A boy and a girl!!
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SMS1129 - January 3

Happy New Year everyone!!

Well, I had my 20 week anatomy scan (what a relief that is over) and the twins appear to be normal. They give you an 80% certainty without the amnio, which we declined.

They told us they are confirmed as a boy and a girl too, which is very exciting!!

I hope I carry these little ones to near term. My OB has me drinking ridiculous amounts of water to prevent preterm labor, I hope it works.

I wanted to see also, if any moms or expectant moms have any ideas about breastfeeding twins...i want to do it, but it seems scary...



tinkerbell - January 3

Yessss!!! yahoo!!! congratulations to you Sue, a boy and a girl, wow!!! it's so wonderful!

Like you, my doc told me to drink lots of fluid. I feel that my big tummy is filled with half water heheh..

It's truly a Happy New Year to you! have great months ahead. This is great!


justme - January 4

How perfect!! congrats!


snindy - January 4

I'm thinking about breast feeding my twins when they are born. I read so many books stating that it's not that hard. They talk about different positions you can place them. They said you should do both of them at a time or you will be breast feeding all day if you do one at a time. They give so many good reasons to breast feed, I would at least try it out.

And congrats on the finding out on the sexes! How exciting!!



Meg - January 4


Congratulations on your boy and girl twins :) I have b/g twins and they are so much fun :)

I did breastfeed or did my own version of breastfeeding twins as best as I could. Since our twins came 2 months early, breastfeeding from the start wasn't even an option. Our twins spent 32 days in the NICU. I pumped from the time that my milk came in, and that is what the twins received from a feeding tube until they could learn how to suck from a bottle and also nurse. We also had to supplement my milk w/ formula, so as to put weight on the babies. I breastfed each baby when they came home at least once to twice a day, and gave them pumped milk in a bottle the rest of the time. I rented a pump and could empty both breasts in about 15 minutes. I felt as long as they were receiving breast milk, I was all right w/ them not being exclusively fed from a breast. Besides I could never get the hang of feeding them both at the same time. They would freak out too, probably b/c they sensed my uneasiness at doing it. My son had breast milk until he was about 5 and 1/2 months, and our daughter had breast milk only until she was 3 and1/2 months old, due to reaction to something in my milk. After that they both were on formula and seemed to adjust fine. Whatever decision you make, it will be the right one.

I am glad that your twins are doing well. I know you have had a rough beginning, so it is so nice to read things are going well and that you hopefully are enjoying your pregnancy :)

Take Care,


justme - January 4

I personally have not breastfed twins, but have several friends with twins. The 2 friends that were successful, were very determined moms and did feed them both at the same time. There is some type of double/twins boppy style pillow you can buy to hold them both up there at the same time. Best of luck!!!!


Karen123 - January 4

Sue, I'm SO glad to hear that your twins are doing well!! And to have confirmed that they are a boy and a girl....well, I know the feeling! It's wonderful! I'm now 27 weeks with my b/g twins. I'm so big now! I feel like I did right at the end of my singleton pregnancies. My feet and hands are so swollen! But so far so good with blood pressure and like you, I have heard that my twins look perfectly normal and that is just the greatest thing ever to hear. I get to go next week for my 28 week u/s (u/s #11!) and I'm anxious to go. Well, take care of yourself and congratulations once again!! Karen


baby4us - January 5

A boy and a girl how exciting!

I have a friend who had twins and she successfullly breatsfed... she said it was a bit of an adjustment at the beginning.. but you will easily find out which position suits you best.. and don't give up..sometimes the going gets tough.. but well worth the rewards!

Good luck to you.

Also.. how interesting... do you gals notice that most of the twin pregnancies during fertility treatments result in a boy/girl .. I find that very interesting...


SMS1129 - January 5

I am going to try to breastfeed them both and see how it goes. I don't mind alternating between the breast and pumped milk to keep my sanity, though. I know some people think it is confusing for the baby, but I think it would be necessary for me. Besides, DH wants to feed also. I also saw this great (new??) bottle that has a detached nipple with a thin hose going from the bottle to the nipple. The baby actually has the nipple part in her mouth and is sucking away while the bottle sits next to her. It's a great way to feed an infant hands-free. The woman I saw in the mall said she got it at Babies R Us.

Karen, I am also quite large at 21 weeks. My maternity large button shirts are getting tight already. Time for X-Large... Certain things like putting on socks or stepping into pants are hard too. I also have swollen hands and feet, but everything else seems to be fine.

I also signed up for classes (layette, lamaze & breastfeeding). We'll see how that goes. DH didn't last long at Babies R Us, I can't see him in 3 hour classes...

Thanks for the advice everyone and take care,



justme - January 5

OUr first pregnancy, my husband wasn't into the classes at all! He went, but he found them boring. I enoyed most of it and learned a lot! I guess it all depends on whose body it is happening to!



Karen123 - January 6

Sue, I bought those bottles you are talking about! I ordered them on line. I just figured that with me home most of the time alone with 2 babies, I could use any help I could get! I sure hope they work as well as they seem like they will. I'm in large maternity tops, too. My pants are all getting too tight and actually there are several pairs I can't wear. I'm only 5'3" so I can't really buy large pants or they will be a foot too long! I don't know what I'll do towards the end...seems a shame to keep buying clothes when there's such a short time left. That's great that you are taking classes. I wanted to take Lamaze (even though I'm having a c-section because I was told you learn about those and the labor I'll be in beforehand and ways my husband can comfort me) but now that DH is going in for another surgery on MOnday, the classes will be impossible. I had a visit with a prenatal nurse yesterday who terrified me. I wasn't all that afraid but she told me things that I wish she hadn't. I cried all the way home and at night explaining stuff to DH. Well, whatever happens, I know I can get through it and in the end, I'll have my miracle babies and know it was all worth it. Now if I could just use a wheel barrow to lug my big belly around..... Karen


snindy - January 6

This is so exciting, it seemed like yesterday when you guys found out you were pregnant and now your talking about classes and wearing bigger maternity clothes, how time flies. I'm almost there and I'm loving every minute of it! We heard the heartbeats for the first time last Tuesday, it was so amazing. It will be 13 weeks this Saturday, I want to find out the sexes but dh wants to be surprised at the hospital. So I'll be patient and wait also. Boy is that going to be hard....

I'm so glad you guys are sharing your experience with all of us, it gives us something to look forward to.



Karen123 - January 6

Cindy, You heard the heartbeats? That is so awesome! That is the GREATEST sound in the world!! I know I've mentioned this before but I still rent a heartbeat monitor and it's been terrific. It's $20 a month and I can't tell you how many times it's made me feel better when I was nervous. Something to consider anyway. But that is so great that you heard those little beating hearts and I wish you well going forward. It's true, time flies so fast. Even though I'm anxious and uncomfortable, I know when I look back later this year I'll be amazed at how fast it all went. I just can't believe how lucky we are to be having a baby at all never mind two of them! Karen


SMS1129 - January 8


Where did you find those bottles?? I checked Babies R Us, like the woman I met said and couldn't find them.



Karen123 - January 9


called the podee feeding system. You may find it on more than one website but it's from the same maker so I'm pretty sure the price is the same everywhere. I haven't tried it yet of course but it seems cool and seems like it'll be a lifesaver in those times when both babies are hungry and you are alone. Karen


ElizabethS - February 23

Sue - congratulations on the boy and girl twins. I can't believe you are already past 20 weeks. Time flys - take care of yourself and rest whenever possible.


SMS1129 - February 27

Hi Elizabeth!

It is great to hear from you. I can't believe your babies are 3 months old and doing so well, that is fantastic. Keep us posted, I love hearing about it.

I will be 29 weeks on 2/28 and time is flying by. It's very exciting!! I hope I can go to 36 or more weeks, we'll see.

Take care,



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