going of depression med
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niki6454 - November 13

dear doctor, i have been on zoloft 50 mg. for post traumatic stress disorder (diagnosed during divorce to 1st husband). I have been on various amounts over the years and now since I am working to be pregnant w/ an RE, have decided to go off it for the benefit of the pregnancy.

My primary issue is that the zoloft takes the edge of my aggression. I took and took for so long during my first marriage that now when things that are very elementary (at least in my mind) that someone else disagrees with aggitate the HE(double hockey stick) out of me. With the added stress of infertility, i am on pins and needles.

Do you know of any other options for reducing this reaction i have to others who don't do or see things as i do. I try very hard to just stay quiet but at some point my tolerance level gets maximized and I can't take it. It is almost like i have anger management problems.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - November 14

I am not an expert on such medications. Please seek counsel from someone who is. Before you stop Zoloft, you will need advice as to whether it should be tapered, as opposed to just stopped.
Good luck.


jess7 - November 20

Hi Niki6454 - I have mild depression and panic disorder (including acute attacks). My RE and psych both agree that Prozac and (I think) Zoloft are okay but not recommended during pregnancy, esp. the first trimester. Right now I am taking Prozac during IVF and am testing for pg tomorrow. I understand the concern - you want to do everything healthy for your baby but need to function as a normal human being (with normal sleeping, eating functions etc.) in order to keep YOU healthy. Talk to your RE and your psych (if necessary get them in a conference call!) and make sure everybody is on the same page with this!! Don't stop asking questions and looking for answers. Don't let anybody brush off your concerns, either. I fired my last psych because he wouldn't consider discussing this until I was pg. Good luck!!



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