Signs of ovulation but no egg?
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chrissyPT - June 21

I have been charting for 14 months now. I got pregnant on our first try last fall and for the first time that month I ovulated one week after I was supposed to. I was pregnant with twins that never developed heartbeats so I had a D&C at 10 weeks.

Since the D&C I've had very odd cycles. I will have fertility signs, positive ovulation kits (sometimes twice in one month about a week apart) and I don't have a temperature rise until about a week after the first positive ovulation kit.

Is my body having an LH surge but not high enough to release an egg and then the egg releases a week or so later? If so, what causes this? Also, I found some research on UpToDate indicating that a follicle that ruptures late may increase chance of miscarriage/chromosomal abnormalities, are you familiar with this?

My cycles are about 30 days long with ovulation occurring on about day 17-22 (positive OPK on day 13 or so). This is my first cycle on Clomid, 50 mg days 3-7, estrogen days 8-12 and progesterone 200 mg/day days 17 on. My temperatures are at the coverline so I don't think the progesterone is helping at all (last month my 21 day progesterone test was 7.8 without supplement).

I'm so excited that you offer this board and advice, as you know this is a stressful time for women. I actually used to work in the suite next to your building in Lewisville! I own a women's health physical therapy practice and I was based out of the internal medicine office. Small world!

Thank you in advance.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - June 21

There is nothing you can do at home, short of becoming pregnant, that will tell you with certinty that you ovulated. It is common to go through all the hormonal changes of ovulation, without releasing the egg. Additionally, we have far better products than Clomid. Please see our web site, <>.
Good luck.



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