Congratulations MH - BFP++ You Go Girl - The Sisterhood has done it again!!!!
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Shara - October 2

MH - Through your ttc journey and hard work God has blessed you with the ultimate gift!! ;D Not only have you strived and struggled to accomplish the goal of conquering infertility, but you have helped so many along the way. You are the backbone of our Sisterhood and if anyone deserves this blessing more - it is you!! I am so happy that I was around when your blessing came to be!!!! You are such an inspiration not only to the Sisterhood as a whole but to me - I Love You Sister Congratulations and take care of yourself while you are growing our new little bundle of joy!!!!!


Mahogany Heart - October 3


Thank you so much. I can't even see the screen with all the tears that are falling. I have a Doctor's appointment in the morning and I will update you and the rest of our beautiful Sisters and other TTC. This have been a beautiful journey with the Sisterhood and I LOVE YOU ALL.


gavinsmommy - October 3

Hi Mahogany Heart,

Oh My God Congratulations!!!!!! We have not had a chance to chat much on here but I have followed you all the way through this thread. You have been our hope on dark days and believe it or not our leader and Mother hen. You have been our guidence on many a dark day here. You truly deserve this beautiful gift!!!! God is wonderful and does truly give miracles everyday!!! May God Bless you and keep your lil one safe so that you can finally recieve the gift you so desperately prayed for.

God Bless you and your precious gift.

He has given us all a wonderful gift by bringing you into our lives now it is your turn!!!!!

Many prayers for a healthy beautiful already loved child!!!!


Mahogany Heart - October 3


Thank you so much. You don't know how much your words mean to me. God is good all the time. I wouldn't be able to do it without him. It has been fourteen years ttc and look what God has done!!! Thank you.


gavinsmommy - October 3

Hi Mahogany,

That is one beautiful picture!!! I am so happy for you. THAT IS TRULY A MIRACLE FOR YOU!!!!! I just want you to know that I am jumping up and down right now trying to post this to you. I saw the post and I looked and I looked again to make sure it was what I thought I saw. I am sure you did the same as that positive popped up. My gosh that is a very bright positive, you can't miss it. I am so glad God has blessed you!!!!

You take care of yourself and your miracle!!!

I know everyone is going to be waiting for the details from you.

Many healthy baby blessings to you!!!!!



gavinsmommy - October 3

Hi again Mahogany,

I forgot to mention that I guess Nancy's dream came true about your BFP!!!!


sammy71 - October 3

I am so proud of you. You have been the foundation in the storm holding on to faith and reminding us of God's love. I am soooooo happy for you. You really give me hope. I've been trying for 13 years and you have shown me not to give up!

Good luck to you and baby. God Bless. Sammy71


NANCY - October 3

I am so happy for you!!!
gavinsmommy is right I guess my dream did come true that is so funny (I can predict the future HAHA) Welcome to the BFP!!!!! I was so happy when I brought up this site and saw that you got the BFP. It brought the biggest smile to my face!!!!!

For the rest of you I will try to dream of you telling up you got the BFP!!!!



Mahogany Heart - October 3


Thank you. I still in shock. I woke this morning to take another one and got the same results. The positive sign came up so fast until it scared me. I was so nervous I had to run next door to my neighbor's daugther who is a teenager and ask her to read it for me. She has a ten month old as well. My mom couldn't read it because she didn't have her glasses on. God is so Faithful and true. DH is so excited but he is waiting from word from the doctor you know with my history of and ectopic but I must tell you I don't feel the pain I did the last time.



Thank you so much. Whatever you do don't lose FAITH. This is have been the longest journey I'm telling since 1992 and Doctor wise 1994. God did it and I owe it all to him. Please keep the faith and do something about your ttc.


Yes your dream did come true and I'm in a state of shock. Thank you so much. I'm telling you when I posted CATCH THE SUPERNATURAL BABY DUST it was Aug 29, 2006 and on Aug 30, 2006 cd 1 and Shara told me this is your month. Then September the 10 you posted on Let's Conquer this infertility Girl I was being set up for a miracle.

I Love you all
Thank you


babybop - October 3

Congratulations MH! I am only five days ahead of you so if you want to team up and be pg buddies, let me know.

You deserve this more than anything....all of your prayers and blessings and special words of encouragement that you share with all of us, you've sown your seed and now you shall reap! You have been such an inspiration to all of us who are discouraged and want to give up......I am so happy for you.

Welcome to Motherhood!


liz - October 3

MH -


I sat and read your wonderful news tears came to my eyes knowing some of what you have been through it get here.

You have been such an inspiration to all the women here on the site and I am sure many others that you have touched in your life. You journey to get here has been long and yet you never lost your faith, you never stopped believing. You are an amazing women with unbelievable strength.

I can not be happier that your wish has finally come true. I don't believe this could have happened to a nicer women.

God Bless you and your little bean. You are both in my thoughts and prayers.

Good luck at your appointment today. :)



Monica - October 3

MAHOGANY HEART, MAHOGANY HEART, MAHOGANY HEART.........GOD BLESS YOU GIRL!!!!!! I just got on-line a minute ago, and I had to read the forum title over & over again just to make sure that I was reading it right!! I am at work & I too have tears in my eyes because if ANYONE deserves this miracle......IT IS YOU!!!!! Just look what what our awesome Jesus has done! No, THIS is NOT luck on your behalf.....but truly a BLESSING from our Lord and Savior. Jesus has divinely intervened on your behalf, as only He can do........and after 14 long years......14 long years of you being consistent with your prayers & positive declarations of faith; IT FINALLY CAME TO PASS!!! Praise God!!!!

Your pregnancy & your little baby will be just fine this time....Why? because you are blessed & this miracle is God's doing & NOT man' GET READY, GET READY, GET READY because your manifestation has just come to pass!!

Mahogany Heart, I have followed your words & your journey all the way from the VERY 1st Ovulex Board that was started about this time on last year.......and NOW 1 year later; you have received your miracle!!!! :D

I love you girl & please continue to keep us all posted.....

Much, MUCH Love To You!!!
Monica & Baby Joseph :D


Ange - October 3

OMG Congrats!!! We have never spoke but I have read so many of your posts you are a true inspiration to keep all us ladies ttc positive. I wish you everyhappiness in the world with your blessing. Keep us posted!


gavinsmommy - October 3

Hi Mahogany,

You are going to be just fine. I feel that this is a true gift that you have been given for your strong dedication and faith. Look at how many people have been praying for you already because of the strength you have passed on so unselfishly to others ,even though you had your own battle you were facing. You will be a wonderful mother because you have been such a good one to us.

Lots of love and healthy baby prayers for you!!!!!!


gavinsmommy - October 3

Hi Sammy,

Its your turn now, take Mahogany's advice and run with it. Talk to your dr. about possibly removing the endo. I know you are worried about the anesthesia but see if there is something different that they can try on you this time. I had to have several leg surgeries in the past and I like you had a bad experience from the anesthesia. I asked the doctors if they could use an epidural block on me for the next surgery and boy what a difference. So please talk to him and try to get this removed because I feel like this is what has been possibly hindering you. It helped my friend after several years without luck.

Mega baby dust and hopes your way!!!!



gavinsmommy - October 3

Hi Nancy,

Start dreaming all of our way!!!! I am sure you can use the rest ,so take advantage of your gift while your at it.



cov1929 - October 3

OMG MH Congratz!!!!!!!!!!!

You are one of the reasons why I started posting here. I was first checking out Ovulex on the internet and came upon this site read some of the other Ovulex and always wondered how you were doing and if you finally got pregnant and I see you did. Am so happy for you. You are truely an inspiration. May god bless you and your new bundle of joy. Once again congrats and you sure are a person who deserves it. ;D



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