TTC there is a magazine just for you!!!
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jiggidysgirl - May 9

My magazine came last week. It was the next issue so has everyone else gotten it???

Let's Chat

That has a lot of good information.

The day after I recieved it I went to my hair appointment and my hair stylist/friend and the stylist next to her are both pregnant as is the next person after me and they spent 20 minutes talking about how they hate being pregnant knowing that I am having trouble and going for my IUI this week.

I tried to take some good advice from the magazine about what to say when people say rude things but my own stylist already knows the details of my mission to get pregnant.

I did love that article. It gave me a good laugh and it is always good to hear other people with the same experiences.

Did anyone else get their magazine???



Mahogany Heart - May 11

No not yet. I wonder whats up. I did get some mail from them.


carvsh - June 11

I'm interested.

[email protected]


Mahogany Heart - June 14


Check your email.

Thank you


Zulixo143xo - June 15

Hey I would like to receive it my email is [email protected]


sammy71 - June 15

Hey what is the "Magazine"?



niki - June 17

mahogany heart,
i have been reading how you are just so inspirational to all the ladies, i have been reading from the beginning for about 2hrs, and now i am wondering were did all the sister hood continue to, however i would like to be apart of the support that you and the others have. i kind of skipped through a few threads, i was hoping that a success story would happen for one of you, has there been any? i noticed that you kind of droped of from the thread and i was hoping to jump in some where, anyways i started taking ovelux yesterday and i also have been trying ttc for 2 yrs. before i go any further with my story i want to here a reply from you, you are a great person to have on this site and i know others can agree... please respond, thanks


Mahogany Heart - June 18


Check your email, Love.

The only way for you to truly understand it is by checking it out. Check your email Honey.

Keep the Faith!!!


ledi - June 21

Can you send it to me as well? My address is [email protected]



tracylee - June 21

I would like to receive the magazine as well, thank you in advance MH!

[email protected]


Mahogany Heart - June 27


Check your email.


You are welcome check your email.


Juelferret1 - June 27

Could you please send this to me too?
Thanks much MH!!!

[email protected]


liz - June 27

MH you are an amazing women. I have read many of your posts. You are such an inspiration, your words are so encouraging.
Could you please send the mag to me? I am very interested. [email protected]

Thank you MH!


Mahogany Heart - June 28


Thank you so much, you are wonderful. Please check your email.


liz - June 28


I got it. Thanks again! :)


tracylee - June 29

I received it as well, thanks again MH!




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