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coconutt83 - April 23

Monica CONGRATS!!!! where u on ovulex... i hope u have a healthy and happy 9 months...


NANCY - April 23

Monica I am so happy for you !!!! Emjoy evey second of it. It give me hope for all of us that you made it. I know that it will give you a smile when you sit back and think to your self that you are going to be someone's MOMMY!! Heck it made me smile when I thought of it for you!!!! So what was your secret let us all know!! Don't be a stranger we want to here about every little detail!!!From the first little movement to your little miracle's hiccups!!! I am so so happy for you! So when does that make you due!


NANCY - April 23

Maybe a nice early Christmas present(if I calulated right).


NANCY - April 23

I hope that everyone had a great weekend. Same stuff going on here. My DH is now thinking about building out and up instead of moving. We'll see.

Baby Dust to all!!!!!!


Monica - April 24

EVERYONE: Thank you so much for all of your well wishes!!!

My baby & I are fine, and I couldn't be any happier!!! God has really done an amazing thing, and I will FOREVER be grateful to Him for what He has done. What a Blessing!!! :)

Amanda: I have only told my immediate family (My parents, my husband's parents, grandparents, our siblings, 1 friend, and you guys...) We are going to wait a few more weeks to tell everyone else.

Coconutt83: I stopped using the Ovulex at the end of January.....The only thing that I took this month was pre-natal vitamins, green tea pills, and my husband & I tried Geritol Tonic for the first time.

Nancy: I can't tell you the extreme joy that I feel right now! It is an amazing feeling. I go to the doctor again on Wednesday morning for my first real appointment. I am really hoping to hear the baby's heartbeat, but I am thinking that it will probably be a little too soon.
My due date is December the 29th.....so your estimate was really close.

I will definitely keep everyone updated as to me & the baby's progress.......and yes, I will definitely still be posting on this board as regularly as I was before.

SuperNatural Babydust To Everyone!!!!
Monica :)


Tosha - April 24

Congratulations Monica! That is uplifting news for all of us! Enjoy every minute!

WishingandHoping - did you enjoy Alias? I was happy, but not surprised that Vaughn is still alive!


nik - April 24

hey ladies!!! i haven't been on here in quite some time....congrats monica!
peaches hows ur pregnancy going...where r u mh
the salons been extra busy so im taking all that in...not really trying anymore...but i still have so much support and babydust for u all!!!


shell4baby - April 24

hello everyone,

congrats Monica...now u can share some on the sticky dust to all of us..(lol)

I got a BFN and still not AF...don't know whats the story...


jackie - April 24

B'SHAA TOVA MONICA!! We never say congratulations to such news. What we say is that the baby should be born in a "good hour" meaning on time all goes well etc. When I was pg I didn't tell you all because I've had too many M/C's to tell so early. That was in February. Since then I've had 2 cycles, one 28 days after the m/c and then one which was a 24 day cycle. I don't like these short cycles. I have been taking ovulex but what with the Passover holidays and having had an awful cold that I can't shake for the past 3 weeks, I haven't been taking it at regular times as I should. I also don't know if I should bother anyway. I haven't pushed the issue and won't until July about trying again but my husband said he's leaning very strongly against trying again. My age (40) the depression (pre and post partum) the nausea (during pregnancy) our lack of space (2 bedrooms and a tiny 3rd one) the money for tuition (public school is no option for us) are the reasons he cites. He feels we were lucky with our two and should not push the envelope. There's a part of me that feels he's absolutely right and a part of me that feels guilty about the idea of never trying again. Prayers do not help me with the answer to this one. I was on Zoloft but truth to tell, i haven't been taking that either because I was feeling so miserable with this weird cold that I have.

I think I should do what Chica has done...get me a 25 year old husband (-;. I have always liked men who are much younger, truly. My luck I ended up with one 3 years older. For what it's worth Chica I did get pg with the ovulex. I had a m/c in february. My MD said if your periods are regular you are still ovulating.


mommy213 - April 24

CONGRATULATIONS MONICA!!!!!!!!!!!! We have never formally introduced ourselves but I am sooooo happy for you! I hope you have a very beautiful, fun, and memorable nine months. I can't wait to here updates and all the good news from you.


San Diego Mommy - April 24

I used Ovulex for 1 cycle late last year. Became pregnant and then miscarried at 6 weeks.
I'm not sure if the m/c was due to the Ovulex or not.
Anyone else experience this?
Would love to try Ovulex again, but somewhat nervous.


Mahogany Heart - April 25

Oh my God Monica,

I'm so happy for you!!! What did it please share?


Mahogany Heart - April 25

Hugs and Love
I Love my Sister Hood
Twenty-five Sisters on the Pledge:
Mahogany Heart
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Monica - April 25

Mahogany Heart: All that I used this cycle was pre-natal vitamins, green-tea pills, and my husband & I used Geritol tonic for the very first time. I have to honestly say however, that apparently it was just the right time.......and I truly believe that the confessions in God's Word that I had been speaking over my womb for the last several months; FINALLY MANIFESTED themselves.

Baby Dust To All!!


Mahogany Heart - April 25


To God Be The Glory!!!![/glow][/size]


babygrl92795 - April 25

Hey ladies! I am new to the board. I have been ttc for 15 mos. I was on Depo for 3 yrs, and I have heard it takes time, but I am getting SO depressed. My friend just told me she is PG, and she jsut went off Norplant in Jan. I think that is what sent me "over the edge" I know my husband thinks I am obsessed, but I can't help it. I just ordered the Ovulex, and I am hoping that it works for me. I feel very much alone in this, but coming to the board definately helps with that feeling. Good luck to all the ladies on the board! Hopefully we can all post our success stories soon!




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