christina - September 11

has anyone tried this with their procedures? I read an interesting article about it July 05 and before our procedure I am thinking of trying it. Anything helps right !!! :)


Juniper - September 11

I tried it when I was just trying to conceive naturally. The doctor said it's very effective with infertility treatments. The specialists I go to actually have a study in progress and offer free acupuncture with IVF. They say it increase the success rate per attempt by 40%. I would say that's worth it!


pj - September 12

i've tried it. i would recommend it. it helps to feel like you're doing something to increase your odds.
i read an article that said pregnancy rates increase with acupuncture, but i also read one that said a different study didn't show an increase in pregnancy rates but did show a decrease in ectopic pregnancies. i figure you win either way-- greater pregnancy rates or lower ectopic rates. win-win, with nothing to lose. :-)
go for it!


jenniferIVF - October 29

I'm going through IVF right now for the 2nd time. I asked our clinic about it and they gave me a name to contact. I went yesterday and met with the acupuncturist. She explained that the acupuncture helps to improve circulation which would help to increase the uterine lining and would also help to reduce stress and anxiety. It was very relaxing and I figure it can't hurt. She knew all about the different fertility treatments and has different techniques that she uses for IVF and IUI. I'll go back next week, the day of the transfer and then right after the transfer. Good Luck with everything and ask your clinic if they have anyone that they could refer.


Fortyfour - October 30

Hi - I did not do with my first ivf and got pg. I tried it with my 3rd and got pg. It was relaxing for me even though it was painful for me at times. I did it a few weeks before the transfer for a couple of days a week and the day of the transfer at the docs office. Good luck.


tfskat - November 21

Here is a list of studies that document the impact of acupuncture on fertility treatments:
If you are looking for a practitioner, I would recommend contacting the Fertile Soul: 1-866-469-3378 or emailing: [email protected]. Dr. Randine Lewis, author of the Infertility Cure, specializes in fertility and holds retreats in Asheville, NC. She has a list of practitioners who have trained with her on retreat and could potentially recommend a great local practitioner for you.



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