Congratulations MH - BFP++ You Go Girl - The Sisterhood has done it again!!!!
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gavinsmommy - October 26

Hi Mahogany,

How are you and buttons doing? I hope you two are co-habitating nicely. I hope you both agree on meal time now. How is mom doing? Has her pressure stayed down yet? Let me know how you are.

Mega healthy baby prayers,



Mahogany Heart - November 5


Buttons and I are doing well. I went for my 2nd ultrasound on Friday and the heartbeat is going strong. My RE release me to my OB/Gyn so I'm happy about that.

My mom is doing well TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! DH is in his country he will be back on Saturday. Other then that I been tired, sleepy and nauseaed.

Keep The Faith!!!


June_First_2006 - November 6

I was checking in to mke sure everything is going well with you. We have never spoken but your story have given me more hope. Hopefully all goes well with your mother and your little button. Talk to you later and you are always in my prayers.


gavinsmommy - November 6

Hi Mahogany,

How are you and Buttons doing? I am so happy your appointment went well. Whew what a relief for you and me. Have you been able to calm down a lil yet? I hope so you poor thing. Have you 2 come to an agreement on meal time yet? I hope you know that buttons is the boss of your body now. Isn't funny how they move in and take over!! Well once buttons is here the same thing happens. You should just move over now. LOL AAAAHHHH!!!!! The worries buttons and moms give, the worse part is that it never ends. How is the all day long sickness going? Any better? If not remember it is God sent and soon you will want to eat anything in your path. I am glad mom is doing better.

I have been running in circles these past few weeks with Holly. I swear I even ran into myself at one point. LOL On top of all of this I slipped on the puppy's bone and sprained my left hand and foot which by the way are my dominant side. It has a real pain to do anything especially type right now.

Give Buttons a huge belly hug from and yourself.

I will talk to you later.

God bless you and Buttons and keep you safe,



Mahogany Heart - November 6


Thank you so much. It has been a long struggle for me but I kept the Faith. Please don't be a stranger.


Buttons and I are doing fine. I had to go to the Chiropractor this morning. Other than that everything is fine. I wish I had a Holly meaning a little girl. God knows how much I want one too. Holly seems to keep you very active. I'm sorry about your fall. You better be careful. Did it make you want to throw the dog out the dog?


gavinsmommy - November 8

Hi Mahogany,

How are you and buttons?

I have been so busy I want to scream. I hardly have time to check in on you guys these past few weeks. I hope you and buttons are great and that moms pressure is finally cooperating. My computer has been acting crazy along with everything so else so I have using my sil.

Take care and God bless you and buttons.



luvagirl06 - November 13

congrats MH. I have a question to the rest I have been on ovulex for a month my AF was on the 3rd of nov and my breast started hurting on the 11th. Is this a common side effect of ovulex.


Mahogany Heart - November 19


Buttons is fine. We are still trying to come up with something that we can both eat and don't bring it up. My first pregnancy with my son was perfect. I only throw up twice. When I was six months I wanted a cherry soda from Popeyes which they don't have any more they have strawberry and I throw it up and the night I was in labor. This one I have threw up so many times I can't keep count. Lord help me please. Supernatural Baby Dust to you.


Thank you so much. When I was on ovulex I don't remember my breast hurting. I tell you what they hurt now and that is not joke. Supernatural Baby Dust to you.


gavinsmommy - November 20

Hi Mahogany,

Pretty soon you 2 will have meal time down. I am glad that everyone is doing good. I don't know what my dh was thinking by keeping me so busy. Like I don't go enough now!LOL. He is probably trying to keep me distracted so I don't think so much about ttc. Do you have any plans for Thanksgiving? I hope it is full of joy and happiness for you and your family. I pray that buttons goes easier on you for meal time. I am always thinking and praying for you. ((((((( BIG HUGS)))))))

I am going to try and catch some of that super natural baby dust this month. Wish us luck and prayers.

You and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving if I don't get a chance to chat with you.

Take care and tell mom and dh hi from me.

Give buttons a big belly squeeze from me!!!

Many healthy mom and button prayers,



Mahogany Heart - December 6

Just an update. My doctor told me my fetus look like a boy and one of the sisters from the sisterhood posted her ultrasound pictures and baby b look just like a boy to me and I told her that. My baby looks just like her baby b and it was confirm her baby b is a boy so I guess I'm having a boy.
This is my fetus at 13 weeks and 2 days



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