1st attempt IVF
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hopefulinla - October 2

I'm new to this site along with new to my infertility. My dh and I have been ttc for over two years. I am 32 and dh is 33. I have had 2 miscarriages (one which put me in the hospital)during this time. I have been thru a lot of disappointment and tend to appear strong to those around me. I was hoping this site will give me the emotional support that I need thru this time. Although dh and I have many close friends we decided not to burden our friends and families with this issue. Plus, I didn't want the extra stress of people asking me constently if I'm pregnant. After a series of test we found that our problems of not conceiving is that my fallopian tubes are not in the right position, they are facing upward away from my ovaries. At first this was extremely shocking and devasting. But, we were given two options: one is to have surgery to fix the tube issue (and then begin to try again on our own) or the second was to go thru IVF. Since our insurance didn't cover either procedures and both were costly we decided to go with IVF. I also have a blood clotting issue which more than likely was helpful in the first 2 miscarriages. I started the process on Sept 15th with the series of shots and the aspiration (retreival), and then last Sat (9/30) they implanted the two best embryos. After the retreival my ovaries were a little over stimluated which caused blotting and minor abdominal pain, but seemed to get better. I spent the last two days doing minimual activity (which I made me really appreciate dh 100x more). My question is: what should I be doing these next 10+days until my blood test? I have been trying to take my mind of this, but seem to always come back to this. I think I have trained my mind to be prepared for disappointment that I am afraid to be excited and get my hopes up. If anyone could share their story or have encouraging words, it would be much appreciated!
hopeful in L.A.


liz - October 2

Hello Hopeful in LA

Welcome to the site. This is a wonderful place for support and encouragement.

I have never had an ivf, however I have gone through successful infertility treatments of Repronex injections.

I can tell you that for me keeping my mind as busy as possible during the wait was the only way to go. I still worried myself sick every month and every month convinced myself it was not my month. I also always took it easy the best I could. I would try to keep myself from any strenous work and stress. I know they say it does not matter but I always felt I would rather be safe then sorry.

I wish you the best of luck.


hopefulinla - October 2

Hi Liz-

Thank you for your encouragement. I really hope that this is my lucky month! I have to let the reins so at some point and let fate take its course. I just hope my body cooperates.

Good luck to you!



liz - October 2

Amy -

I agree with you about fate. I have always felt that I spent so much time worrying about something that I can not control. Although I know this I still find myself worrying all the time.

Something I have been trying to teach myself is to life for today, don't look back on yesterday and try not to worry about tomorrow. I am 11 weeks pregnant and I am telling myself this atleast 100 times a day.

I hope you can find some support here. The women on these boards have been there with me through some rough months. I honestly don't know where I would have gone without them.

Feel free to post anytime, I am always willing to chat and help if I can.

Best of luck to you!



snindy - October 5

It's an emotional roller coaster for anyone going through this. Especially having miscarriages in the past. I faced many disappointments as well with negative pg tests, unsuccesful inseminations and a miscarriage w/ my first IVF transfer. The only thing that got me through this was staying positive, being strong willed and lots of prayers.

2ww seems to drag on because your so excited to find out but just keep your mind occupied w/ something and it will go fast. I cleaned out the basement and a few other rooms and that took almost 2 weeks so it made my time fly by. But think positive thoughts and you'll get positive results.

I never thought in a million years I would get pregnant but with the help of a 2nd frozen transfer, I have b/g twins. They are 6 months old, I had the longest journey to get to this point but it was worth it.

I wish you the best of luck! I wish everyone on this board best of luck, baby dust to you all!!!!!



razlynn - October 20

Hello Hopefulinla,
I just went through my first IVF cycle and it was successful. Just stay positive and trust in the Lord. Speak blessings on your life and believe. I will be praying for you. It is hard not to worry, but keep yourself busy. That is what helped me.



Hi Hopefulinla
This site is a blessing its the only way I am able to pick up and try again. Fertility is a rollacoaster and with the support you get here you will have the strength to get through your journey.
Sending loads of Baby dust your way..


destinybaby - February 6

Hi Hopefulinal,

How are you doing? I am new to this site and I am just wondering if you are ok. My doctor said that IVF is my only hope because of my L and R tubes being hydro.




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