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lili246 - October 17

Ange and Twinsmum,
Thank you so much girls, I am trying to stay calm and not to worry because I have a feeling that my baby is doing good. It's just so desperate waiting so long for me to see a doctor with all this insurance thing. But I am getting closer and soon I will get my first check up. Babybop is having the same problem and they have told her the same thing that her baby is ok. So I try to relax and support eachother.

Have a great day.

Renee, How are you doing girl.

Take Care



RNORST - October 17

Lili, Hi girl I'm doing fine, just waiting for Nov. 1st to come. I just hope af is not late, I'm excietied to start trying next month. Today is cd 17 for me. I usual O on cd 16. I think I'm real close though, I have been having ewcm for the last two days and cramps off and on. I'm just waiting for my temps to raise up and then do a 15 dpo countdown. How are you doing today?

Ange, Thank you so much for the words of encourgment. I really needed them. I was reading the Bible last night and was reading in Mark, and it's like God had me there again for a reason. It saids to have faith in God, and believe and you can move mountain (infertility mountains) as long as you believe, and what ever you pray for, if you beileve and trust in God with all your heart it will come true. Sorry don't have my bible right here to get the right words. How is you thyriod?
Good luck this month. God has a perfect plan for your family. I'll be praying that this is your month.

Hopeluck, Thank you for the info. Does that stuff taste bad? Are you on ovulex also or prenatal vitaimens?

May God bless up all with our dreams, in His perfect timing.




lili246 - October 17

I am feeling good. It's nice to hear that you are feeling good to. I am keeping you in my prayers and hope that everything comes out positive for you this november, keep on trying and have faith. God will bless you soon.

Take good care of yourself.

~Love, Lili


jay_nelle - October 17

Hello Everyone.

I haven't posted in a while nothing has much changed. I found out I have High tryglycerides which means I eat to much fat. I then went to the OB and he is putting me on BC pills and also on metaformin. After my 2 months on the pill I will start my clomid and do a whole bunch of blood tests to check to see if I have ovulated or not. I am really nervous wondering about price of clomid and how these are going to make me feel. Any insight.....

Thanks Jenelle


RNORST - October 17

Jenelle, Clomid was not too exspenive. I had 5 pills that I took. I'm sure you would take it for 5 days also. Mine was like 25.00 for the 5 pills. $25.00 a month isn't too bad. When I was on clomid I had no side effect, maybe you will be the same. Doesn't it stink having to wait 2 months, I have to wait just one month and it's driving me crazy. Are you seeing a Re or a regular doc.?

Lili, Is you son getting excitied about your baby? I can't wait to get preg. Will is already talking about me having a baby in my tummy. His grandma is giving him all these ideas. He told me the other day that I had a baby in my tummy and I said no I don't and he smiled and said "you will."

Have a good day girls.



jay_nelle - October 17


Yeah it kind of sucks to have to wait but it will give me a chance to prepair for it..lots to think about when having a baby:-) I am seeing a Reg doc and a OB my OB is super cool and is telling me all the steps I have to take to get pregnant he is very hopeful he says I am just very nervous......what is the metaformin has anyone taken that?

I am on ovulex as well I hope thats ok?

Does anyone know? I am so new at this game.



lili246 - October 17

Yes I think that my son is excited because everytime I ask him to give a kiss to his baby he'll know and give th kiss in my tummy. I hope that he doesn't get jeoulous. I want him to like the new baby and not get mad about it like some kids do. I think that my son will be ok with it. I took a quick visit to the doctor where I will be going for my check ups I just wanted to see how it was I saw the doctor and she seem nice and not old. She is about 50 years old but looks younger well that doesn't matter. I will try calling my insurance to get that doctor so I can make an appointment right away. The good thing is that the doctor is next door to a hospital where maybe I will be delivering my baby. Not to sure if I should chose that hospital but since it's next to the doctors office just in case I am ready to have my baby she is around the corner and can come over asap. usually doctors take long to arrive at the hospital because it's far from their office and if it's traffic at that time, they will take long.
Well Renee, hope that you are feeling better and take it easy don't stress and don't be counting the days let them come by at it's own.
Your son is right and he is giving you the blessing, you'll become pregnant soon you'll see. have faith and keep on trying.
Take Care



lili246 - October 17

I just went to the bathroom and wipe myself and saw that brown discharge again. But Thank God that I already made an appointment with my doctor and I will go in tomorrow and have my first appointment and hopefully my baby is going fine. I'll keep praying for my baby to be ok. I am glad that I finally am going to go see a doctor.

Take Care



jnt010 - October 18

Has any women got a BFP that used ovulex? Some of the different forums is kinda getting worried. I have been trying for 2 and a half years and it is really depressing. I have faith but could use the support from women who are experiencing the same things?


hopeluck - October 18

Yes renee that stuff doesn't taste too good. I am also taking EPO, raspberry tea sometime, flaxseed oil, Bcomplex, and Ca/Mg/Zn and sometime green tea. Take care.


lili246 - October 18

I am nervious because I have my first doctor's appointment this afternoon. I know they are going to ask a whole bunch of questions and do some exams one of them might be the pap smear exam. And draw some blood OMG my worst nightmare..lol.
I just hope that everything comes back ok and that my baby is doing fine. I am kinda worry about what she is going to find out about that discharge I am having. I hope it's nothing serious. But I am glad at the same time because this way if it's something that I need to do I will do it in order for my baby to be in good shape.
I hope I get to like this doctor it's a female so I am goingt o be more confortable with her than a male.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Take good care!



Ange - October 18

Hello Ladies,

I had a strange tinge on my right side this morning it felt like it was in my tube. Keeping postive!!! I keep having really weird dreams the past 3 nights.

Twinsmum, Thanks for the encouraging words and the babydust!

Lili, how are you doing ?did you go today to the doctor! Let me know! I am praying for you.

Renee, Keep the faith and thanks for your kinds words. It will be your turn next cycle. I am waiting for my results from my blood test. I hope my levels are at least a 3 now. My last blood test they were a 4.34. I will let you know when he calls me. I hate the 2WW. I woman at work is pregnant and I feel like I am her nurse or mom. I keep making sure she is eating well and taking her vitamins. Take care!

Welcome jnt010, Their have been Lili and monique are both pregnant and they used it. I am sure they were others too.

Baby dust to all!!!!!


tross - October 18

Hey Lili, I'm so glad that you can finally go to the doctor. Everything will be fine. I'll say a quick prayer for you and the baby.
Oh yah and I just recently had to pay for a $290.00 pizza. We hadn't purchased our new tags yet, so went out to get a pizza. We should have had it delivered. Oh well. Let me know how it all goes today.

Renee, Hope you are healing well. Look forard to hearing the good news about your surgery.

As for me....the BIg P came yesterday.no worries. I knew it was comming. My feet always get ridiculously cold the night before. I have held off on taking the ovulex for bit, because I was scarred I was reacting bad because of my hair breaking off. It seems to have gotten better now....So we'll see. I'm going to focus on losing weight. I hear that helps, and like 3 people in my life have mentioned this to me....so I guess I need to go after it. I was 135 when I got preg with my son, and weighed 215 when he was born...it was crazzy!. I lost 35 pounds in the hospitol, mostly blood and water/baby. I have remained a stready 180 ever since. I know I have a good 50 pounds that I can lose.....I eat pretty healthy, it's the working out part that I don't want to do.....So wish me luck. I really want to be serious this time.

Oh yah pray for my baby boy(well he's 3 1/2) he has croup and a fever. whenever he gets sick like this I have watch him carefully. Because he has asthma, colds can change quickly into newmonia. He has had newmonia 3 times already....So prayerfully this won't be one of those times. Anyhow, he has a great doctor.

Hope all of you are doing well. Welcome all the new people. talk soon Tross!


RNORST - October 18

Jenelle, On our month (s) off lets get our bodies all ready. I have been walking a mile every night after work. Taking my ouvlex and drinking my green tea. Any thing else I should be doing?

Lili, I'm so excited for you to go to the doc. Your appt. will be easy, don't worry. You may even get to hear it's heart!!! Let me know when you find out. I'll be praying for you.

jnt010, I have also been trying for 2 1/2 years. We can get though this keep postive girl. We are hear when you need us.

Hopeluck, Whats EPO? and what kind of rasberry tea?
Thanks for all the info. Are you also on ovulex?

Ange, I'm praying hard for you girl, that this is your month. I hate the 2ww. When you seen a RE did you just see one doc or did you get a second opion? My first doc was terriable and mu second one is wonderful. The first one said there was no other test they could do on me and my 2nd doc has done 3 other test and surgrey.



RNORST - October 18

Tross, hope you son is feeling better I will keep him in my prayers. My surgery went fine. I have to wait till next month before I can try again. Sorry about af, when I was getting my hair cut I was talking to my hair dresser and she told me she had trouble getting preg. and then she lost weight and had no problem getting preg.
Good luck.


lili246 - October 18

NO I haven't been to the doctor yet I will go this afternoon. Thank You for your prayers and thinking of us.

Thank you also for the prayers I will need them so much. I just called my mom to find out if she was going to go with me to the doctor, I guess I got used to her going to my every appointment and I feel more confortable going with someone I just feel like a lil girl wanting to go in the doctors room with mommy..lol
By the way what do you mean about the $290.00 Pizza?
I am sorry about your baby boy I hope he feels better I will keep him in my prayers because you know my son has had phenomia one time last year when he was 10 months old and I got so scared. He did take some medication and got better, but I get so scared as well when he gets sick because he doesn't have asthma put when he gets that cough it becomes bronquitis and I have to use a inhaler so it can clear him up because his breath gets bad when he has that cough. I just hope your son feels better, have you taken him to the doctor yet? You should do it won't get worse.
Take good care fo him and God Bless your family.

I'll keep you posted on how my first doctor's appointment goes. I am trying not to be nervious. I have faith that everything will be alright.




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