Looking for good clinic in Boston area
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pioneer - January 4


I may be moving to the Boston area in the future and wanted to know if there were any good clinics that others could recommend. I had heard about Boston IVF on the web. Is anybody familiar with them and would they recommend them? Or any others in the area?

My wife and I are just starting to get into this issue. I have been diagnosed with a Variocoele and I will be getting the operation soon. But afterwards we wanted to have a good clinic to go to.

So if there are any recommendations, we would appreciate it.



cat mommy - February 15

I have heard great things about Reproductive Science Center in Lexington. I believe they have other locations in the Boston area, as well.


Alexa - February 16

Hi pioneer,

I am from Boston, Reproductive Science Center in Lexington is Excellent, I had my first succesful IVF cycle back in March and just gave birth to my son, I was 41 when I conceived my son and just turned 42, an IVF cycle is not as expensive there as other places that I went too they even gave me some of the medications that my insurance didn't cover in full, they are wonderful!

I went to Boston IVF for a consult I wasn't impressed they are all about money they are way over priced the first thing they make you do is speak to the financial dept, Reproductive Science Center is about making your dream come true and I found it affordable (for us)

Feel free to ask any questions that you may have ..

Good luck!


pioneer - April 25

Thanks, cat mommy and Alexa. :)

I would probably have to concur with that recommendation. I recently took a trip to Boston and attended a RSE open house and was able to tour the facility and ask quite a few questions. I even got to speak at length with the doctor in charge of the lab. I had many questions answered... still many more that need to be answered... but it helped. They were very friendly and helpful.

To be fair, I did visit Boston IVF as well when I was there. But it was a simple visit. No open house with the doctors and nurses and all... just a quick tour of the building and a visit with the patient liaison. She was helpful and knowledgeable enough but... I don't know... I just felt better at RSE... maybe I would feel different if I had visited BIVF first... but I doubt it.

Now the final test will be when my wife and I are back in Boston and we start the procedure. :o

Thanks again.

Sorry it took so long to respond... was out of the country when I wrote the previous question... and have been swamped ever since returning home. :)



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