Thin, 30, PCOS, IVF Slow Growers!
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ltp23 - March 5

Dr. Jacobs,

I am 30, thin with PCOS (but I'm not insulin resistant and I am taking metformin.) My first IVF cycle resulted in 17 retrieved eggs and 3 that made it to blastocyst stage, with 2 that were implanted. I got pregnant with one. However, it was alway "lagging" behind. I ended up m/c about 8-1/2 weeks (the fetus measured at 6 weeks and a day when heart stopped beating.) My question is, after talking with my RE, she noticed that the eggs in the lab were "growing slower" then what they like them at. (But I did end up with blastocysts-3) and did a day 6 transfer. I am scared to use the final blastocyst we have left over that is frozen for a new cycle because I am afraid that maybe this was a bad batch of slow growers. Is there any way to tell what effects embryo's slow growing development? Is it my PCOS? Also, am I right to feel afraid of using the frozen blastocyst we have? And finally, do you think that I produced too many eggs during the stimming and that effected egg quality...slow growers? I want to do another fresh cycle next month, do you think I should ask the RE to decrease my stimming meds so I don't produce that many eggs or is it better to coast?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - March 5

Patients with PCO tend to produce a larger number of eggs, but the eggs tend to be of porer quality. Transfering a single embryo does not provide the same potential for pregnancyas transfering 2. You may wish to consider another stimulation to add to what you have in the bank.
Good luck.


smod - March 6

Just need a clarification... Are you saying that it is better to transfer more than 2 embroys? What if you have 2 leftover frozen embies with good cells? Would you recommend to use them or forget about it in order to start all over with more embroys?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - March 6

We transfer 2 blastocysts. If you use the ones you havee stored, and become pregnant, if want another child in the future, you will start IVF over again and be using older eggs. On the other hand, if you do another IVFstimulation now, and store embryos, your embryos created this year have a better chance of becoming a normal pregnancy than if they were from eggs 2 to 3 years from now. It is your call.



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