by a window or a mirror when I'm out somewhere...I still cannot believe that I am 8 1/2 months pregnant!!

We got confirmation that our c-section is scheduled for Thursday, November 10 @ 9AM. After 4 years, we will finally be able to meet little Duncan!! We are SO excited!!

I have no idea how big he is, we tried to have a 3D ultrasound last week, but his head was burried in the placenta, and he was being SO STUBBORN, so no cool pix of Baby D. But, we did get a nice little "traditional" u/s pic of his BIG fat foot!! It was right in front of his face like he was sucking his toes right before the picture. HAHA!! I mentioned this to my parents, and they said that I used to suck my toes ALL the time...so it's neat to see a little bit of Mommy being passed to him already.

The oddest thing is we have no idea how big he may be...we've not been given an estimate of his size, but it's bad when the u/s tech asked DH if he was a large baby...so we know Duncan is a sizeable dude...just HOW sizeable is yet unknown.

It does sadden me a bit because I know this will probably be the only biological child I will have...and I have enjoyed it so much...I feel a little robbed - I went for so long to so many doctors who just blew me off!! If they hadn't, well, needless to say, we wouldn't have been the only infertile couple we know. That's why I haven't been posting much...I've been feeling so good that I'm trying to make sure I cement every single thing into my memory so I will always remember what it was like to be pregnant. We have waited so long, and wanted this so badly for so long...and knowing that this may be it...we just revel in every little kick, hiccup, pain and doctor visit. Regardless of the joy and blessing we have been given, we are still the infertile couple we were earlier this year...and that is sometimes a bitter pill to swallow. I guess I just still can't believe that I'm pregnant, so I'm trying to memorize each and every thing I can.

Well, I've rambled enough...just wanted to share the good news about our arrival date!! The baby furniture comes tomorrow, and the nursery is finally painted and carpeted...and for the FIRST time in my life, what I had envisioned in my mind ACTUALLY materialized!! Not even my wedding came out like I had hoped...but this whole nursery...well, I feel like I've actually accomplished something I wanted to actually accomplish!!

I'm glad to hear everyone down here is doing so well and progressing nicely!! It's neat to see the progress everyone is making after such an unpleasant journey. I just hope that our sisters upstairs can join us here soon.



WantsBaby2 - October 11

I am so happy for you! Don't ever think you are rubbing it in our faces! You fought a long and hard battle with infertility and you won the war...that's something for all of us to celebrate!

I laughed when you said how you feel when you walk past a mirror. As a fellow infertile, I feel like it is never going to happen.....but if it ever does...the thought of actually BEING and LOOKING pregnant is so foreign to me... so I can only imagine!

Just be happy and revel in your pregnancy. You are such a great person and you deserve this. I am so happy your nursery looks perfect too! :) One month from today huh! ;D W O W !!!! That went fast!

Keep us posted girl!


justme - October 11


It is so good to hear from you on here! I am glad to hear that things are going so well for you and Duncan. I wish you the best of luck in your delivery. Enjoy every minute of it!

I hate that you feel like you can't share your great news. Before I got my bfp I liked to read and hear of successes because it gave me hope that it can actually happen and one day it would be me sharing the good news. We do need to keep the girls upstairs in our prayers!



Meg - October 11


WOW :) It is hard to believe that your little bean, Duncan, will be here before you know it . I am so very happy for you :) Don't give up hope about having another pregnancy - you just never know what can happen. I feel like I am proof of that. I never thought that I would get p/g and continue a p/g, and it actually happened...twice :) I still revel and thank God every single day for our twin miracles and this little miracle growing inside me. We still believe that this baby is the triplet that we lost being given to us a little later, so that the twins would be born okay. So I guess what I am saying is don't give up hope that you may never have another baby, b/c you just never know what God may have in mind for you. I know that this has been a difficult p/g for you, but it is wonderful that you have been cared for and watched so carefully. I am also glad that you are having a C-section given all that you have been through.

I hope that this p/g goes full term. I did feel cheated by going so early w/ the twins, and also I realize what an impact going full term has on development. There is a reason why women are supposed to carry a child until 38-40 wks. I am glad that my Dr. is being so mindful of my going early before. I think a lot of Drs. would probably just ignore that I went early and chalk it off to having twins, but my Dr. said he didn't want to assume anything. I actually had another u/s this past Friday to check my cervix length. Everything looked good so far and the Dr. doing the u/s showed us the baby's face in 3-D, so we actually got to see the full face. It brought tears to my eyes - It was just so amazing!!!! We are truly blessed. I will be 27 wks. this Thursday.

My hope is that all those women upstairs, soon join all of the lucky blessed women here. Know that all of those struggling w/ infertility are continually in my thoughts and prayers, as well as all of the p/g women posting on this board. Take Care all :)



Karen123 - October 11

Heathermac, thank you for the AWESOME post!!!! I am so happy to hear your story! I too smiled when you mentioned walking past a mirror. I admit, at 15 weeks I already check out my belly every day and laugh. I can just imagine how it'll be in a few months!! I thought I was huge but I checked out that belly gallery website and I seem to be right on track with the women on there that were pregnant with twins. I am SO happy for you and wish I could see your precious baby's nursery. You certainly do deserve this!! Wow, a month away!! SO EXCITING!!!! Of course, I wish you SO much happiness and ALL the best!!!

Wantsbaby2, I hope that you soon experience the same joy as many of us have.

Justme, I'm glad that you said what you did. That's why I posted what I did under 3rd trimester. It's sad to feel guilt about posting happy things.

Meg, I had to stop reading for a moment when you said you are carrying the twin you lost. What a beautiful way to look at this pregnancy.

I wish you all the best!!! Please, please, keep posting! Karen


baby4us - October 11

Heathermac.. that is just so amazing.. congrats again for getting to were you are!

And you are right.. it is very inspirational to hear the success stories.. so keep your posts coming!

I wish you a happy and healthy delivery.. and I am just wondering... the name Duncan (that is actually my Grrandmother's maiden name!!)... such a great name.. but just wondering how you came up with that name?

I am hoping that if all goes well after my 1st ultrasound.. that I can start storing some potential names into our database!!!


HeatherMac - October 12

WOW!! You girls TOTALLY made my day!! Thanks for the great and uplifting comments!! You have no idea what a difference it made in my life today.


Justme & Karen123 - Thanks for the well wishes!!

Meg - You're right...I should let go and let God!!

Baby4us - We wanted something Scottish to go with the Mac last name that didn't sound too off the wall and Duncan fit the bill. We tossed it around a while, and figured it was FAR better than Angus...so Duncan it is!! When it came to names I thought of two things: how can they twist the name into something to tease him with at 6 on the playground...and when he's a strapping young man of 17, how will he wear the name. Duncan makes me believe that he'll be tall, dark and handsome and the chicks will totally dig him! (Of course, none of those skanky tramps will ever be good enough for my little boy!! HAHA!!)

Again, thanks, ladies, to each and every one of you for your encouragement and support - it has meant more to me than you could ever imagine. I had an OB appointment today and he asked me if I ever thought I would be here...and I told him not in a million years. Without the support and encouragement I got from everyone on these boards, I'm not sure I'd have made it...so thank you.



BabyBound - October 13

Heathermac, your story is very touching. You have such a way with words. I remember when I first started positing on this board, you are the person who stick out in my mind the most. You were and continue to always give an encouraging word. I feel like I shouldn't be on the boards sometimes because I haven't struggled with infertility as much as some of the other women. I'm thankful everyday that God has blessed me and DH and many of us, but I feel like it came to easy for me. We tried for over a year to get pg and after going to an RE we got successful on our first round of IUI w/clomid that I feel like I don't belong because our friends upstairs have been trying way longer than I. See, as I sit hear and type this, I feel like I'm rubbing it in that we were blessed. Please forgive me if you guys are taking it that way, but I'm not. I pray for all of us. Well, I'm going to stop babbling now and wish you all babydust and bellypats.


Fortyfour - October 16

Heathermac -- You should be so proud of yourself and your little guy. You have fought a great battle in many ways and have won. You should not feel bad for being where you are now. You give me inspiration everytime I just see your name. You have helped a great many women in their journey. I am so looking forward to your post after you c-section when you get your little guy home. Make sure you let us know the look on your hubby's face when he first sees him. I loved that part when I worked L&D.

Take care and happy waddling.



ElizabethS - October 18

Heathermac - wonderful story - you have a great way with words and are such an inspiration to us all.

Thanks for helping us to reflect on this journey....as I enter into the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy, not sleeping and feeling huge, you make me feel so thankful for our gifts and remind me to focus on this special time. I don't plan on being pregnant again, and will cherish every kick and my huge belly.


SMS1129 - October 18


You are an inspiration too. I am only 10 weeks now with the triplets and you seem to have gone through your pg very graciously. I appreciate the information you have shared. I hope I can do the same.

I wish you all the best when the babies arrive. I too, do not plan on being pg again, so I am trying to cherish every moment.

Take care,



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