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Fortyfour - November 18

Today is the first anniversary of my first miscarraige. It has been a sad day but glad I am not doing what I did last year at this time. My thoughts are to all who have to go through this. Baby dust to all.


baby4us - November 18

my thoughts are with you 44.....


Fortyfour - November 19

Thanks, Today was easier for sure. Take care.


baby4us - November 21

I am sure each day is a little easier... but also I am sure there are those painful reminders.. I do hope you get some good news soon.. you certainly deserve it!


WantsBaby2 - November 21

I am so sorry....this journey for us is so devastating at times. I hope things work out for you soon. Infertility and m/c sucks! It's just not fair.


Fortyfour - November 24

Thanks wantsbaby2. Happy Thanksgiving.


WantsBaby2 - November 27

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving too Fortyfour!


teri-chan - November 29

Fortyfour, it must have been hard to face such a sad anniversary. I seem to remember that you planned to see the doctor last Tuesday (11/22) to try to find out something about why you've had the miscarriages. Did you learn anything helpful? I've been thinking about you, and sending good thoughts your way.


Karen123 - December 2

Fortyfour, I seem to miss so many posts now with this new format. I just read this and just want to add that I'm sorry you had to go through yet another painful day remembering the child you lost a year ago. God I wish I could reach out and somehow help you. It's so awful to read about your sadness knowing there's nothing I can say to help. Well, you are certainly still in my thoughts and prayers and I can only hope that somehow someway things work out for you. And soon! Karen


Fortyfour - December 4

Thanks Karen123. The holidays suck with the sadness of the miscarraige. My baby would be 6 months old if she/he had lived. Its just a rotten time of the year for me. Take care all.


baby4us - December 14

44 -- how are you doing.. I know they say time heals all wounds.. but I doubt it applies to m/c.

I have been thinking of you a lot lately... and I hope you are doing ok.

You have always been so strong and supportive, and most importantly, knowledgeable to all the ladies on these forums... so good things are destined your way.. I am sure of it.... take care...


Fortyfour - December 14

Thanks, I am doing better. The doc switched me to Lexapro and I finally got a period so my body feels so much calmer now. We will be trying again in March. Take care all.



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