Hospital are confusing me after 1st miscarriage
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techijay - February 26

Can anyone please help shed some light on my predicament? The hospital have only served to confuse me and I'm so depressed.
I had a MC on 3rd Feb 2007 - started spotting. Monday (5th) passed some tissue but cervix remained closed. Wed (7th) had a scan (I was approx 6 weeks 2 days) preganant LMP. They said I had MC but it was incomplete. They left me to "manage" it conservatively. I continued spotting but no heavy flow or clots until the weekend. Then all stopped - no pain/blood nothing. Did a PT (test) on Sun (11th) - positive. Phoned the emergency clinic, they told me to do another test on 17th (2 weeks post scan). That came back positive so they booked me in for another scan on the saturday (24th). They could still see something about 7mm attached to the uterine wall so sent me to have my blood hcg level taken. This came back at 2088 - 3 weeks after I started to MC.

I am now so confused. Does this mean I could be pregant again by some miracle? Is 2088 high after 3 weeks post MC? The 2nd scan revealed soemthing 7mm in size but they're unsure what and if it's a new pregnancy. What they saw on the 1st scan was 21mmX11mmX8mm. Could this smaller "product" be what's left or a new pregnancy. I don't understand why my levels said 2088 - is this not high?

I'm not getting much help or support from the hospital and I am scared to hope it's a new pregnancy.

Is it possible to ovulate and get pregant the week I MC?

Sorry for all the questions I'm just so fed up and scared and hopeful and depressed.

Thanks to anyone who responds.


chezalyn - March 12

It sounds to me like you had a molar pregnancy. I had a molar pregnancy but it took my doctor 3 weeks to finally determine it. They originally told me I was going to miscarry after doing a u/s and seeing debris inside of the sack. I was shocked because I was feeling all the pregnancy symptoms and had had no spotting. I wanted to miscarry naturally, but nothing happened for 2 weeks. Finally I set up another appointment and demanded another u/s. This time they found that it was a molar pregnancy and scheduled me for a d&c. They told me later that a lot of people with a molar pregnancy do bleed, but sometimes they don't miscarry unless they get a d&c. My hcG levels were through the roof like yours is. That is the one thing that should tip them off that it is a molar. After the d&c, they test you a lot to make sure your levels are going down so they know they got everything out. The only good part about the experience is that molar pregnancies were never formed babies. It is a genetic mix-up and a baby is not able to form, but for some reason it attaches itself to the uterus and acts like a pregnancy, when in fact it is more like a parasite. That information helped me emotionally to feel like I didn't really lose a baby. However, they did make me wait about a year before I was 'cleared' to get pregnant again...that was the hardest part by far. Good luck. I hope to hear that everything got sorted out with your dr.


chezalyn - March 12

Sorry, I forgot to put this in the previous post. You NEED to call your doctor today and tell them you want them to check for a molar pregnancy...if they haven't figured it out already. They should schedule you for a d&c IMMEDIATELY. You will feel 1000 times better after the surgery...I promise!


techijay - March 15

Hi Chezalyn,

Thanks so much for your reply and kind words. Although the term Molar pregnancy was never suggested to me, I have since had a D&C and laparoscopy. They weren't convinved of preganancy tissue when they did the D&C and so went ahead (with my premission) for a laparoscopy to rule out an ectopic. I have since developed localised infection around the wounnds and still get some pain and discomfort roughly where my ovary is on the left. I have seen my GP and she said this is normal. I go back Friday 16th for another quantative hcg blood test - hopefully this will show the levels back to normal. I want to try again but scared. I also don't know how long to wait before trying again as I certainly don't want to have to wait for a year before trying.
Thanks again for your help and wish us both luck!



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