ovulex really work?
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tam609 - May 3

Hi every one well ive been taking Ovulex for 9 days now and and the frist 4 days i felt sick and bloating all the time do you no if Ovulex has any side affects today i don't fell sick any more but my breast are changing colors its only been 9 days and iam not going to get my period for 16 more days iam kind of worred i mean ive only been trying for five years and taking pg test every month and nothing ive asked god please give a sweet baby!!!!!! and nothing all my sisters have 2 and more kids and not me why God? any ways please tell me what you think


tam609 - May 4

[quote author=Nika link=board=4;threadid=2061;start=0#16352 date=1143144359]
I have been on Ovulex for about 8 weeks so far. Not that it doesn't work. I have only one tube from a tubal pregnancy, and irregular periods. However, I am noticing that my period is more exact (on schedule). I have experienced a little gas discomfort here and there.
If you have one tube you must give a little more time. Because now there is like one egg dropping every other month. So you are playing with some odds. Hoever I do not feel that my period will come on next month, I have not taken a test, I'd rather wait until I miss a period.
[/quote] Hi i justed wanted to say that i have a lot of gas taking Ovulex and bloating all the time like iam 3 month pg do you think that normal i have reglar period ?


snuggy05 - May 4

Hi me and my husband are currently ttc. I have been taking Ovulex for 4 days now. I hope to see results of the product soon. I haven't had any side effects, yet it's only been 4 days anyway. I will keep you all posted.


mrs d williams - May 9

im taking ov now 4 1 1/2 weeks feel light headed sometimes alittlee ,then goes away alittle blaoting and crapmin nothin serious i have 3 bottles just on my 1,wish all luck...... baby dust 2 all


NANCY - May 10


I do agree I had a lot of gas too when I took it.



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