Ovulex VII
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Jessica - March 28

Shann I hope it works. I started taking the tea with just a little suger just until you get use to taking it with out sugar. I wish you the best.

Well..... This is my 23CD. on my 7DPO. I started to get cramps last night and I spotted a little pinkish. BUt that is it. I felt a little bad last night. Let see what happen.


jackie - March 28

Coconutt take the ovulex with milk. It will help it go down easier. Also, take it after eating something. It's like the prenatals it can make you a little nauseous. Goes away after a little while but the milk helps. Nancy, I'm sorry for your disappointment. It will happen, I'm telling you. I'm still taking ovulex even though we are gonna wait till summer. We've been so tired and burned out. I actually had a good night last night for a change. Baby was sleeping and Tova was with a friend. When she came downstairs I started teaching her her numbers. She's got 1 through 10 but I want her to consistently recognize more. I hate it when all I do is feed em and get em to bed after a video. To me that's not parenting but I get so tired. Maybe Spring will help.


coconutt83 - March 28

oh no the pills don't make me sick at all lol just have a hard time getting those big suckers down my throat lol


coconutt83 - March 28

hey i think i have my period!!!! yay that means im working lol well i think its still light lets hope it doesn't stop


Jessica - March 28

Coco I hope everthing turns out good for you.

Ladies I have been feeling depress for a unknown reason. I get upset or want to cry. That is so weird.
Could this be the ovulex or my period coming. BUt when i get my peroid I don't get depress. Tomorrow is my 24 CD. 4 more days too go.



shell4baby - March 29

Hi everyone I have been reading this forum for quite a while...I love it....I started ovulex about two weeks now together with green tea...I hope I am able to get pgnt next month. my cycle is never regular and its been 5 years since my dh and I ttc. its been a hell of a time, its so depressing all of my cousins are having babies and lots of babies...IT makes me very jealous, im glad i know im not alone but i pray that we would all be able to concieve soon. i also want to take the pledge.. im happy that everyone has a high spirit in here it really motivates me... baby dust to all


shann - March 29

WoooHOOOO I ahve been taking ovulex for 11 days and I got my period tonight, which is unusual for me seeing this is the first one in 7 months...I am just so excited I had to tell everybody. I think this ovulex is really working. Good luck to all :D


coconutt83 - March 29

congrats !!! me too.. yay bbay dust for all


tinaxu - March 29

Coco and Shann congradulations!
I am 7 days on Ovulex, i have not notice any differences yet, i have regular period , BBt and OPK showed i ovulatd. hope Ovulex will work for me.
Baby dust to all!!


Jessica - March 29

Hello everyone, I am on my 24CD and my 9 DPO.
4 day till I suppose to get my period. Let see what happen I am so nerves. I don't know if I should that one of those 4 day before your period pregnacy test. What do you ladies think?


coconutt83 - March 29

hey maybe its the one!!! good luck!!! i hope u hit gold baby dirt lol

baby dust


Peaches - March 29

Amanda , oh wow congrats your having a little boy..so i had mine done on 4/20 and I'm having a baby girl..so excited....how are you feeling?


shann - March 29

Congrats peaches....I hope we all get our little miracles!!!! :D


shell4baby - March 30

hi everyone....im glad to be here....baby dust to all


Jessica - March 30

Good Morning Ladies.
Well I don't know what is going on but yesterday I had did it with my DH and I went to clean and pinkish came out. BUt after that nothing. Today Is my 25CD. I have very regular cycles this is not normal for me. (28 day cycle) Do you ladies think I should worry? I am scared that I messed up my cycle by taking Ovulex. I will go ahead and wait till the Sunday or Monday and see if I started it.


jackie - March 30

The company says at first there may be some irregularity but then it does regulate you and lengthen your ovulation cycle so that you have more days when you can get pregnant. That's what they told me. First cycle was the same, the second a day longer (I had 26 day cycles) then I got pregnant and miscarried. Now I had my first regular cycle and it was about 27 days I think. I have to count. Anyway, don't worry.



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