Anyone with Bad morning sickness
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bdantonio - July 8

I am 8 weeks and i can not stop getting sick i dont think i have ate anything more then a bite in 4 weeks and it stay down i am so hungrey but everytime i eat i vomit anyone have any ideas?


jamielee - July 8

Hi, I had the worst m/s!! I bought the sea bands from the pharmacy which helped a bit. I hate to say it but theres not to much to help it besides meds if its really bad. I ate crackers and applesauce, and drank lots of ginger ale. Mine went away at 14 weeks. It was all day everyday and I lost 7 pounds!! I hope you feel better!! I know how terrible it is!


bdantonio - July 8

I have the sea bands im on zofran and fenagrin for it. Nothing i eat stays in i have been in the hospital a few times for dehyration and and i have lost 12 lbs and i am 8 weeks. I was pretty bad with my daighter but i could at least eat saltines but not even that. I can be starving and then eat and i get sick.


JaneX - July 8

Yes I had awful m/s and could hardly move some days. I had times when I could not keep water down. The only thing you can do is to make sure your doctor keeps an eye on you and to know that one day it will end. Everyone kept telling me it was a good sign but that is not much help when you feel like dying! Anyway, hope it passes sooner rather than later and keep in close contact with your doctor.



bdantonio - July 8

I probably talk to my dr. everyday however sometimes i think my re cares more about the baby then if im okay


JaneX - July 9

That is not such a bad thing although when you are feeling like crap it is nice to know someone is concerned about you! But the main thing really is to make sure the baby is getting everything they need. Just keep reminding yourself that it will pass sooner or later and make sure DH is taking extra special care of you. I have to say I was very luck as DH took excellent care of me! DH used to tell me that at the end of it all there would be the best prize in the world!! and the suffering was worth it.



bdantonio - July 9

well i spent the day in the er today with any iv again. I was as dehydrated as i could get. but the baby is fine


JaneX - July 10

Sorry you ended up in ER but it is good the baby is fine. It is so important not to get dehydrated - although not much fun having an IV.
Take Care.


bdantonio - July 24

well now i have a picc line and a home nurse baby is still doing good but ihave lost 22lbs to date


JaneX - July 24

I am really sorry to hear that. How far along are you? I am sure you are feeling just awful and it is so hard because you don't want to complain because you are pregnant!! I also think that unless someone has had very bad m/s they really don't know what it is like. What do they think the chances of it going away are? What is a picc line? Sorry lots of Qs. You take care of yourself and update us when you can.



bdantonio - July 25

a picc line is a cathader that goes in a vein in your arm into your chest and can stay there up to 1 yr. The good thing is no more needles they can take blood. give iv, and meds in it. I get 25mg of fenegrin every 6 hrs and and iv every night. Well waht i have they call hypermesis and it normally last till 14-18weeks. However can go on till the end of pregnancy. and i will be 11 weeks on sunday. So im in for a battle. However this is my last pregnacy tubes are getting tied right after c-section.


Fortyfourfive - July 29

I am so glad they finally gave you medical treatment like they did. I hope it all goes away soon.

I had moderate morning sickness for 5 months and it was miserable.

Take care.


bdantonio - August 4

well unfortuanitly mine is past moderate they have put me at severe or hypermesis. I am 12 weeks and the sickness and vomitting is still as strong as ever i am still on phenergan 25 mg every six hours and an iv at night. The baby is doing awesome though. Well at least this will be my last round i have a little girl who is 2 1/2 and then this one. I am getting my tubes ties during my c-section the dr are all aware.



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