Baby Dominic has arrived! :)
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tinkerbell - May 18

Hello ladies,

Just want to share with you the good news ~ my baby has arrived last May 11 at 5:49PM. Dominic is 7lbs 1 0z. I had a normal delivery. I wasn't feeling any intense contractions when I went for a routine OB check-up on Thursday. My OB found out that I am already 4cm dilated so she sent me to the hospital. They broke my water bag, introduced pitocin, and labored for 6 hours. In the end, all that mattered is seeing my baby healthy and smiling back at me :)

We are now home, crazy busy, and still high with the baby :)

Take care all!


cassandra - May 19

Tinkerbell, CONGRATULATIONS! So glad to hear labor went well and he is healthy. A terrific weight too! :D How are you doing momma? Take care!



baby4us - May 19

Congratulations.. such great news.. hope all is well!!!!


love2Bparents - May 19



hopeful2006 - May 19


that is awesome -- congratulations and it sounds like you did not have a horrible labor. OMG I can't wait - only 3 1/2 more months and I will be posting the same thing..

Enjoy your lil miracle and God bless.


justme - May 19



fiso - May 19

Congatulations Tinkerbell!

Hope you are feeling good. You made it sound so easy!!!

Take care.


HeatherMac - May 19

Tink -



I truly hope it was as great as an experiece as you made it sound!! Enjoy all the chaos - it only gets better!!




sblanton2 - May 19

Congrats!!!! May 11 is my youngest daughters birthday. A great day for a baby. Best of luck!



tinkerbell - May 25

hi ladies, THANKS again! Baby and I are doing great (well, save the sleepless, endless nights but again, it's worth it) :)

I kind of smiled when I read my post again, and indeed I made it sound so easy. But ladies, to be honest, I almost fainted a number of times during labor and intense contractions. I was crying for epidural (which was administered too late!). I felt all the pain/burning/sensation of labor. But as what other mothers would say, the pain went away the moment you have your baby in your arms (I really didn't mind the doctor doing the stitches, I had a natural tear. The doc also spent some time taking out the rest of my placenta ugh!) :P

Anyway, this is not to scare future moms, but rather just to let you know that the pain will be nothing compared to the moment you will hold your baby in your arms :)

all the best!


SMS1129 - June 12



Sorry I don't get on the computer much these days with the twins! Enjoy your amazing gift!!



Karen123 - June 13

CONGRATULATIONS!! I have been off this board for a while and am so happy to finally log back in and see happy news!!! Wonderful news!! My best to you and your family!! Karen



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