Babybound - Ultrasound today???
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cassandra - May 24

Hi Paige, I am also soo lazy. Sunday and yesterday were my days off and I did nothing. I can't wait to get my energy back! I have a tea in the morning, then after lunch before dinner I have a soda. I noticed the soda in the afternoon keeps me going at work.On my days off I take a nap at 5. Yesterday I slept until 8:30.
Last night my mother in law dropped by with some maternity clothes she bought for me. A pair of shorts and pants just fit. She's exchanging them for me. What a dear. I couldn't even fit a pillow into them! I'm trying not to be too depressed about it. They were a size large and I wear a lg/xlg anyways. Before I was pregnant I weighed 182. 170 is my goal after children are born. At 6ft tall it is my ideal weight. I know I'm blathering on but It seems I haven't talked to anyone in a while.
Last night I had a dream I had 2 girls. Only someone dressed them as boys and named them. By the time I took them home they were huge and I had to go back to work.Strange.
Shaz mentioned a trip to Austrailia and I know I can't afford it but I bet I have a dream about it!
Well Paige, I have to get ready for work. I hope you are doing well. When is your U/S? cassandra


paige - May 24

Hi Shaz, I actually hate the taste of coffee. I just miss my little energy boost. My nurse said I can have one cup a day. I figure I will have a cup a week when I really need it. My first us is in two weeks. I can't wait.


paige - May 24

Hi Cassandra I feel ya. My days off are the same. All I am drinking is tea and water. I cut the sodas out three months ago because of sweentners and sugar. I'm only eating a little fruit for sugar. So I guess I'm totally giving up my energy! I love spending some of my time sleeping in the middle of the day. I never used to take naps! My mother-in-law is taking me to look at some maternity clothes today. I told her I still need two months. They just do what they want. She's so excited this is her first grand child. I feel you on the wieght issue. I started at a size 9 at 160 at 5'7" I've only gained three pounds and I'm on my 7th week. I just want to be as careful as possible. Because of body building in the past my body's pretty thick already! My us is in two weeks from yesterday. I can't wait. I want to see if I'm having one or two. I think it's just one but will see. Hey if you ever want to talk leave me a personal message also. i check them daily :)


cassandra - May 27

Hi Paige! How did the shopping go? Maternity clothes are so expensive! Yikes! cassandra


sblanton2 - May 27

Old Navy has a line of maternity clothes, they are not half bad on the price. You can find cute tops for $10.00 and capri's and shorts for around &20.00, and they are cute!!!!!!! I can't wait, I had to hold myself back from buying some last night and I am 10 days away from my consultation appointment. LOL I decided I better wait until at least the transfer.....ha.


paige - May 27

Hi Cassandra, maternity shopping put me in a little bit of shock! I want to wait another month before I go back. Hey it's the first time everything fit on the chest area :D


cassandra - May 27

Silvia, thanks for the tip! I love old navy!

Paige, I think my bust has gotten huge also..too bad my belly will dwarf it in a couple months :) cassandra


paige - May 30

Hi Cassandra I think i take back what I said about clothes shopping. Saturday night I went with my husband to watch a bodybuilding show and some of our friends came over and asked if I was pregnant. I think you can barely tell but I am starting to show a little. :)



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