Hcg levels after miscarriage
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Hello Veena:

just read your post.... I can truly empathize with you....
sounds very perplexing.....I've traveled all over the world and if I were in your shoes, I would get a consult with an English speaking RE as fast as possible. In your part of the world go to either SINGAPORE or AUSTRALIA.

I have seen IVF postings for AUSTRALIA, so there are probably some good clinics in Sydney.

I am assuming you have used IVF/IUI and are now in this m/c status-which does not sound right to me. A competent RE would do the D&C guided with ultrasound to be completely sure that all is correct. This is all I know and I am NOT a medical professional, but have had two D&Cs as a result of m/c and have been in the care of world class professionals. YOUR CURRENT HEALTH IS PARAMOUNT (as well as your FUTURE FERTILITY), so spend the money and get on a plane IF you are physically able and get medical attention in English!! (For example, I speak fluent French after living in Paris, but will ONLY go to THE AMERICAN Hospital in Paris, not a French one)

Thinking about it more geographically, Hawaii might be closer than Sydney. I am also sure that if you CALL and explain your medical condition to an IVF office/clinic, they can make much judgement calls (about next steps, squeezing you in, etc) than somebody as a lay person such as myself. How does that sound??


Andali - April 10

March 23 I found out I was pregnant by three hpt. LMP was Feb 21 puting me at 4 weeks and 2 days. 4 days later it was confirmed by my doctor. Tuesday April 3rds I started bleeding and went to the emergency room. There is when I find out that my hcg level is only 618. They told me not to really worry maybe my conception date was off and the bleeding should stop, just come in Thursday to get another hcg test. I did and the levels were at 346. They told me that I was having a m/c and to just wait for nature to take its course. They also did a vaginal u/s that day and it showed that the sac was in my uterus and not my tubes. I was told to come back in on Monday to do another HCG test. The results were 283 and the doc said that they weren't coming down as fast as they should be and that we shouldn't rule out an ectopic pregnancy. I don't understand that if the sac was in my uterus in the ultrasound how could it be ectopic? There is so much going on right now that I don't know what to do or think. I have been cramping and bleeding since last week but its not outragious just like a period in the first few days. I'm scared I wanted this baby but have excepted the fact that now isn't the time. All I want now is for this m/c to be over with so I can try again. If anyone has any input on my situation please feel free to write. My email address is [email protected]. It helps to talk to people that are going through the same thing because most other people don't understand.


cwarner - May 19

I found this site while looking for information on high hcg levels after miscarriage. Now I'm scared. I miscarried two days ago and they did a blood test to check my hcg levels. They were 3371. I switched Drs. this week because the Dr. that I was seeing told me I was going to miscarry even though my hcg levels were still increasing, however, he didn't see a heartbeat at 7-8 weeks. I told him that I wanted to miscarry naturally rather than having a D&E, and I asked him if I should call when I started miscarrying. I was told no, only if I had severe bleeding or cramping. Thus, I called another Dr. the next day. The new Dr. wanted to see me next week to do another ultrasound, however in the meantime I miscarried. The new Dr. had me come in immediately for a blood test and I have an appointment next week for an exam and another blood test. Has anyone ever had HCG levels this high after a miscarriage and if so, why were they so high?


silviamal - July 13

Hi, I know how you're feeling, I have PCOS and endometriosis as well and just went through a MC and had to get a D&C done almost 2 weeks ago. I am so sad for you that the Dr had you sent to the bathroom to "clean up" how inhumane... I chose to get the D&C done,a s I was sorried about toxemia, bacterial infection getting into your blood system and so once they did the D&C they sent the tissue and all to pathology. Well, the report came back stating it was a partial molar pregnancy, so it is not always in your best interest to "let the miscarriage happen" on it's own. Molar pregnancies can result in possible cancerous growth if not taken care of ASAP and they need to be followed closely even after a D&C. They need to check the HCGlevels to ensure they are not rising. I was 11 weeks pregnant when I had the D&C. I just had my HCG levels checked, and it will be almost 2 weeks since and they are at 124, so that's fine. They need to keep declining, and even after they get to zero, I have to wait sometime before thinking of getting pregnant again.

Ask your Dr WHY he referred you to an oncologist? Be proactive in your health and put your foot down. I'm an RN and I still want to know why why why with what is done if I don't understand something. Ask him," You want to refer me to an oncologist, do you think I may have cancer? If so what and why? " Ask the Dr, " I just want your impression of your assessment and I'd like a second opinion. Can you please list your impression for me?" An impression is the Dr's diagnosis as to what's going on. Look for another Dr as well, drop this goofball and get yourself an OB/GYNE that specialises in complicated pregnancies. Or go back to your original Dr prior to this goofy one and take it from there. I HIGHLY recommend you see a Reproductive Endocrinologist. You and I have PCOS and Endometriosis. They will help you with all this and infertility issues as well. I have to take metfomin (glucophage) for the first 3 months of pregnancy due to the PCOS and metformin also helps in making your body more receptive to fertilization. Please email me if you'd like to discuss or just talk further. I know how hard it is to find info on the net and I'd be very happy to be there for you and help you out. I've been there done that.
[email protected]
- Silvia

Also, some bleeding is normal in pregnancy, but bad abdominal cramping is not good.

Take care and hope to hear from you soon.


psalm56:3 - July 17

I am worried and need advice!

My first pregnancy, 7 weeks along. I miscarried on Thursday, had an ultra sound and doctor said everything was cleared out. My hcg was at 170.

Saturday went in and hcg increased to 185.

Monday went in and hcg increased to 307, had another ultra sound.

I don't understand why it would be increasing! Would it be caused by an ectopic pregnancy (even though they said there was nothing left) or a possible twin still alive?

Doctors are talking about a d&c and have an appointment on Wednesday. Is this recommended with hcg increasing but still so low?

Wednesday seems so far off, any advice now would be appreciated!


angelsface - October 26

[quote author=Crystal link=board=17;threadid=1564;start=0#16557 date=1143561147]
Hi, well, I miscarried on Friday. My HCG levels continue to rise, only a little bit at a time. My doctor tells me that they are not rising fast enough to sustain a pregnancy and that we may have to do a D&C. My levels are at 1600 currently. I don't know what to do, or if we should wait and see what my body will do or to go ahead and have the d&c done. I don't understand if my body miscarried the baby, why would my HCG levels continue to rise?
[/quote]I just miscarried 3 wks ago, i had a blighted ovum. My doctor monitored my HCG levels after and they continued to rise also, they went up 7000 + and she said it was normal and should start dropping. But, just this past Monday October 22, i found out that i also had an ectopic pregnancy as well. We have been trying for 3 1/2 years with one tube, and i was going to have twins. I changed doctors after that, when i went to the ER and had to have emergency surgery. And my wonderful new doctor saved my one and only tube, so we can still try. Im not trying to scare you or anything but i would have your doctor do more tests. In my case it was bound to happen, and i would hate for it to happen to anyone else.


bunchesoflove72 - March 20

[quote author=Stacie link=board=17;threadid=1564;start=0#15380 date=1140640105]
Hi I recently got pregnant for the first time and it ended with me being 7 weeks along. For some reason I still feel pregnant even though its been almost two weeks since I've miscarried. I took a pregnancy test and it still came up as positive. I was wondering if it could be leftover hormones or if I could have had more than one baby inside of me. I was thinking about this becuz my mom miscarried but still was pregnant with my sister. I just wanna know.......


Elana - July 15

I would like to ask a similar question. I had a miscarrriage, at about week 5-6. HCG levels dropped to ~200 but within a week went about to 2500 and keep rising. Doctor tried methotrexate - fearing ectopic pregnancy. No change. Any insight? I am scheduled for a D&C in couple of days but was wondering whether waiting is a better approach?

Thank you


wolffie - July 15

elana -

did your doc ever do an u/s? i had an ectopic over a year ago (which ended with a rupture and i lost one tube) but the doc did not confirm that without and u/s. how long ago was your miscarriage?


Elana - July 15

About 2 weeks ago. I had u/s, it looked like it could be ectopic, hense methotrexate treatment, but nothing happened, so it's ruled out now


mrscolon2020 - April 11

i am a 42 yr old woman who just had a miscarriage 2 weeks ago and i am very sad because i thought everything was fine but i just started to bleed and when i went to the er i was treated badly i had to sit in a chair for 2 hours and then i had to wait another hour to get an untra sound and then it was another hour to hear that there was signs of a baby but no hear beep and i am also scare because they took blood and said i had something called an antibody and it was said to be the anti-e antibody i dont know what that is and i need to know what it is and could that cause me to lose the baby and also that the fact i was in the er waiting room for almost 4 hours could that have been an important factor to the misscarriage. i hope that someone can send me an e-mail to help me with these answers. and help me throught the lost and i also want to know can i have another baby


The Dad - June 13

Reading these replies have made me want to post. My wife recently m/c just under two weeks ago, she has had numerous blood tests, and scans and the doctors have confirmed there is no baby, but now they are concerned into why my wife's blood levels are still rising and have done over the last few days. she has to have blood tests again this coming monday, and they will scan again as she is still showing pregnant. her concerns is that why are her levels still rising. any shed on this would be very appreciated as it is very much on her mind..thanks in advance


sair_ - September 21

This forum doesn't allow links, but here is the information taken from a medical study into hcg levels after miscarriage:

Study name: Human chorionic gonadotropin in maternal plasma after induced abortion, spontaneous abortion, and removed ectopic pregnancy

This study shows the typical amount of time it takes HCG levels to drop back down to non-pregnant levels.

With expectant management (natural miscarriage):
generally 9 to 35 days with 19 days being the median

With surgical management (D&C):
generally 16 to 60 days with the median being about 30 days

With an ectopic:
generally 1 to 31 days with removal of tube

Best wishes to you all.


blackmon82 - November 29

Even though this is an old posting i feel compelled to post this information. I recently had a miscarrage and had a D&C done. At my two week check up my doctor told me that I miscarried becuase I had a partial molar pregnancy. This is when the egg and sperm meet and create a deformation that causes a mass (mole) in the placenta and the placenta in turn grow wildly and rapidly. I was told that this mass was removed when the D&C was done, however it could possibly grow back and move throughout my body. My levels have to be tested each week until they get down to zero and then for 6 month after that to ensure that they are staying at zero. This information was very shocking to me i had never heard of such a thing but I think that it is important information to have. Just google molar pregnacy and you can read all about it.


Patience - January 19

I think I read the same test Sair did about HCG levels. If it is the same test, I believe the results were for women who had realtively early miscarriages. If you have a late miscarriage, you may have higher HCG levels to start with. This could make it take longer.
My levels are coming down, but I wish they would come down faster!


matilda77 - February 18

Hi there! Could someone help me with answering some questions? I had a miscarriage 5 weeks ago (at 7 weeks gestation)took a pregnancy test one week after the miscarriage and it was negative. I then took another one two weeks after that which was negative. I then took another five more tests four weeks after my miscarriage and they were positive. Went to the doctor and found out my hcg is 145. He thinks this may either be another pregnancy OR some leftover tissue from the miscarriage. What do you think?
Also, if I have hcg in my system can I expect to still expect to get my period?
Thank you!



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