micheled - June 10

I went to have an hsg done on thursday and they could not complete it because they could not get the catheder (sp) in. The doctor said that my cervix was small. It said I could have cervical stenosis. Does anyone know anything about this? Could it be that maybe it was the wrong cycle day for me and that is why my cervix was small. Any advice would help. I have to go back next month and get a stint of some sort in the day before and then go for the hsg.

I was already a nervous wreck to go to it this month now I have to wait again.

thanks for listening


kristen9 - June 12

I really don't know about the stint. But, I had my hsg test on 5/31/06. The doctor said my cervix was very narrow. He said it could explain some of my fertility problems.
I don' t think it would have been the wrong cycle day - because you don't want it to be near ovulation, so the test should be on day 7-12.

I want to say - don't be nervous - but I completely understand, I was a nervous wreck. Everything I have read about the test was correct. I only experienced cramping while they were inserting the dye and it was not as bad as my worst cramps.



moira - September 11

I go in for my HSG in 10 days... I am nervous, but then again I am not sure what to expect. I hope that they do not run into any problems. They did tell me to take 1 advil an hour before the procedure. what is that for?


Lila - September 11

Hey Moira

Good luck with your HSG. The advil is to help take the edge off the pain/discomfort - many girls have different experinces with the pain level. For me honestly it was not so bad. I have had alot more trouble with IUIs and Egg Transfer (for IVF) which are very similiar proceedure wise so go figure. Remembering back now though I was never told to take advil for the others and I did for the HSG so Iam guessing it must have helped.

I hope they do not find anything bad. Mine was also clean, which in a way comes with it's own frustrations since I still have "unexplained" IF, but all in all you would rather find nothing on this one so good luck.


moira - September 21

did the HSG this morning... JeeZ.... that was quite a bit uncomfortable... they had issues getting the cathider in.. and the cramping while it only lasted while he was inserting the dye and the cathider wow that was pretty bad. than goodness it only lasted about 1 min then I was fine. He had to inject me 2 times... the first the dye came out before he could inflate the baloon...

Anyway on to the news... everything looks fine and my husband's test came back normal....

so what is the next step?



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