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Nanci & Dessie - April 19

Hi Ladies... Been a long time since I've been here... Hardley recognize any of the names any more.... But Hey.. That's okay... How is everyone?
How many are still actually taking the Ovulex anymore? I got 3 months worth and when that didn't work I got 3 more cuz of thier garantee... theses bottles where different look'n and the herbs are different also... My cycle went crazy.. and messin' with me... After goin' to the Dr. We have decided for our own sanity, To put trying to have a baby on hold for a bit until Insurance starts and I can go see the fertility specialist... So until then We're going to enjoy sex...lol before we have to schedule it again... lol :)
Loads of BaBy DuSt and AnGeL WiShEs
Chins Up------ Keep The Faith....


Monica - April 20

Hello Everyone!!

It has been a little quiet on this board lately......How is everyone doing? I am still hanging in there & praying and speaking God's Word everyday over my womb. Because there is LIFE in God's Word; something is bound to happen soon....... :D

Blessings & Baby Dust To You All!!
Monica :)


tinaxu - April 20

Good morning everyone>
Personally, i stop putting any hope on Ovulex.
Baby dust!!


coconutt83 - April 20

tinaxu how long have u been taking ovulex? where u taking anything with it? is it just u thats infertile? or is ur dh or partner infertile as well?


shell4baby - April 20

Hey Ladies,

I am about to finish my first bottle of ovulex...starting my 2nd bottle tomorrow. still no AF .. whats my problem??? I have alot of waist pain and backaches and my breast are sored sometimes I get striking pain in my stomach and I think it is period pain.. im soo afraid to take a pregnancy test...becasue of a BFN..what can i do...somebody help plz:(
baby dust to all!!

[/url] >


Monica - April 20

Wow, Shell4baby....when WAS your AF due? How late are you?
You might want to go ahead and take another pregnancy test, because if you ARE pregnant.....you are not supposed to be taking the Ovulex at the same time. I really think that you should go ahead & take another pregnancy test & if it comes back negative...then go to your doctor to find out what the real problem is.

When I was taking the ovulex, I was late for my AF.....but not THAT late. Please take a test & find out so that you will know whether or not to continue using the Ovulex...

Baby Dust!


Jessica - April 20

Hey ladies,
Well I stop the Ovulex - I am on Comid. I hope it works.
I am on my 16CD. I Ovulated on the 15CD.
Baby Dust to all.


Peaches - April 20

Hello ladies..sorry I havent posted..I've been extremly busy..hubby and I sold our house and the past month has been a rush...I will be settling in my house next week, so I will be able to check in with you all..baby and me are doing great..

So how is everyone doing?

MH I miss you...


shell4baby - April 21

hi monica,
i am like 12 days late...
ok im going to take a pregnancy test in morning wish me luck ladies ...i will keep u guys updated..
baby dust to all



tinaxu - April 21

[quote author=coconutt83 link=board=4;threadid=2126;start=150#17429 date=1145546818]
tinaxu how long have u been taking ovulex? where u taking anything with it? is it just u thats infertile? or is ur dh or partner infertile as well?

Hi Coco, today is day 28 on Ovulex, i taking it with folic, only me infertile, i think i'd better to check with doctor.
really dont know what wrong with me, i had a pregnant almost 10 years ago, after that nothing, nothing, we,ve together almost 12 years, he checked 2 times in 3 years, everything is ok, i also checked in China, they said i am not ovulating by myself, i was on clomiphene for 3 cycles, did not work, my temp showed i ovulated very month, anything wrong????


Mahogany Heart - April 21

I miss you too, Peaches and the SisterHood as well. Hey check your email.


Monica - April 22

Guess what ladies!!!!..........

I just found out that I AM PREGNANT!!!!!! I have been having very strong sypmtoms for the last week or so, but because I have had most of those symptons before......I kind of ignored them and kept going. On last Wednesday however, I noticed that my nipples had been EXTREMELY sore for the last 2 weeks & my temperature had remained high as well; so today I went and bought a test just knowing that it was going to come back negative.......and within 1 minute, the 2nd line popped up just as dark & just as clear as the first line.
I am getting ready to go to the urgent care center for a blood test & hopefully a sonogram....just to make sure that everything is O.K., but I wanted to let you guys know as soon as possible.

I am soooooo happy & I give ALL Thanks, ALL the Glory, and ALL of my Praise to my Lord and Savior.. Jesus Christ for making this happen, because without Him.....this would not have been possible.
So ladies, keep praying......and more importantly KEEP SPEAKING GOD's WORD over your wombs.

Baby Dust To You All!!
Monica :)


sarah soveran - April 23

welljust wanted to say hi to all and hope all is well.. hope everyone is tryingjust as hard as i still am. well just wanted to say hi to all talk to you guys again sometime:)


Amanda Ivey - April 23

Oh my Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations Monica!!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!! Have you told anyone else yet? I know if you're anything like me youi probably ran str8 into the room all giggles to tell dh!!! awwwww.....I am so happy for you this is wonderful news.
Congratulations MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shann - April 23

Congrats Monica!!!!!! Good Luck!!!!!!!!!! :D


coconutt83 - April 23

Monica CONGRATS!!!! where u on ovulex... i hope u have a healthy and happy 9 months...



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