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jackie - March 30

The company says at first there may be some irregularity but then it does regulate you and lengthen your ovulation cycle so that you have more days when you can get pregnant. That's what they told me. First cycle was the same, the second a day longer (I had 26 day cycles) then I got pregnant and miscarried. Now I had my first regular cycle and it was about 27 days I think. I have to count. Anyway, don't worry.


mstonie - March 30

Hello to all.... I have been reading for a while I just joined and I am very excited, also I have someone who I can relate to... I'm ttc i just orderd Ovulex yesterday its supposed to arrive tomorrow... I have very irregular cycles my period comes like once every 3-4 months and when it do come I stay on for 4 or more weeks. I can't wait to start taking Ovulex....good luck to all


tinaxu - March 30

Hi: Jessica
Do you take your temp everyday, if you do, you can looking at your BBT, how many days your temp stays high? if you temp remains 18 days high, it is a good sign, good luck.


NANCY - March 30

hi all!!

Well today is such a blah day. I woke up in such a sad mood today I just can't shake it. I had a weird dream last night that I found all this money. I knew it wasn't mine and I had in my head that if I kept it I could afford to go for IVF and have a baby but I just knew that it wasn't my money and that I had to turn it in. It was like I had this baby in my reach and I couldn't have it. Weird I guess.

Even my DH said to me are you mad at me did I did something wrong and I even told him no I'm just in a mood sad. I don't know.
Does anyone else get like that?


jackie - March 30

Yes Nancy. I have those moods alot. The Zoloft is helping me now since I became completely depressed back in February when I was terrified about being pregnant again and then when I miscarried. It will pass Nancy....this I do know. You will get through this. We're all with you.


shell4baby - March 31

hi everyone...any success stories on the ovulex...please keep us updated...im on day 13 on the ovulex...good luck to everyone ttc..
baby dust to all


morgansmommy - March 31

Hi Ladies, I have been on Ovulex only 1 day...and am so excited to have found you. A good friend was on Ovulex after 2 yrs of trying to get pregnant and had quads, 2 girls and 2 boys, sadly one of the girls passed away 2 weeks ago, but her success on it has prompted me to take it too. Ovulex, though, did not make her have mutiples, they run on both sides of her family...anyway, we have been trying for 8 mon now and I just purchased Ovulex, fertility tea, an Ovucue Fertility Monitor, Preseed and Basil B Thermo...so I am hoping all the stuff helps before I head to a specialist...can anyone tell me, are you still able to take a prenatal with Ovulex?


coconutt83 - March 31

hi morgansmommy, welcome... i just started taking ovulex around last week or the week b4 i don't remember it, but i take folic acid and prenantal vitamins with my ovulex. of course at different times. and i have green tea too. decaf... i was going to buy fertility tea on ebay but i wasn't sure if i could have that with ovulex. lol you certainly sound ready to start pumping them out... i wish you good luck...
have a good day ladies...
baby dust


tinaxu - March 31

Hi shell4baby.
i am on day 9 on the ovulex, did you notice any differences ye? i have not. thanks


coconutt83 - March 31

when i started taking it i felt my ovaries kinda they were like tingling and then i got my period it is SUPER light though oh well at least i have something... it has been making me feel lightheaded yesterday i felt like i was going to collapse and i was having a bit of cramps i guess but they didn't feel like cramps but its probably just from my period ... good luck ladies..


shell4baby - April 1

hi tinaxu,

yes i have ...i am peeing alot for some reason and craving for alot of food omg and my back its killing me. i got tiny cramps last nite im hoping its not for the monthlys ...because i am due on the 4th for AF. Gosh how i wish everyone should be pregnant this month...bit god is good i know we would be pgnt one day to come:) lets hope its soon enough.


coconutt83 - April 1

i know how u feel the girl at work down the cube from me is pregnant n needs the bathroom for diabetes so they placed her right at the door... one cup of water and i got to the bathroom every hour.. more then her!!! lol sometimes twice and hour idk if its the water or customers aggrivating me lol


Jessica - April 1

Today is my 27CD - I have been cramping alot.
I believe I will be getting my Period. I have been having really bad mood swing. . . I have stop spotting since the 23CD - That is weird I spotted 23, 24, 25CD. I guess it was the Ovulex or somthing. That has never happen to me.


coconutt83 - April 1

i think my period stopped today it wasn't really that heavy idk iif i should be thankful or worried... lol oh well im going to broadway 2night everyone have a good day.. baby dust


coconutt83 - April 2

mannnn lol im so stupid everyone want to know how silly i am... so i go to gagdetcity.com for "free stuff" i pick an lcd tv 20" so i go to the sponors sure i wind up with 7 dvd's 4 cooking books, a vintage mary poppins doll from ebay and a self help computer guide tutorial lol and none of it was free. lol oh welll i guess i learned my lesson huh but i mean i guess i could use some help in the kitchen... n i am giving the mary poppins doll to my mom because thats her favorite.. so i guess all in all im not that dumb??

baby dust


Mahogany Heart - April 2

Keep The Faith!!!



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