Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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lili246 - April 14

Hey girl welcome back I am so happy that everything went well and thank god that she was ok. I am happy to hear from you it's been a long time. I sure hope all the other ladies stop by to share their stories.

Congrats and welcome back.

Love Lili


kakool - April 15

i too got pregnant taking Ovulex for nearly 3 months.
I am age 38 and was told by drs that i had premature orian failure and had less then 10% chances of success with FSH level was 16.2
I have one daughter age 11 and since then i had no pregnancies.
i started taking ovulex back in middle of Jan 2008.
togather with folic acid and green tea.

i was not ovulating basically.
yesterday my periods were late by ten days.
i checkd and was surprised to find i was pregnant.

i still can't believe it.
this is a real miracle pill


lili246 - April 15

Congrats girl and welcome aboard. Feel free to ask for anything and I wish you the best for a healthy pregnancy. We all know that everthing is possible.

Take care


justhai - April 16

well I started my period once again it spotted a little at first the one day of heavy and now its just spotting again I went to the doctors today because i keep getting headaches and now the need to do a ct scan ad said i might have sleep apnea so thats just something else I have to deal with im just frustrated right now


lili246 - April 17

Did you get those headaches all of the sudden? I have had headaches ever since I remember and when I told the doctor that I wanted to have a ct scan he said that if I have had headaches before then he was not concern about it. He would be concern if I would get headaches all of the sudden.
But I know that I have had headaches for 4 days and terrible ones, what about you?


justhai - April 18

I have had them for about 5 yrs now im going to get a ct scan tomarrow at 1:30 they suck because like I said I have 2 girls and im a nanny so I cant just go lay down when I get them hopefully the scan will come back good. My husband was talking about adopting or useing donor sperm last night witch surprised me he said before e wont do eaither of those and he is changing his mind I dont know what to think about it


meemee - May 25

Hi Everyone
Congrats kakool.Happy for you. I also had been trying for nearly 4 years.In that time I have had one misc and 2 Chemical pg.I did try taking ovulex for about 2 months last year Them I went to a gyno who put me on clomid last year .I was on clomid for 3 months .It had too many side effects.I stopped clomid mid last year.I had not taken anything since last year except continue multi vit and folic acid .I stopped stressing and just put it down to my age(44).I do have children from prev marraige.Youngest DD10.
well....I tested a few days late and it is BFP .I not getting my hopes up too high But I am hoping Insha^Allah it sticks .


meemee - May 25

Oh..I forgot to mention.My ob hads adviced me to start taking 100mg of baby asprin also


lili246 - May 27

Hey girl congratulations!! I have heard about you on some post you have made and I am so happy for you, you finally made it and hope you come back soon and share all the good things about being pregnant.
I bet you are so happy and can't wait time will go fast at the begining and then slow at the end but everything will be alright. Have faith and trust and very soon you will be seeing your lil one.

Keep us posted I am here everyday :)


meemee - May 27

Hi Lili

Thank you so much . I have been reading forums but havent posted much .I wanted to share my good news .
Congrats on your baby .Time goes so fast .Your baby is already 5 months .I hope you are both doing well .
Well... No sign of spotting so far .I am nervous and constantly checking .I have an app to see my gyno on monday . I did go to the local gp and get some bloodwork done(beta HCG) .Just to put my mind at ease .I get the results back today .I will keep you up to date . :)


lili246 - June 2

Hey girl how are you doing? How did your appoirntment go? Please keep posted this forum has been so quiet and I miss everyone here I need a

Hope that you are feeling good. Please take good care and keep me posted.

Yes my son will be 6 months old this june 10th he is doing great he is already eating solid foods and he is a good eater. He is very smart and doesn't cry that much.
I am so bless with this little Angel :)

Take care


meemee - June 3

Hi Lili

Glad to know you are both doing well.
Well I got my results back last week .At 4 weeks my beta was 1300 which i think was good.

Had more bloodwork done and got the results back today .Beta was 9000 at 5 weeks and 4 days .
I did have a bit of a show last sat. Ob said it was ok it might have been implantation.

I will be having ultrasound in about 2 or 3 weeks .
I honestly dont feel any different . No m/s or anything yet .Maybe just a little tired .

I will keep you up to date .
Take care


lili246 - June 3

Don;t worry everything will be ok. I don't know much on those numbers but they sound good.
You might be lucky and don't get any m/s which is good. But hang in there sometimes they come out later. Keep me posted and good luck.


justhai - June 10

well im moving to turlock in 3 weeks so we are going to start trying again when we get settled in our new house how is everyone else doing


meemee - June 12


Hi again..Well I have ben kinda stressing and had another blood test and ultrasound. :-\

They could see only the sac and some lines inside.I was told I am only showing 6.1 weeks .I was told it was too early to see the heartbeat :( .I was reasured everything was ok and to come back in a week or 2 for another ultrasound.

My beta came back 29000 at 6-7 weeks .

I hope everyone is ok .
Take care


lili246 - June 12

I think at this time you maybe able to see kinda like a tadpole can't you? Did the doctor said that he could see the baby or just the sac?
I am praying for you girl and hope that the baby is ok. Have faith everything will be ok.
I was told that usually around week 7 you may be able to hear the heartbeat. maybe you have better luck next time you go.
Your numbers sound ok though.

Good luck and keep the faith.

Take care




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