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gemdandy420 - October 15

Good morning,

Shara - Wow, I am so glad everything is ok. Sounds like you had a crazy weekend... I also did not know that stuff could burn you. I will keep you in my prayers.

Diana - The bleeding went to spotting Friday night then more spotting Staurday and stopped completely Sat. night. No spotting Sunday until I bd last night and it came at the end of bding, bright red. Not pretty, and today now just spotting again - brown in color. I just don't get it. I have my appt. today. I will let you know how it goes. Thank you for your prayers and the candle. Your in my prayers and thoughts. Stay positive....

Baby dust to everyone......



Shara - October 16

Thank you both for your kind words. I am praying that you all will be telling me about your bfp's soon!!!!


Shara - October 16

CONGRATULATIONS JESS (Jesswantafamily)!!! on your BFP!!!!


gemdandy420 - October 16

Good morning,

Well I went to the dr's yesterday and was told my endometriosis is back and I need to be treated for my PCOS. They are having me fast today so I can have my insulin checked and a bunch of other tests as well. So here I go again. Its been 12 yrs since I did all this last time. Depending on the tests I will be put on Glucophage for 3-4 months. He will start me on provera when he gets the results next week and then have me start clomid on days 3-7, come in on day 12 to check for follicles and also do a post-cloital to check the sperm. So I will let everyone know how this goes....

PS the bleeding finally stopped and looks like it is staying gone, yesterdqay was the first day it left. :)



DianaGR - October 16

Gloria I was happy to hear that at least your bleeding stopped ;D Thought you were going to bleed away!!. Maybe under doc supervision everything will go back to normal. Hve faith I know how difficult it is to start from point 1 again its a looooong journey. Keep the faith and positive thinking, we have to or else we are lost. You know how many times I have whispered the pledge to myself and it has really helped me not to lose my faith.

Well girls I am on my 2ww and its the 8dpo when do you think is a good time to test ::) My breasts are very tender from this morning but I really dont want to bring my hopes high cause if its BFN i will be very dissappointed again. I know I know keep the faith!!!


DianaGR - October 19

Where have all the sisters gone??? We need support here ladies!!! lol

Actually I want to cry.... I did test this morning... its 10dpo a BFN!!! Feel very discouraged at this point cause I O and we bd all those days I am taking prenats/folic etc and still BFN snif snif. Anyway just thought id let you knw.


gemdandy420 - October 19


I copied this from a web site:
"There are early prediction home pregnancy tests available that claim to detect pregnancy as early as 6 days past ovulation. But in spite of their claims, most are not sensitive enough to guarantee you an accurate result at this point. By 14 days after fertilization (about the time you would expect your period), most home pregnancy tests may be able to detect the hormone in your urine and give you a positive result. In fact, you're much more likely to get an accurate result if you wait until a week after your expected period before testing."

Just some information....

Keep the faith, I also sent you a message on the ovulex xiv board...



Shara - October 21

Hello Sisters,

I have not abandoned you guys just a roller coaster of a pregnancy that is all. I am trying to bring it into home stretch but the doctors insist on making me crazy but I am not going to worry!!!

Diana - that article that gloria posted is so true. With previous pregnancies I have tested early and the results were negative. I did not want to wait the 14 days with this one so I went to a clinic and got a blood pregnancy test (beta hcg) done at 10dpo and got a positive. Another thing is bding a lot is not necessary and sometimes can hurt!! I bd only a few times during my fertile windows (twice in a week with twins and 3 times in a week for this pg) I also took two vitamins daily, iron pills and green tea!!! Have you seen a RE yet or are you trying naturally first?

I am glad that you are being checked. I went through the same protocal
1700mg daily of metformin-(glucophage)
100mg clomid days 3-7
14 day ultrasound for follicle count and measurement
ovidrel trigger shot for ovulation
prenatal vitamins
iron pills

(First round -first month - twins)
(Second Round - second month - single)

I guess the third round will be preggo on the third month LOL!!!!

I am sending babydust you guys way and I am praying for you!!!


baby#2 - October 21

Hello Ladies,

Sorry I was off sometime. I was very busy. There are some questions I have for you sistas. I am now on my first cycle of clomid. I'm taking are extra folic, prenats, omega-3, baby aspirin, vit B 6, green tea and preseed. Yesterday (was my third day after af) I tested with the OPK and it was a++ so we bd. I totally forgot the green tea last night. But for the last 3 weeks I 've been drinking it twice a day. When we bd last night I was alittle concern about my cm b/c I didn't have any after my af went away. I did use the Preseed and it did help for the comfort. Ladies pray for me and I am still praying for you girls that are ttc and the BFP's will have a healthy prenancy and baby. OH, I did test again today and there were 2 dark lines. I just pray this is it or us. My husband twin brother just had their second child about 4 weeks ago and I can see in my husband eyes....I think I know you ladies know what I'm getting at. :(

Question: have this every happen to anyone that is taking clomid but still concieved? I'm still trying to learn and write everything down.

DianaGF---don't be discouraged you will get your BFP. Sometimes you can be pregnant but still get a BFN. Did you go get a blood test done?

gemdandy420----Glad to hear you are in good health. Still praying for you my sista.

Much Love,


baby#2 - October 21

Hi Shara,

I notice you said you took Metformin 17000mg daily. I am taking 500mg daily now and last week I started taking 1000mg daily but it made me soooo sick so I went back to 500 mg daily until I get the guts to go back to 1000mg. I am suppose to make my way up to 1500mg daily. Do you have any advice taking Metformin to avoid the sickness? Help???? Please! I feel this will not help me to concieve taking a lower dose.

Much love,
Baby #2


Shara - October 21

Baby #2

Sister I was sick as a dog at that dose. I started at 850mg daily for a week and then went to 850mg twice daily. I had severe diarrhea and nausea. I would eat a fairly large breakfast that consisted of at least 1-2 pieces of toast, a thick juice (orange,papaya) a meat and sometimes a egg but not all the time or I could eat a whole bagel with a thick juice to coat my stomach as well as I could and then I would take one 850mg tablet. At dinner, I would be sure to eat another good helping of bread and meat (don't forget some kind of vegetable if you can stand it, but be careful of leafy and green vegetables initially because it would make the diarrhea worst) and some orange juice again and then I would take another 850mg tablet. Try to eat dinner early so you won't go to bed on a large helping of food. In addition, don't be discouraged with the way you have to eat because it only took me about 7-8 days for my body to adjust to it before I could go back to eating regularly because I was never a breakfast person.

I hope this helps!!! ;D


Shara - October 21

Baby #2
Did I read that you tested with 2 lines - was that a BFP or am I reading it wrong?


DianaGR - October 22

Morning ladies!,

AF showed her nasty face yesterday. I am really clockwork. I thought maybe the ovulex or progesterone would have delayed AF but noway! snif snif. Well I suppose this month is another good start.

Shara - I ovulate on d13 so d11 we bd then every 2 day we dont bd everyday. Shara I have posted my whole story on one of the subjects but dont remember which one right now, check all my posts so that I dont write the whole story again. :)

The biggest neg factor is age I being 44. We are TTC naturally for now and probably will do a last IVF end of the year. I dont know if I can go through all that again.

BABY#2 - I pray this is your BFP! Good luck and baby dust!!



baby#2 - October 25

Thanks for responding. I will try next week and up my dose and I'm just going to stop acting like a BIG baby. LOL!!!!Oh, I am now on the 2ww. I was talking about the OPK. It would have been nice to have a BFP. :)
Well you take care of yourself and that lil angel you are carrying. It is getting close for you. It is so exciting thinking about it. I will keep you posted and I might just keep bothering you about this med. Hehehehe!
Question: I am having a hard time putting up a ticker. I did try following the direction on the site but it just can not stick. urhh!

Diana---Thanks for you kinds words....I pray with both successed this time around. It would be nice to have a preggo buddy. :D

I will be praying for us all.

Baby Dust******


gemdandy420 - October 25

Hey Ladies...
Sorry I was MIA for a little bit. Been busy with the fires here in southern CA. I had to evacuate one of my horses from the ranch. Also got called today about my baseline Mammo and they found something in my left breast and I need more tests, so it has been stressful these last few days. I go back to the dr. this Friday for my other blood work results and then hopefully we will get started. I guess it now just depends on the breast stuff if we are on hold for ttc.

I have been praying for all of you and hoping you guys get your BFP...

Diana - Sorry AF showed up, bummer I was hopeful you tested to early. I will keep my fingers crossed and toes :).

Baby#2 - Keep us posted on how things are going, I hope you feel better soon and adjust to the dosage quickly...

Lots of Love and Baby dust to you all. :D



DianaGR - October 25

Morning ladies (it is here in Greece at this moment morning!)

Shara hope all is going well and that your little peanut is growing! Keep us posted.

Gloria have been watching the news with the fires I pray that they will put them out soon it is so sad to watch people lose everything. We had our fair share this summer too almost half of Greece got burnt, the little green that was left has become black tree stumps. It is really sad.
What news on your mammo? I have a small cyst in my left breast which sometimes gets painful before AF but Dr didnt pay much attention to it. Said that most women get little cysts in their breast???? Should I look into it?

Baby#2 how are things going? Any good news yet?



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