Bloodwork confusing...
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dreaminofamiracle - January 10

Hello all...

I had posted earlier in the month about my bloodwork on cd21 coming back with high Prolactin and high estrogen.

My OB retested my levels again 1week after my period arrived.

Found out yesterday that my levels are normal.

I am so confused. Now, do I need again to have my b/w done on cd21? should I request that, to see what happens with a second draw?

I am planning on an HSG and SA for my husband-- as per doctor's orders.

What do we do now?


Mbre - January 10

I am not a doctor but am going through(my 3rd ivf) 1st two failed, your struggle of trying to conceive via IVF. I too had prolactin levels done and was told they were high at 42.3. Went back a week later and retested and they are normal 13. But i am at the point now, where i am just waiting for another upset, because as you know with IVF its one step at a time and you might not know until you are at the last and final step that somethig else isnt right. I didnt not have to have my blood redrawn, other than the prolactin level as that was the only thing that was unormal and if you read on prolactin levels it says anything from sex the night before to nervouseness of the needle can raise them, if you were like me when they told you "prolactin" you were like"wtf is that?, "what now"?!

Hang in there. keep me posted I would love to go along with someone else in this journey and see you through the end. Talking to someone that uderstand you helps. My husband is there but he dont have no clue no clue how i feel at times..

Dr. Jacobs(Dr. J) has been a great asset to me

Plenty Luck, and a happy new year.



B. Jacobs, M. D. - January 16

Your OB will be great for the management of your pregnancy. Please see a Reproductive Endocrinologist to manage your hormone issues and help you become pregnant. An RE has more years of training in this narrow discipline than an OB does.

I do thank Mbre for kind words. Actually, I wish I could be seeing all of you.

Good luck.



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