What are YOUR symptoms?
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Trina76 - August 6

Hello to everyone... To all of the ladies who are fortunate enough to have already conceivied, I would like to know, what YOUR symptoms were or are? NOT what statitcs SAY you should feel, just the little things that for sure, without a doubt, made you say "Hell Yes This Is It!!!" ;D-before you actually went to a doctor, peed on a stick, saw the baby moving on the screen or actually felt a kick.................... ;)


Trina76 - August 6

No takers??.....Come on guys don't be shy, we're in cyberspace!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ladyybugz - August 7

Hi Trina,

I have a 2 yr old daughter I didn't have to many early
on, I remember exactly 1 week before AF was due
I felt mild cramps but just for a day or so they didn't

I also had mild breast tenderness

A few days before AF I remember feeling sick to my stomach but just thought it was the hot weather...
on day 10 or 11dpo I poas and it was positive...

I was 37 when I conceived my angel daughter and I was 38 when she was born now trying for # 2...

I hope this helped these were the only symptoms I
had...Good Luck!



Honey - August 7

Hello Trina,

I also didn't really have very bold symtoms. I started to have sore BB's about 2 1/2 weeks after AF was supposed to show up so I decided to take a test and was really thinking it was going to come back neg. but here I am 3 months preggo and counting!

Good Luck!

God Bless.


jiggidysgirl - August 7

Hey Trina,

I put my experience in the BFP success stories for you.

But in short, I did not have symptoms. But I did full internet searches trying to find something I must have. I remember going to a site www.twoweekwait.com and they had a lot of stories of other woman and what their symptoms were. I am not sure if my backache was from the IUI (because mine was painful) or implantation. I also never had spotting, I never have had morning sickness.

This is my first pregnancy. I am the same age as you and I have two bonus kids as you have one. I have had them from a young age and it took us a long time to get pregnant.

I even had a laparoscopy done and I had my tubes checked with the dye. We were not sure what we were going to do if the IUI would not work.

Good Luck and let me know if I can answer any questions.


ladyybugz - August 8

Congrats Honey and Jiggidysgirl

I am 9 days in on my wait from an IUI my second
not sure what the outcome is going to be but
decided that if this doesn't work I am going to
continue to try.

I never hear to many pregnancies through IUI so its nice to hear it really works...

Wishing you guys healthy and happy pregnancies
its the best feeling in the world to be pregnant!



jiggidysgirl - August 8

How exciting Ladybugz. You are almost done with the wait.

I remember too looking all through the site for success stories from IUI and could not find many.

Did you use clomid with your IUI or anything?

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Baby Dust to you,


lili246 - August 10

Lady best wishes I am also trying to conceive my second child, but no luck yet!

I remember on my first pregnancy I couldn't handle my boobs. I mean they would hurt so much and couldn't even touch them a bit cause they would hurt. Even by putting my bra they would hurt. I told my friend about it and thats when she told me that she had the same symptoms when she got pregnant and yup I did a pregnancy test and it came positve.

I really hope I get pregnant again with my second child.

Wish me Luck
I will do my best and pray hard.



NANCY - August 13

My first sign this time was that my boobs were sore but they also tingled.

The first time I know it's weird but I just knew. I was driving home from work and it just came to me as if I had already took a test. I stopped on the way home and told my husband he though I was crazy but the line was very faint and his answer was it doesn't count it's not dark enough.

The 2nd time I had IVF and they told me I don't think that I had time to even have symptoms.

Hope this helps.
Much baby dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lili246 - November 10

I wish you the best.Good Luck and hope that you are pregnant. Let us know how it goes on monday.




Mahogany Heart - November 10


My symptoms were sore breast, which they are still like that now. My period was late and I felt that it shouldn't have been because I was on clomid. I knew something wasn't right. It was either I was pregnant or my cycle has stopped again. I also remember eating some watermelon and throwing it up. That was strange but DH said the watermelon was bad and that is why I throw up. I also had some discomfort in my stomach and cramping. I had been sleepy alot. I was really tired the weekend of the monday I peed on the stick. I hope this help a little.


lili246 - November 10

Mahogany heart,
For how long were you having the cramps? Was it before you know that you where pregnant or after?




June_First_2006 - November 10

Hmmmmm I really didn't even realize some of the symptoms until after I got the positive, then I had to sit back and re-evaluate the past 3 weeks, because I believe I was having crazy symptoms from when I was ovulating to actually conceiving.

- Sharp pains and cramping-around when I was ovulating
-cravings for hershey's chocolate bars- and girls they were bad to where I would start getting nauseous and shaking if I didn't have at least one bar a day...I DON'T LIKE CHOCOLATE LIKE THAT MIND YOU! I was looking like a crack addict...lol.
-I would constantly have to unbutton my jeans in order to feel comfortable- I had that feeling for always being bloated and felt like I had a ball in my lower tummy.
- I was always napping-tried to stay awake in my husbands little race car when we would go somewhere...as soon as we would exit the neighborhood mouth was wide open and I was knocked out.
-Migraines like nobody would believe- I think those started as soon as I conceived or around when I ovulated...I ended up carrying my butt to the ER because they were so bad...no medicine would work.
- My husband is just now telling me that I was frequently eating small meals through out the day...I didn't realize that.
- Weird dreams that I was cheating on my husband with either one of his family members or friends....suspicious....lol.
-My dog was shadowing me and would just stare at me for hours...she did that the last time I was pregnant...cute huh.


lili246 - November 10

I am so happy for you that you have concieved again. I hope that everything goes ok with your pregnancy and God bless that lil baby.
Take good care of yourself girl.
I'll be praying so everything goes well with you and your lil baby.

God Bless your family...



June_First_2006 - November 10

Thanx alot lili, you just get ready to post your symptoms in a couple of months, just make sure to stay on your prenatals and try to relax, don't stress getting pregnant...you tense up those needed muscles to conceive. I will be praying that your next pregnancy comes with a happy ending and a screaming baby...lol. Take care...sending plenty of baby dust your way.


lili246 - November 11

thank you so much, I hope that god listens to your words. I know that feeling of hearing the baby cry once it's born, it's something wonderful and can't wait for that to happen soon, I have faith in God!

is that what you did stayed on your prenatals. then I should keep taking my prenatals ha?

thanks alot,

have a greta weekend and take good care of the lil baby.

love you,



Mahogany Heart - November 11

[quote author=lili246 link=board=4;threadid=2821;start=0#27763 date=1163193812]
Mahogany heart,
For how long were you having the cramps? Was it before you know that you where pregnant or after?


LH surge was positive cd 15.
CD 16 I was feeling discomfort and breast tenderness.
CD 18 Having cramps
CD 19 I was dizzy and having cramps
CD 27 Throw up my watermelon
CD 28 Discomfort on left side and really sleepy
CD 31 Hurting Pain on left side
CD 33 Discomfort in stomach and cramping. Now don't forget Breast been hurting since the August 19 which was in another cycle, that was CD 21.

I also have cramps now and again.



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