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lili246 - October 18

NO I haven't been to the doctor yet I will go this afternoon. Thank You for your prayers and thinking of us.

Thank you also for the prayers I will need them so much. I just called my mom to find out if she was going to go with me to the doctor, I guess I got used to her going to my every appointment and I feel more confortable going with someone I just feel like a lil girl wanting to go in the doctors room with mommy..lol
By the way what do you mean about the $290.00 Pizza?
I am sorry about your baby boy I hope he feels better I will keep him in my prayers because you know my son has had phenomia one time last year when he was 10 months old and I got so scared. He did take some medication and got better, but I get so scared as well when he gets sick because he doesn't have asthma put when he gets that cough it becomes bronquitis and I have to use a inhaler so it can clear him up because his breath gets bad when he has that cough. I just hope your son feels better, have you taken him to the doctor yet? You should do it won't get worse.
Take good care fo him and God Bless your family.

I'll keep you posted on how my first doctor's appointment goes. I am trying not to be nervious. I have faith that everything will be alright.



lili246 - October 18

Thanks I'll keep you posted aswell. Yeah I am excited for that hopefully I hear my baby's heartbeat. Can't wait for that.

Take Care, and I'll let you know how it goes.
Wish me Luck!



positiveGirl - October 18

Hi girls,

I got caught up in work. I am done with my O and hopefully I don't have to see AF this month.

Lili - I am praying for you girl. Just be positive am sure everything will be fine.

How are you girls doing?

I wish and pray we all get BFP soooooooooonnnnnnnn... :)



lili246 - October 18

Hi Girls,
Well I just came back from the doctors and she checked me up and said that everything looks good. She said that the discharge might have been because my body was getting ready for my cycle thats when AF comes but since I am pregnant that disharge is just some extra that my body is getting rid of. So I am feeling much better except that we tried to hear the baby's heartbeat and the baby wouldn't coraporate, she check my uterus and she said that it's not in the right position it's aliitle off where it needs to be thats why we couldn't hear the baby's heartbeat. She wants me to go back in two weeks and try to hear it again, just in case that we can't hear it she will order an ultrasound just to make sure the baby is ok. So I am kinda worry but maybe my baby is too small and next time we can hear it. She told me that I am 10 weeks, so maybe next time we are lucky. So everything went well and I do like my doctor she is nice and I feel comfortable having her as my OB/GYN.
Alright girls I go back to the doctor again in October 31, a.m. and can't wait to hear my baby so I'll keep you all posted on how it goes.

So hows everyone doing. Take Care and TTYall tomorrow.



positiveGirl - October 18

Hi lili,

Good to hear that everything is fine. I am sure next time you will be able to hear your baby... :) Don't worry.... :)

Take care,


tross - October 19

Renee and Lili, thanx for the prayers for my little (T-Rex), that's what he calls himself. Yes I had already taken him to the doctor, but I had to go today as well, cause his face becaome all red and splotchy. He was having an allergic reation to some meds. He's ok, I think his temp is going away. Oh yah thanx for the encouragment about the weight loss, I just have to stay strong around cheeses. Some people say sweets, but I don't care for sweets, If don't care about my food intake...it'll be cheese.....But like I said, I need more motivation with the working out part.

Lili, The $290.00 pizza: we went to get a pizza, the tags on our car we're expired, and we couldn't find proof of registration......so we aquired two tickets equaling $290.00.....Hince(my $290.00 pizza.) When I paid for the tickets, the lady said, "I sure hope it tasted good." Harr-harr......No break at all man!It just makes ya mad sometimes.....So I relate to your situation. ....Oh so glad everythings ok.....And that happens alot, when the baby is turned weird so they can't get a good heart beat. It'll be fine.....talk soon,tross


jnt010 - October 19

thank you RNORST and Ange,

I really need the support. Istarted ovulex Monday and am expecting o this week so pray that it will happen. i know it takes 2 to 4 weeks but maybe it will work. good luck to all.


hopeluck - October 19

Renee , epo stands for evening primrose oil which is rich in essentila fatty acids like omega6, 3 and good for CM. raspberry tea is good for uterus toning. No i am not on ovulex right now. Want to try for some more time with vitamins etc before shifting to some other regime. Wish me good luck! take care and good luck to you.


ticklinivory - October 19

Hey all,
It sounds like everyone is doing fine and getting af not that it's always a good thing when trying to pg but at least you are working. I've been catching up. Lili, I'm glad everything is alright. When I am pg I'm going to worry about every little problem or thing I feel. I know that it might not be good for the baby to worry but I am a worrier. I took my last medroxy this morning so now it's just a waiting game for af. My temps are up in the 98s now so that's a good sign that my end of my cycle is right around the corner. I need to schedule my hsg when cd1 comes along. My first bottle of ovulex is almost gone. I have to get fsh and lh taken 2 times this month after af and then again after o right before af. I hope I'm working and they see no problems.
Lets all get those BFPs this cycle.


RNORST - October 19

Lili, I'm so glad everything is ok. Don't worry you will hear the heartbeat next time.

Tross, how's your lil T-Rex feeling? That is so cute that he calls himself that. My son for a while would not answer you unless you called him Woody from Toy Story.

Jnt010, Good luck I hope everything works out in the first month. What cd are you on?

Hopeluck, thanks for the info. Where do you buy the rasberry tea at? Is it like a tea bag for hot tea?? Good luck, hope this is your month.

Denise, are you seeing a re to get all these test done or a regular doc? Hey, don't worry about the hsg, it's really not as bad as everyone says, you only cramp hard for about 2 seconds. Good luck.

Well my temps finally raised up. It was 98.0 so I think I O yesterday. Now I need to wait 14 more days until af. This month I can't wait for af!



ticklinivory - October 19

I'm seeing my ob doc. I really like her. I go to military doctors so I don't have the luxury of going to a re until she can't doing anything more. If it so happens that nothing works like clomid is the only other option after my tests and what not then she has to refer me out to a re in order to get the proper treatment with shots and whatever else I need. Since you had a hsg done...she said it could raise my chance of conceiving for a time, is that true? Should I take advil or something before it.
I too am looking forward to af...


jay_nelle - October 19


Congrats on getting a good Doctors report.


Everyone else,

Ok these are all the meds i am on this month, Birth control and metformin is it still ok to take ovulex? Then in December I start my clomid is it ok to take ovulex on this? I could call my ob but i thought you ladies might know.

Has anyone heard of anyone getting pregnant on clomid? Is the sucess rate high?


ticklinivory - October 19

I am taking ovulex and prenatals and just got off of medroxyprogesterone for my periods. I had no side effects from that. I don't know about the met. I was on metformin for a good year and it made me too sick and just stopped working for some reason. I will most likely be starting clomid about the same time as you do in end of November or December time frame. I've been going around the internet trying to look for success rates on clomid and I saw that it could make anywhere from 10-40% difference but in some cases it doesn't work but it does up you chances from what I saw. One website said 80% but the majority was the 10-40%. We will be pg soon.


ticklinivory - October 19

This website seems to show a high success rate. http://preconception.com/resource


lili246 - October 19

Hey Girls,
Thank you so much for all your support. You all made me feel good and sure that my baby was doing fine. I will be better when I hear the heartbeat, in two weeks 10-31 so I'll let you know how it goes. Just in case we can't hear it the doctor will order an ultrasound just to make sure the baby is ok.
Si I'll keep fingers crossed for my baby to be alright.
Can't wait till two weeks from now....

SO hows everyone doing today.

Take Care



jnt010 - October 19


I am on CD 13 and my ovulation strips are saying that I am not ovulating so I might not ovulate again this month.



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