TTC for 3yrs-----Please Help
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Motherof1 - October 24

Hello all! I am new to this and found you doing a google search. Please help me!!! My story is below.

I had my first beautiful daughter at the age of 17 and after that I said that I would not get pregnant again until after I got married. I am now married and my husband and I have been TTC like forever now and nothing has happened :( We have seen a fertility specialist and his sperm was good and my ovaries were great. Problem was I dropped off of the insurance I was on and the DR did not accept tricare so I was kind of out of luck. I just found out about Folic Acid for my husband and I and we have been taking it on the regular for like close to a month now. I have an appointment to go and see a fertility specialist soon because we have tricare and they accept it. I just want to know if there is anything that my husband or I can take to help us with our problem. My daughter will be 8 on Feb 26, and I really do not want her to be in High School before I have another child and she has told us that she wants a sibling and it hurts me to hear her say that because we are really trying.

Just want to know if there is something else that we can do on top of what the DR says to help us along until we see him/her. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Much Love and BABY DUST to all!!!******** :D :D


lyly14 - October 24

Motherof1- Hi and welcome to the site. I am sorry you are having trouble conceiving but just know you are definitely not alone. Have you been through all the infertility testing? By you ovaries being great, do you mean you ovulate regularly or that your FSH levels are good? There are so many factors involved in fertility that is so hard to tell you what you should or shouldn't do or take. I would definitley recommend vitamins including folic acid. When is your new appt with the fertility specialist?


lili246 - October 24

Welcome to the forum. You will find alot of help here because there are many women that have the same problem as yours and I promise that you will end up being pregnant because that is what everyone is here for, any advice and those advice really help. There are women that have been trying to conceive for more than 10 years and they were bless with a new baby so don't bring your hopes down everything will turn out great.

Well basically the doctors know what to take better and what would be safe for you but here are some advices that we us women have tried and helped alot.

Everytime I tried to conceived is getting a massage in my ovaries they say when your ovaries are not in place it is hard to get pregnant so atleat once a month have a good massages to get those ovaries back is a good idea. That is my first thing that I did with my two pregnacies.
Take your vitamins and do you know if you ovulate at all? Well I am sure you do because you already had a child and it is sure that you are fertile.
Well I bought the fertility prediction kit that was very good and helped me predict when I was ovulated that first month I started using it I got pregnant if it wasn't because of that I would of still be trying. I never knew that you could get pregnant right after your period stops.
I did drink alot of green tea and some robitussin the days when I was about to ovulate. So I think alittle of everything helps so try them.

Sounds like you and dh are good and nothing is wrong so take your time and one thing for sure is that take the stress away and be calm your time will come when you less think about it. so try not to think about that as much and let things happen on it's own without stress.

You are free to email me anytime I am here to help. Praying for you and hope you get that BFP!




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