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AJ32 - December 14

My CD10 u/s revealed 1 16mm follie. My lining was only at 6.5. My RE canceled my cycle.

At this same time last cycle I had a 16mm follie; my lining was 8. I detected my surge on CD11; I had an IUI on CD12. With the way my OPKs look, I predict I will have a + on CD11 again.

These are unmedicated cycles. Last cycle I did do acupuncture. I also used herbs; it was a tea from CD4-CD14. I can't help but wonder if the herbs helped thicken my lining.

I understand that estrogen is responsible for thickening lining. I feel my RE was quick to cancel. Thinking that my lining could have caught up. Am I wrong in my thinking? How much does lining increase each day, typically?

Based on this information do you think I should request estrogen for my next cycle? I plan on doing a medicated cycle (I’ve been here before)...gonal-f, ganarelix (to prevent early ovulation), trigger, and prometrium.

I'm also thinking about insisting on 2 insems (I'm using donor sperm). I would trigger in the evening, inseming the following morning and again the next morning after that. I just want to cover a bigger window.

I'm 32. This is my 12th IUI.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - December 14

Using a product like gonal-f will probably be of benefit, if you have reasonable ovarin reserve. I do not know that you need the Ganerelix. If you are having intrauterine insemination, a second insemination does not provide addaed benefit.
Good luck.


AJ32 - December 15

I guess my RE made a good call with regards to canceling this cycle. I did in fact get my +OPK on CD11, as predicted. I'm sure my lining was not thick enough at this time.

I do in fact need the ganarelix. I had canceled cycle on gonal-f when I prematurely ovulated before my follies were mature.

I do not want another medicated cycle canceled. In light of my scant lining I wonder if I should request something to plump it up...I think that would be estrogen.

Well, now I'm off to worry about OHHS.



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