What are YOUR symptoms?
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Mahogany Heart - November 11

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Mahogany heart,
For how long were you having the cramps? Was it before you know that you where pregnant or after?


LH surge was positive cd 15.
CD 16 I was feeling discomfort and breast tenderness.
CD 18 Having cramps
CD 19 I was dizzy and having cramps
CD 27 Throw up my watermelon
CD 28 Discomfort on left side and really sleepy
CD 31 Hurting Pain on left side
CD 33 Discomfort in stomach and cramping. Now don't forget Breast been hurting since the August 19 which was in another cycle, that was CD 21.

I also have cramps now and again.


June_First_2006 - November 11

I think you should take the prenatals, it will get your body ready for you to conceive again. I was told to continue taking them after I delievered my son as a still born, but with that and then my boobs started lactating it was too much to deal with. I was very emotional and thought to myself what was the point my baby is gone. I was advised to wait 3 months before I ttc again, but I was ready in a month, hard headed I know. Nothin happened. Late August I ordered ovulex, it increased my cm but made my period a couple of days later than what I already was and made it longer. So I stopped Sept. 12. Started prenatals and daily green tea, had hubby take some daily vitamins a week after I stopped ovulex but we had no pressure on trying to have a baby we were just having fun no charting, ovulation tests NOTHING and the end of Oct. got my positive. It's all in God's hands, and I believe from our experiences we completely understand that, things happen for a reason, but he won't give you anymore than what you can't handle. You are going to have that chance of being pregnant again sooner than you think. So just keep an open mind and have fun.


lili246 - November 13

I do fairly agree with what you are saying. And that is what I am going to do take it easy and let things happnen on it's own. I don't want to be in a rush and then another tradegy to happen. I will let god bless me when he thinks it's time and I will not pressure him. I know that with alot of stress on you it will never work so I have to be relax and do it for fun and then get the good news like you did. I will not use ovulex again, I will just do my temps. and drink green tea, aslong with my prenatals. I know that you are right and I will do whats best. I will temp. so I can have a better idea at my cycle because ever since I have been irregular and I want to see how far my cycles go for.
I know that good news will be coming soon becuase I believe in god and I know that he will bless me soon.

Take good care of you and your lil baby to be born.

Love, you




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