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donna - November 10

Hi Sarah, I know what your going through, I have the same feelings the same times when I just want to sit down and cry. My husband says I'm putting pressure on him. I try to tell him its not him, but sometimes I think the whole situation gets to us all. However I have found this support group and you know what this has been wonderful for me. I have a great group of women who know what I'm going through. I don't think it would be easy for me if I didn't have this support. So I wish you all the best and just know that we are all here for you. Baby Dust to you all...

Also to Mahogany Heart, and to all those last night that gave their support to me Thank you thank you..... I pledge my support to the sisterhood....... you guys are wonderful. Today was a better day because, I know I have found the support. I have been looking for...


garffan - November 10

Mahogany Heart,
Thank you so much for being so strong. Everyday when I read your reply. It gives me a positive outlook for my day. Keep the faith and know that someday it will be our day....

Baby Dust to you All


sarah soveran - November 10


thank you so much makes me feel better when it hurts so much but everyone i know we will do it what you wrote was just what i needed i had a very bad day at work all my coworkers were talking about there kids and i was getting very upset you know i wish that were me saying( i goota get home early so i can see my baby)

donna thanks to you to. you guys are just great you know dont be down trust we will have our time to shine i just know it i really do we are just as good as any other women that is blessed with way to much baby dust if it were up to me i would say hey share with me....
lol hahaha im tired but im still sad i swear if i was to get pregnant my daughter/son Aand i would be determined to meet each and everyone of you lol no matter how far you are haha :D to funny you know i bet you all are just as wonderful in person as you are on here

alright here i go)))

i pledge, sarah soveran will not let anyone or anything discourage me nor will i allow myself to be depressed or overwhelmed with anything or over anybody i will conquer this infertility with my head held high! i am the head and not the tail...

oh how i feel better :) :) :) :) i just gotta say mohagany heart your the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


tta - November 10

hello all
looong time
nice to see everyone is up
the site is new and somehow strange ::) but i think it's cool
although i would like to see some changes
you don't get to see if you are logged on after signing in

my doc placed me on clomid so i stopped the ovulex just a day before starting clomid. cd7 today.

hope you have a nice day everyone


Andrea - November 10

good morning everyone.

CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY...that is where i'm going. incase anyone is looking for me.... :P
(the 2 week wait drags on)

so 10 days left in my cycle....and 1 week since i ovulated.

i am going to take a test on monday.
i hardly ever test before af is due, but now that i am on ovulex i want to make sure i find out as soon as possible. this way i can stop taking it (as they advise you to do if u become pregnant).

sara i love your enthusiasm!!!! if only we all lived in the same town and our support group was tea time in someones livingroom!!! the only reason i ask about the discharge is because i was wondering if maybe it was implantation bleeding - although sex and hormones can casue that too. did you notice? we have have the exact same cycle (35 days - on day 25 today!!).


cin - November 10

Good Mornig All,
Mheart, I know what you mean I am having a hard time tyring to keep some of our conversations in place and what subject we were last on!!! I have realized that since I have found this sight I have become a little more adamant on the TRYING process though I told myself next yr will be a time to start my research again, however with that said I too am afraid to loose track of this place because I'm certain there will be a time when I need to vent or things just arn't goint my way .. and i will need yalllllll THOSE WHO UNDERSTAND !!!!

Sarah- there will be those days were everyone and literally there mother will SEEM to be having conversations bout there KIDS and inside u want to yell SHUT THE HELL UP!! (keeping it real) but u know just like everyone has pledged WE will have our day, just takes longer than the average, and YES will most likely be drastic measurers and much $$$... but when u have your beautiful baby girl/boy and they are teenagers u can HONESTLY say do u know how much u cost me !! so JUST LISTEN TO ME !!! LOL :-)

donna- your DH just doesn't understand the length of your pain or 'from the heart' attemptt to acomplish this journey! he may listen but not always do they UNDERSTAND (just like everything else in life- they are guys LOL ) seriously from my experience the BF I tried with for 7yrs just thought i was being drama or that I put to much stress on myself , not ever realizing how stressful it is to know U MAY not be able to!!!! I feel ya on that subject, but again thank sisterhood for listening and allowing us to vent.. Well it's early here in TX and I'm off to this "wonderful world" of insurance !!! peeps yelling,demanding,phone ringing,emls etc.. as this goes on just know i have no stress, i just sit look out my window drink my green tea and know it could be worse.. like NO JOB.. :-) hve good day ladies xoxoxoxoxocin


Nanci And Dessie - November 10

Hi yall... Glad and hopeing that you guys stay around.. It helps me and everyone else to hear all the kind words and positive things... As for me AF did make it to my house early, this morning... :'( I can't help it..


Les23 - November 10

Well I guess you can always think that when AF comes at least we have another chance and means we are able to Ovulate and then sooner than later become pregnant.


Andrea - November 10

very well put les 23!!!!

cin - your so funny and right aobut the teenagers - will we remember how hard we fought to have them?!!!

welcome back tta, have you ever been on clomid before?

sorry gals i'm exausted

don't you guys hate seeing mothers screaming horid things at their child/ren then turn around and see that the kid they are screaming at is like 4 years old?
i'm sure you have all seen it...just saw it again
check this.....i was in new york city a little while back and this lady straight out back handed her 5 year old in the face.
and dh is like "don't say a thing - you'll get us killed" so i had to bite my tounge and walk away (crying)....it's easy to get frustrated at why some people who try so hard and would be such great parents can't concieve and those NYC lunatics (and company) have babies and treat them awful.

i really think you would begin to appreciate your children so much more after years of stuggle. if only they knew what a precious gift they had


Nanci And Dessie - November 10

your right Les23... Where there's a Will there's a Way..
Andrea- I know what your talking about... I also love it when they say stuff like... How do you know you don't have kids.... Or here take 'em if you think you can do better... ( if that was possable I'd have a house full now..)


Andrea - November 10

nanci & dessie cheer up girl!!!!!!! we are here for ya!


sarah soveran - November 10

lol you gals are funny you know i just started laughing when you said do yuo know how much you cost me lol thats funny but yah thanks guys im just getting ready to go to work)

andrea lol no i never even noticed that till now haha cool well maybe we will get pregnant at the same time that would be funny :D but ill chat with you ladies tomorow ive gotta work really late tonight :( im gonna be tired then i have to move in 2 days but talk to yah all later good luck and do lotsa bd if yah know what i mean ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) hahahaaaaa by gals


tta - November 11

hello sweeties
just read through the posts in a breeze.
sorry Nan that af came but see it as a new beginning and a new chance eh?
i have been on clomid before 50mg though ut now i am on 100mg
i can say that i almost feel my ovaries working: think that is good
so today i'm on cd8. i normally have a 27 day cycle.
fingers crossed for those on th ebd and ov line.
we should start getting some news soon i pray and i know that will go a long way to encourage us here on this board.

have a lovely day


tta - November 11

forget to say hello to the sisters
hope you all are fine.


Andrea - November 11

question for my sisters on ovulex

what time of day/night do you guys take your ovulex? i emailed selmedica and asked if each does needs to be 12 hours apart of just the 2 you take during the day (eg. 7am,7pm,7am,7pm.....) or (7am 5pm, next day same??) thye literally replied me the exact instructios that are on the frigin' bottle...word for word. so needless to say my question went unanswered.

right now i take them at 7am and 7pm


Mahogany Heart - November 11


I take mines 5:30 am and 5:30pm.

Again I wrote a long reply and got kicked off again.



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