Hcg levels after miscarriage
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[email protected] - April 28

Hi All, well like my nickname says, anxious at 31. My blood work from yesterday showed my hgc level at 44, so although dropping nicely, not yet at 0. I have a doctor's appointment on Monday, so he will likely send me back one more time for blood work. Wish me luck... I have never been anticipating a period so much in my life as I am now...


andy - May 4

hi, can anyone help? i had a complete m/c on the 22/03/06 and only bld for two days, after the sack had completely came away whole i felt no pain. (i was 7 wks) this is the 04/05/06 and i am testing poss with several hpt's i feel very tired and have symptoms but am awaiting urine results that will be readyon the 08/05/06. i feel so frustruted not knowing either way and monday seems a long time away at the moment. i felt completely fine on a physical level after the m/c. and my preg symptoms had stoped before i had the m/c. I had a m/c in 1996 then gave birth to my beautiful boy in 1998, i did not try for another inbetween theese dates and managed to get pregnant straight after coming off the pil. i am preying that i am preg..has anyone experiences this and been lucky enough to get preg this soon...???


hangaroo - May 5

I had a miscarriage and found out i was pregnant less than 6 weeks later. I delivered a handsome 7lb boy 9 months later.
All the best to you.


lovebeingamommy - May 6

i am right at 4 to 5 wks along. well maybe not.
i went in for a u/s today and they couldn't find a egg sack. she said it could be too early.. is that true??

i am waiting for blood results on monday.
but i have very positive prego tests even after drinking water right away.

any help or info about the u/s info would be great.


Monicat - May 10

Dear all,
My HCG continues to fall (HCG level at 31 now) since i have miscarriage after 6 week pregnancy. I had only spotting or very very little bleeding for 1 week and now it is nearly stopped. I wonder whether all the cell are all gone, as i cannot see any tissue came out at all? Please help.



Manmohini - May 10

Dear Monicat,
I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage. About 4 weeks after my miscarriage, my gynecologist was concerned that the HCG levels were'nt coming down fast enough, so she ordered an ultrasound to see if any tissue remained behind. The ultrasound indicated there there was still as small amount of tissue, so the doctor prescribed 10 days of Provera, which made me bleed like hell, but I think it did the trick. You may need an ultrasound to determine if you've passed everything.

It is my impression (and I could be wrong) that HCG levels under 5 indicate that everything has been passed.


[quote author=Monicat link=board=17;threadid=1564;start=30#18587 date=1147267329]
Dear all,
My HCG continues to fall (HCG level at 31 now) since i have miscarriage after 6 week pregnancy. I had only spotting or very very little bleeding for 1 week and now it is nearly stopped. I wonder whether all the cell are all gone, as i cannot see any tissue came out at all? Please help.



Morgan - May 15

Hello, I have a question for anyone who has had this similar experience. I had a miscarriage in Febuary at 11 weeks pregnant. I was told I had a blighted ovum and that my baby stopped developing at five weeks but stayed in my body for another 6 weeks. I miscarried naturally. It took me 11 weeks to finally get another period after the miscarriage and I still have an HCG level of 17. It has now been 12 weeks since my miscarriage. Should I be worried about cancer? Has anyone else experienced thier HCG levels taking so long to drop after a miscarriage. I am nervous and frusterated. I really want to try to get pregnant again, but my HCG levels are taking so long to drop.


tenillem - May 16

yes my HCG has taken ages after termination. nearly 6 months and down to 12.
28 dec termination and d&c
28 jan HGC 1200
15 may HCG 12
oncologist wanted to start chemo last week cos it was 21 two weeks in a row but i refused. it just dropped to 12. 2 months ago it went 140 130 130, but then dropped to 98. some bodies just take longer to rid it.
i have had one period at the end of every month since termination (ie Ive had four) so i assumed all the tissue should be passed by now.


tenillem - July 19

Well, 6 months after my termination (baby had three sets of chromosomes, partial mole), my level has been 0 the last 3 weeks. My HCG took SO LONG to come down, but it went there without any treatment. It was just the way my body got rid of it... SLOWLY. So for those whose doctors tell you it'll take a couple of weeks, don't be fretting if in three months its still not 0. As long as it doesnt go up and all scans are clear, waiting is the best way. And to think I would still be on chemo right now if I has listened to my oncologist!


honeybaby - July 21

I had a miscarriage with first attempt with IVF. My case went like this on 6/23 confirmed BFP on 6/25 started to spot and HCG did not doubled, stopped all meds and on its own HCG reached the 500's on July 2nd began to bleed and July 4th had a shot of methotrexate had 2 blood tests and HCG dropped slowly now is a negative.

I never had a miscarriage and it hurt so much because we have been trying to concieve for the past 7 years, I was blessed for a few days but all of a sudden my ray of light was terminated.

In all the reading with your experiences I thank God for not having any medical complications which I prayed because I do have a little boy and this M/C has been hard but I would be more destroyed if I had health complications


cmlollipop19 - October 15

I had two questions about having a miscarriage? How long after passing the baby do hcg levels typically stay high? I am having them checked every two weeks, but I am just curious. My doctor is great, but I like knowing. The other question is how long do you usually bleed after passing the baby. I have been bleeding for about one week and the bleeding has really almost stopped, but it kinda comes and goes. It is basically just kinda on the toilet paper after I go to the bathroom. I have been wearing a pad, but nothing has shown up on the pad in about two days. There is usually no bleeding in the morning and then in the afternoon between 2 and 6 the bleeding starts that little bit, but then at night there is no more. It has been going on like this for about 4 days. I know that bleeding can last for anywhere from 7-10 days, but I guess I was kinda wondering more about the consistency. Like is it off and on or pretty steady? Basically, is what I have described normal for most people?


Shantarra. B - October 18

[quote author=Mo link=board=17;threadid=1564;start=0#14395 date=1138141623]
I went thru IVF, and became pg on the 1st attempt - only to find out at my 12w check up that the baby stopped developing @ 9w. Had to have a dnc the next day. (1/20) - my blood levels are still @ 155. How long will it take to get back down to 0? We are devestated about our loss, but at the same time I think the only way I can begin to heal, is to be able to start another IVF cycle .. We want so very badly to be parents and the waiting hurts so much (also the fact that I will be 37 on Saturday does not help either)- any advise would be appreciated ... Thank you


jmr67 - October 21

cmlollipop and shanterra - I am so sorry for your losses. I share your pain. Eventually you will begin to heal and find hope again. Hope is a powerful thing. As long as we have hope I think we can try to pick up our feet and march forward. It took me a while to lift myself up but I finally got another IVF scheduled, found hope again and looked ahead. I'm not saying it doesn't still hurt, it does. It took 3 weeks for my hcg levels to go down to 0. Bleeding was very similar to yours cmlollipop but I'd certainly talk to your doctor anyway. hope this helps you both.


toytay83 - February 23

Hello everyone... I am new to this group. I just stubled upon it while searching the Internet for answers to why my levels went up after my miscarriage...

My husband and I became pregnant for the first time this month! I found out I was pregnant on 02/08/07 and by 02/16/07 I was miscarrying. On 02/08/07 my Hcg levels were at 18, a few days after they went to 99, the day of my miscarriage I was at 45 and now I am at 94. I dont understand...
The day before my miscarriage I went to the doctor for cramping and she told me that everything was okay. I was only 6 weeks pregnant.
Does anyone know why they could still be rising. Am I looking too much into it???

23 y/o, 1st pregnancy, married for 7 months...


veena - March 3


I had a m/c and doctor advised me to go through D/C , Doctor did my D&C two weeks back and after two weeks when i visited doctor, she is saying i had a partial mole and want me to go through another D&C ,

Not sure if i go for another D&C
I am in japan and most of the doctors cannot speak english , so i dont know why they want to do another D&C and if partial mole was there why it didnt come out in first D&C

I would really appreciate if you could help me understand this topic more




Hello Veena:

just read your post.... I can truly empathize with you....
sounds very perplexing.....I've traveled all over the world and if I were in your shoes, I would get a consult with an English speaking RE as fast as possible. In your part of the world go to either SINGAPORE or AUSTRALIA.

I have seen IVF postings for AUSTRALIA, so there are probably some good clinics in Sydney.

I am assuming you have used IVF/IUI and are now in this m/c status-which does not sound right to me. A competent RE would do the D&C guided with ultrasound to be completely sure that all is correct. This is all I know and I am NOT a medical professional, but have had two D&Cs as a result of m/c and have been in the care of world class professionals. YOUR CURRENT HEALTH IS PARAMOUNT (as well as your FUTURE FERTILITY), so spend the money and get on a plane IF you are physically able and get medical attention in English!! (For example, I speak fluent French after living in Paris, but will ONLY go to THE AMERICAN Hospital in Paris, not a French one)

Thinking about it more geographically, Hawaii might be closer than Sydney. I am also sure that if you CALL and explain your medical condition to an IVF office/clinic, they can make much judgement calls (about next steps, squeezing you in, etc) than somebody as a lay person such as myself. How does that sound??



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