What Other Kind Of Tests Do They Do For IVF?
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Keeley - March 25

When I met with my RE 2 weeks ago, he told me and my husband that I was not a terrible candidate for LAP but I was a really good candidate for IVF. It was quite clear he was steering us towards IVF, because of my hydasalphinx tubes.

Are there any other tests that we might have to have before doing IVF?

He said he could open my tubes up but that we would be at a much higher risk for tubal and that is a 10-20% death rate in women. So we figured if that is not gonna be a good idea we would just save for the IVF rather than spend our money on the LAP and then end up having to go IVF anyway.

Thanks for all help---it is very much appreciated!


B. Jacobs, M. D. - March 25

As part of a basic evaluation of allinfertile couples. I obtain a semen analysis and perfrm a hysterosalpingogram (HSG). There are some things we sometimes find on HSG that should be corrected before IVF. I also check for an adhesion molecule felt to be imortant for embryos to implant. For more information, please see our web page, <www.texasfertility.com>. In addition to these thing, I draw blood to test the woman for endocrine disorders. We are also required to document the both husband and wife do not have any communicable diseases.
Good luck.


Keeley - March 26

Ive had 2 HSG's that came back with 2 very different results. My husband has done a semen analysis (GREAT results), and when we did an IUI in September my fertility doctor said he was great had a very high count and 95% motility. In January my doctor did a physical test for endometriosis but said she did not feel any bumps or anything, I call it the finger test because I forgot what the technical term is called.

Before I got referred to this fertility clinic I had to take an STD test and came back clean. With that said the only thing the lady told me when I called to get a price on the IVF is that my RE would want to do an ultra sound and a blood test to test for some sort of hormone levels ( i forgot what the hormone was called)

My RE said something as we discussed my #2 HSG result about the shading on the Xray being light and dark saying that it looked like a healthy tube (but it was filled with fluid).

With all that in mind (PLEASE speculate if you have to)
if he thought it could be endometriosis wouldnt he want to look at the tubes before suggesting or doing IVF? My #2 HSG showed both my tubes filled with fluid. I mean what would you do? Would you want to go in and look at the tubes?

I went to your site but some of what i was reading confused me.


Tiffany F - March 26

Hi Keeley,

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have a wonderful and a blessed day


B. Jacobs, M. D. - March 26

The ONLY way to diagnose endometriosis is to see it. You CANNOT diagnose endometriosis on the basis of a physical exam. There are qomen whose only symptom of endometriosis is impaired fertility.
Good luck.



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