ovulex really work?
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Jen Hamilton - March 12

[color=Blue][/color]i'm not sure if ovulex is a good product.. i've never taken fertility anything and my husband and i have been trying for 10 months now and have had no luck... for those of you who are not on it anymore what is the reason? We think i had a miscarriage in oct/sept the end and or beginnign of ... and ever since then i've skipped everyother month for my cycle. so the dr thinks since i'm already wanting to and this may help regulate cycles a little more and give me a better chance at getting pregnant.. i should take these for the next 4 months ... or if i get pregnant before then, then to stop and just take the prenatals all along.. but i need to know how others feel about OVULEX...if you could write back that would be much appreciated!
thanks all


Mahogany Heart - March 13

Ovulex is a good Product and it works for some and not others. I stopped using it because it did not regulate my cycle. We have a Ovulex board and on our board we have a couple of Success stories and we thank God for them. Good luck on your journey with Ovulex and Supernatural Baby Dust!!!


Nika - March 23

I have been on Ovulex for about 8 weeks so far. Not that it doesn't work. I have only one tube from a tubal pregnancy, and irregular periods. However, I am noticing that my period is more exact (on schedule). I have experienced a little gas discomfort here and there.
If you have one tube you must give a little more time. Because now there is like one egg dropping every other month. So you are playing with some odds. Hoever I do not feel that my period will come on next month, I have not taken a test, I'd rather wait until I miss a period.


Amanda - March 25

Hello, I am new to all of this. My husband and I have been TTC for about 3 yrs now. I actually have been considering Ovulex for sometime now, but wasn't sure about it.
Then yesterday when I woke up to watch Good Morning America, they had a lody on there with her succes story. They talked really good about it on the show. They had no bad things to say besides that the product work different for everyone.
She now I am ordering and just waiting for it to come in the mail. Good luck to everyone TTC!

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DianaEvans2 - March 25

As to Ovulex...I'll be a broken record here.....I had base line blood work done. My E2 was 110 and 126 two months in a row. I was not permitted to start IVF cycles since it was said that they were too high (need E2 of 60 or lower). I took one month of Ovulex and did NOT change any other variables in my life (ie same food, same exercise, etc). After one month of Ovulex, my E2 by blood work was 25. Since no other variables changes, it seemed to work. I became pregnant GIVEN IVF with ICSI. My age(42) demanded IVF. My husband's minor problem (7% Kruger morphology) demanded ICSI. I think Ovulex INdirectly helped in setting the stage to become pregnant. That being said....I still stand by my comments posted below and previously.....

Re:Ovulex VI
« Reply #281 on: 03/19/06, 23:03 » |

tying back to my posts #184 and 163 about Ovulex ingredients and its effectiveness in acheiving pregnancy.

Ingredients are NOT documented.
Results are NOT quantified by a statistical, analytical study based on blood tests on a controlled population.
Again, if a forensic chemist took apart Ovulex and analyzed the composition, there might be better clarity about the ingredients in question.

Your physician/REs might be in a more knowledgable position about the interactions of Ovulex with any other medications you might be taking as part of your IUI/IVF protocool.

[u][/u] IT would be a god- send to the thousands of women reading these sites to actually have real homework done by a real forensic chemist. I would do it, if I had access to a lab and was not 20 years rusty in my analytical chemistry techinques...THANK YOU!


Chanell - March 28

Hi Everyone I am new here. I have been reading these message boards for some time. And I just wanted to let everyone know. Good News for Ovulex.
Yes Ovulex works! I honestly believe it worked for me and I would recommend it to anyone that has been trying to conceive for a long time. Any hope is good hope! I will try to make our story as short as possible. My husband and I have been married for a year and a half we had been trying to conceive for exactly one year. I am 29 years old and I had never been pregnant before and I had been taking BC for 14 years. After 3 months of knowing that I was ovulating and not pregnant yet. I started searching around online and came across Ovulex. I was a little hesitant at first and decided not to get it. So at 6 months I started to read about Ovulex again and decided to order it. I also had a problem with excessive discharge after I started taking Ovulex I felt as though it helped my discharge a great deal. At this point my husband and I hadn’t done any test so I asked my OB for some advice she recommended that I have a Pelvic Laparoscopy after further research we found out that our insurance covered little to none of this procedure and we did not have the means to have it done. I was extremely disappointed in my OB Doc her only advice was “you and your husband should think about it and give me a call if you change your mind”. I was sad, frustrated, depressed you name it. At this point I had been taking Ovulex for 4 months and nothing yet I was getting discouraged. I started reading online overtime and kept coming across the HSG x-ray and had no clue what it was. I ask one of my girlfriends about it and she had an HSG done she told me all it and referred me to her OB. I had my HSG done on 2/24/06. I love my new OB Doc. My husband and I were out at a formal on 3/3/06 and I got soooo sick. I thought I had the 24hr bug my period was supposed to show around 3/13/06. It was a no show I was scared to take a pregnancy test scared that it would be negative. I waited until we were 1 week late and took the test. It was POSITIVE o my goodness! My husband and I are 6.weeks. Exactly one year in trying. So I don’t know if it was Ovulex or the HSG or both but any hope is good hope! If all goes well with the first pregnancy I will definitely use Ovulex for the next time and the next time and I honestly believe that Ovulex works after 4 months it worked for me. If your thinking about taking Ovulex…. TAKE A CHANCE you will be glad you did!Goodluck to everyone!


tinaxu - March 29

Congradulations and thanks for sharing.
I am 7 days on Ovulex, i hope it works for me, i have not notice any differences yet, i have regular period, BBT and opk showed i ovulating as well, God blessing me, Ovulex will work for me.


Raebecca - April 3

Hi my name is becky I'm a 20 yr old female and I have never been to the OB before and I have missed a period my periods are irregular and they change with the season. I have been researching Ovulex, I dont really know if I should try it, me and my fiance who is way older than me (32) want a baby we have been trying for sometime now about a year and a half I am just trying to get some advice from some one who has been in my position and who has acheived their goal with Ovulex. Thanks hope to hear from some one soon.
[email protected]


chica4jc - April 14

What is HSG?

Hey Everyone!! Im new here and need help...
I have been reading a lot of your posts on here...
I am 41 yrs old [a very young 41 I must ad ;-)] and my husband is 25...I have two sons from a previous marriage but he has none. I am very healthy except for that I did experience endometriosis last year. My doc cleaned it all out and said I was as wide opened as a 25 yr old. I just got married in Oct and my husband does not have any children...Due t my age we are wanting to start right away. We have not used protection in 4 months and actually started trying in february. I started taking ovulex last month [bought it on EBAY, i hope that's ok]. I am cramping very very bad in my abdomen and lower back. I can't figure it out. I also have headaches but don't know if it's just the pollen.
I'm not sure what I'm experiencing...I dont even know if I ovulate. I had some ewcm last week but very lil. I've used the ovulite saliva test for 2 months and it doesnt even show i ovulate...as a matter of fact none of the days look like any of the pictures...i have normal regualr periods. Im so confused...i dont een know if i ovulate or not... HELP! Thanks so much! ;-)


coconutt83 - April 14

A hysterosalpingogram, or HSG, is a procedure performed using x-rays and a contrast agent to look at the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes. It is one of the most common diagnostic procedures performed on infertility patients. This page describes the procedure in detail and provides pictures to help with the understanding of this test.



lily - April 19

Hi everyone today is my 1st day as a member of your club, I'm very excited I was reading thru all the nice mssgs and they gave me a really positive attitude towads my problem, today is my 3rd day on ovulex I'm really hoping to see some results with this product, I know GOD put this great group in my way for a reason,I have been trying to coceive for almost 2 yrs now, I have a problem with my ovulation, I have a really good feeling about this, I know GOD is going to bless all of us with what we want the most, a precious angel.


soon2bmommy - April 19

Hello Everybody:

I've missed you all terribly - I have just been busy getting involved with events at my church - so that's pretty much why I have not been around, also because I have not had any good news to share. But I'm back!


blackdove - April 23

Hello. I am new here and is currently taking ovluex. I have been taking it for a month now. I have heard great stories about ovulex, and hope it works for me the way it worked for some. I wish you all the best of luck.


NANCY - May 1

I just want to let you know that I was taking OVULEX and my DH was taking AMBEROZ and I just found out that I am expecting. I have my first dr appt 5/8

I hope that helps everyone!



weazie - May 3

Nancy I am so happy for you! It gives me hope that the Ovulex will help. I was wondering how long were you taking Ovulex for? I have not ovulated since a D&C in Jan and this month I am finally ovulating after being on Ovulex for 3 weeks.


NANCY - May 3


I took Ovulex for 2 months and DH was taking Amberoz~!!!

My thoughts and prayers are with you and Much baby dust to you too!!!


tam609 - May 3

Hi every one well ive been taking Ovulex for 9 days now and and the frist 4 days i felt sick and bloating all the time do you no if Ovulex has any side affects today i don't fell sick any more but my breast are changing colors its only been 9 days and iam not going to get my period for 16 more days iam kind of worred i mean ive only been trying for five years and taking pg test every month and nothing ive asked god please give a sweet baby!!!!!! and nothing all my sisters have 2 and more kids and not me why God? any ways please tell me what you think



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