Failure to respond to Lupron
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ledihope - April 7

Hi everyone,

Did anybody failed to respond to Lupron injection? I keep failing..

I've done two IVFs before but I was using Bravell & Menopur. I got pregnant from first try but unfortunatly I got misscarried at 8w. Apparently I had polyps but my RE didn't check it before the procidure. Second IVF was negative pregnancy test. I've changed RE.

My first time I was on BCP and on day 21 i started Lupron injection 10unit daily, but it did not work. My E2 level was too high - 170 so I could not start the stimulation. THis time I was without BCP and I was on LUpron 10 units until Day 3. On D3 bood was checked and my RE increased a dose to 20 units daily since my E2 was too high - 110. Then I came on day 7 for blood and sono, blood level E2 59 which is ok to start stimulation but my follicles were still growing. Today is day 12 blood was checked again and E2 growed to 79 but RE said during sono that I can start if blood level will be down. Now my RE wants me to take BCP for a few weeks to calm down my ovaries.

Can anybody advise what is going on with my ovaries? Why it keeps failing to suppress? Does it mean the quality of my eggs is getting down? I'm 30 and we have male infertility factor. BUt I'm already boubt...


B. Jacobs, M. D. - April 7

You may be better using a product like Antagon for your IVF. I have had only 1 patient who behaveda s you did.
Good luck.


ledihope - April 7

Thanks Dr. Jacobs for your prompt response!

I will ask my RE to change protocol when i see him next time. Is it true that pregnancy rate is higher when using Lupron? What is the difference between Lupron and Antagon?

Thanks again for your help!


B. Jacobs, M. D. - April 8

The literature implies the pregnancy rates with Lupron are slightly higher. Lupron causes the pituitary gland to dump all its LH and FSH before shuttting off secretion of these hormones. Antagon just shuts off secretion.
Good luck.


ledihope - April 8

I guess in my case Antagon is the only option.
Thank you Dr. Jocobs!



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