TTC there is a magazine just for you!!!
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fiso - February 21

Mahogany, I get mine from the doctor's office! That's why I could tell you about the doc 's photo in it!
Th e2 docs are contributors to the magazine, that's whay the office gets a bunch and they give them out for free to the patients.
Hope everyone is OK.


hopeful2006 - February 21

hey fiso,

how are you doing ? I am going on 9 wks - just crossing my fingers and toes that this surgery goes well when they sew me up at 12 wks. still sick and can't eat much, but happy and have seen baby 3 times -- so adorable can't wait to actually see face ..

good luck,


Mahogany Heart - February 22

Well ladies when you get your magazine I'm ready to chat about it.


jiggidysgirl - February 22

Hey All,

I got my welcome packet as well and I have not recieved a magazine. I was starting to wonder if that was the magazine they were talking about?

I wonder if I should send an email to them? Not sure how that works.

I go to the doc tonight, maybe I will see one there and can get a subscription.



Mahogany Heart - February 22

Ok. The free magazine they say only comes out four times a year. You should get it soon. Keep us posted.


luvofme - March 5

Hello new to the chat.Can some one take me under there wing so i can get aquinated with every one. Seems like very good people here and much understanding.chow


NANCY - March 6

Not sure if you have magazine still. Can you send it to me if you do.

[email protected]


Mahogany Heart - March 7


Check your email.


Hi are you? Welcome?


NANCY - March 7

Doing good stessing over family stuff which I know you have to try not to do when TTC

I told my mother that part of me blames my brother and his wife for me not conceiving my last IVF because of all the stress from them

I know I shouldn't be blaming people thnks I will look in my e-mail

Much baby dust to all of us here!!!!


NANCY - March 7

I think my husband deleted it if you get a chance can you resend it thanks so much

Much baby dust to all of us here!!!!!


luvofme - March 8

hello to everyone. thank you for responding mahagony heart.What is this magzine about every one is talking about?


NANCY - March 9

Mahagony Heart I still didn't receive anything yet.

Luvofme How are you? If you would like we can go through it together I just started on this on 3/1/06

I read through what everyone was saying and everyone hear sounds wonderful and friendly.


Mahogany Heart - March 11


Recheck your email. subject line- From Mahogany Heart.


gabywany - April 25

I am also interested in magazine. My e-mail address is [email protected]



Mahogany Heart - April 28


Check your email.


jiggidysgirl - May 9

My magazine came last week. It was the next issue so has everyone else gotten it???

Let's Chat

That has a lot of good information.

The day after I recieved it I went to my hair appointment and my hair stylist/friend and the stylist next to her are both pregnant as is the next person after me and they spent 20 minutes talking about how they hate being pregnant knowing that I am having trouble and going for my IUI this week.

I tried to take some good advice from the magazine about what to say when people say rude things but my own stylist already knows the details of my mission to get pregnant.

I did love that article. It gave me a good laugh and it is always good to hear other people with the same experiences.

Did anyone else get their magazine???




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