Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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RNORST - July 16

Gonna be Mom, Your u/s is on the 24th, mine is one the 25th, we are very close together. I also feel that way, some days I feel very preg, m/s, heart burns, small af like cramps, sleepy, headaches, and then the next day I feel almost normal?? I do like when I feel sick, that makes me thing every thing is going good.

Jess, Dont worry about being sick any more, you might be past the m/s stage. When I was preg with my son, right when I hit 12 weeks the m/s was gone. Now, you can start to enjoy it.

Lili, I know the head ache stink, but they are off and on and only last about 15 mins at a time. Are you still having any cramps yet? I cant remember when they go away, it's been 6 years since I have been preg.

Shan, I have had gas pressure since I have been preg, I think its normal, but I have never had it in my chest before?? I had that pain and pressure on Sat and when I could final get rid of it dh gives me a dirty look, but I dont care that pressure hurts.

Love and prayers to all


shan1234 - July 16

Renee -- I guess I shouldn't say in the middle of my chest, but it was below my bra and above my stomach, so it's not really my chest. The only thing I do know once I let the pressure out I was fine. ;)



Jess - July 16

shan- I have had that gas pain in my chest area before too. And I know exactly how you felt!! It hurt so damn bad that it hurts to breath!!!:( NOT cool!! But I have learned, if I just go for a walk everything seems to work it's way down through the exit...:) And everything is all good after that. I find laying around just makes it worse. Hope this helps.

Thanks for all of the advice girls:)



lili246 - July 16

I didn't have much cramps I did just very little but not that bad and maybe for 1 or 2 days and that was all. Right now I am getting some pain down on my lower abdomen but I think it is because the baby is growing and I am feeling all the weight down there. I kknow it is normal so I am not worrying about that.

I am having some back pains when I sit down for long. So stand up and walk around and you will feel better.

Have a great night girls :)



RNORST - July 17

Lili, I find my back hurts if I'm picking up the house, when it start hurting I stop and rest. The cramps come and go, I had those when I was preg with Will.

Shan, do you take tums, they can also help and they are ok to take, they are actully good for you they have alot of calcium.



lili246 - July 17

hello girls how is everyone doing today? I am feeling great very happy and enjoying my pregnancy. Can't wait till my tummy grows

I am going to go shopping for materity clothes.

Hope that everyone is doing good.

Love ya



Jess - July 18

Hey girls... Have a question. Have any of you ever noticed a little bead of blood come out of your nipples while pregnant?? I've had it happen to me twice now. I don't think it's a hugh deal, I just think I'm in real trouble when I start breastfeeding!!!:( I also have been REAL emotional the last few days... I cry over everything I see on TV. I feel like a baby. I know all that is normal too. Just wanted to see if anyone else is going through this stuff...

Hope all is well with you girls and pray that God watch's over our baby's everyday:)



lili246 - July 18

I think that everything is normal. I notice that while I am pregnant I get my nipples very crack. Haven't seen anything coming out of it but yes they are crack for sure.
About being emotional I did go through that a few weeks ago and I would cry for anything even my sister made me cry and I know that everything is just normal so don't worry about it.
You might want to ask the doctor why you got some blood coming out of there, I am sure that it is all normal.


Love Lili

Praying for you all and our baby's aswell :)


Les23 - July 18

Hi ladies I just found out that I am prego!! JUST TODAY infact. I am so excited. Went to the Dr. did a blood test and 2 HPT all were positive!!!


lili246 - July 18

How exciting!! Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you and hope that all goes well for you and the baby.
Welcome to our forum :)
Any questions please feel free to ask we are all here for you.

Love Lili


Yukon Queen - July 18

Congratulations Les23!!!!This is a wonderful news.

Did you ever use ovulex?

Wishing you all the best!!


lili246 - July 18

[quote author=shan1234 link=board=4;threadid=4202;start=195#38155 date=1184622515]
Renee -- I guess I shouldn't say in the middle of my chest, but it was below my bra and above my stomach, so it's not really my chest. The only thing I do know once I let the pressure out I was fine. ;)


Shan, I had a pain right in the same area as you have describe. Mine was there for like 5 minutes and if I would breath it would hurt. DOn't know what this might be but it is gone thank god. it did hurt though.
Are you still having that?


shan1234 - July 18

Congratulations Les23!!!! That’s great news!!! Welcome to the forum. ;D

Lili – I’m not having any pains anymore. I’m back to my normal self with the m/s and tired all the time. ;)

Jess – I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one REAL emotional, especially when I’m watching TV. As for the little bead of blood coming out of your nipples, I have to agree with Lili, you might want to ask your doctor if that’s normal.



RNORST - July 18

Les23, Congrats girl. I'm so happy for you.



Mist - July 19

Hi ladies,

How are all the mommys-to-be doing? I was feeling well all day till about 15 minutes ago and know I feel not so well...

I see you have an u/s close to me! I can't wait! I bet you can't either. I am also worried sometimes when I have no signs for the day I just wonder if every thing is ok. But I usually have some sorta a sign a day some days worse some days better.

I am so HAPPY for you girl!! Welcome to the board!


RNORST - July 20

Mist, Is this your first u/s?? Mine is on Wed, I cant wait. I was having days that I would feel good and then days I was sick some of the day, well the last 5 days I have been sick all day and night. With my son once I hit 12 weeks the m/s was gone. I have 6 more weeks left!!

Have any of you ladies ever take vitamin b6 for m/s? I did take it with my son, but I cant really remeber how much it helped?? Well I started taking it today, I hope it helps a little.
Also another question for you girls, I have been having a bad taste in my mouth, I will brush my teeth, but it doesnt help, I will chew gum, but when I'm done it's back. Has anyone else had this happen before??

Love Renee



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