What is the cause of Blocked Tubes
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gwhite - January 4

Hi, I just went in this morning for an HSG. One of the doctors did the test but told me I had to wait 10 days to see "my" doctor. But of course he told me both of my tubes were blocked. And then with no explantion I left very upset! Does anyone know the cause of having blocked tubes? Is it easy to fix??? Feeling a little lost right now ???


Marina - January 4

I know exactly how you feel,I went through this myself a year ago.I've been pregnant 2 times before,but this time,13 year later we found out the reason why I coudn/t get PG.See ,there is a few reasons why it happens and when you see you doctor,they might clear your particular reason.It is not easy to fix,because it's very delicate organ and docs prefere not to mess with it.Some times they offer laparascopy,but it's only 20% of success with this surgery because of the scar tissue growing back and block tubes again.Unfortunately,the only real way is IVF -to get PG bypassing your tubes.And sometimes,if your tubes filled with liquid,they recomend to remove them before the procedure to avoid infection in your uterus and increase implantations chances.You can go to <infertility.com> to find more info.


gwhite - January 4

Thank you, I guess I need to take it one day at a time and just wait to talk to my doctor and see what he says. As you know it's just HARD!
Thanks again!


Vallie - January 6

I had a blocked tube. The pressure from the dye during the HSG pushed thru it. The obgyn said it was due to an infection-ureaplasma. I took meds to clear it up. Then I went to a RE and she said it was blocked due to my severe endometriosis.


gwhite - January 7

So are you still blocked? Did the dye really unblock it? i didnt realize that was possible! It's just so hard! I have heard so many different things! So are there meds to clear blocked tubes? I realize this may not help but i guess that is the next step.


Marina - January 7

Gwhite,it's possible (that dye push thru),but only if you have very little blocage(and it would happen right when you had your HSG,but in your case it didn't).And if you have both blocked(like I did) without liquid in them,this is different story.Wait for the doctors explanation because every case is different and you wont know untill they tell you what exactly wrong with yours.


gwhite - January 7

That's what I keep telling myself, wait to hear what the doc has to say and stop self diagnosing! I guess it's just so scary not knowing. Thanks for the advice, I think I'll listen! :)



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